A spore and Pokémon fanfiction. I got the idea while my brother was playing his Pokémon game and my little sis playing her spore creatures' game please read and review!

It was a wonderful day on the planet of Grock. Meejee and Dot were wondering around in the mushroom meadow.

"What a great day." Said Dot. Meejee inhaled deeply.

"The air is fresh, the water clear and the meadow so peaceful"

Then there was shouting over by the entrance to ancient grounds.

"Or at least it was"

"C'mon Meejee!" Dot ran off with Meejee close behind.

"Hey wait up, I HAVE ONLY TWO LEGS!" Meejee shouted.

Dot and Meejee soon found the source of all the commotion.

"So you think you can just fall out of the sky and use our nest"

"What no please we don't want to cause any trouble"

The spikees were fighting with some very strange creatures.

"Hey leave them alone Pok" Dot shoved the larger spikee out of the way.

"Dot this isn't your battle" said Pok.

"It's not yours either! They didn't do anything to you"

"Dot my girl they try to use the nest!"

"How do you know and I'm not your girl. If anyone's I'm Meejee's girl! Now back off!" Pok backed away slowly.

"Sorry about that c'mon I'll take you to ancient grounds. No one will hurt you there." Dot and Meejee lead through the entrance.

"So what's your names?" Dot asked.

"I'm Pikachu nice to meet you." Said a little yellow mouse.

"My name is Piplup" said a blue penguin.

"Hi, I'm Snivy" said green snake like creature.

"I'm Vaporeon" said a fish tailed dog.

"And I'm Suicune" said the largest of the creatures.

"Pleasure to meet you all, I'm Dot."

"I'm Meejee."

"Thanks a lot for helping us back there the last thing we wanted to get into was a fight" said Pikachu.

"No problem, the mushroom meadow is a peaceful place and it needs to stay that way"

"What sort of creatures are you anyway?" Meejee asked.

"We're Pokémon" said Suicune.

"Pokémon" Meejee repeated.

"How did you get here?"

"Well we were playing with our friends' flygon and blitzle then team rocket came along with a strange machine and zapped us with it then we ended up at those creatures nest"

"Who's team rocket" Dot asked.

"A group of bad people who catch other trainers and wild Pokémon" Snivy explained.

"Could you get us back to our friends?" Vaporeon asked.

"Of course we'll help you" said Dot. The Pokémon cheered.

"Thanks a lot I've known Flygon ever since she was a baby." Said Pikachu.

"We just met Blitzle." Said Piplup.

Then the sage came running towards the group.

"Strange creatures over by the guardian they're hurt we need to get them to a place where they can heal quickly!"

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