I wrote this years ago; when Roswell was still on television. I'm not sure when I removed it from , but I decided to put it back up. Please share your thoughts and ideas - I hope you enjoy the story. It is an AU story; Liz and Max, Maria and Michael, Isabel and Alex.

Prologue - Presenting the Doll

The little girl stared intently at the pink box, knowing that its contents were probably wonderful and exciting. Her parents peered at her over the table and she knew from their cautionary glances that she wouldn't be allowed to open her presents until after dinner and cake. She fidgeted all through the meal, wondering what her Mama had gotten her for her birthday. It was a special birthday, her sixth to be exact.

She smiled and giggled with excitement as she opened the big pink box and pulled out the most beautiful doll she had ever seen. Her excitement dwindled as she remembered an argument her parents had the night before when they thought she was asleep. They fought about the same thing they always fought about – money. Even at that tender age, she understood her parents' problems and did not want to add to them by receiving such an extravagant doll. Through his subtle yet jolting glares at her mother, the little girl knew that her father had nothing to do with the purchase of the little luxury. She gently laid the porcelain figure back in its box and took it to her room, knowing that she would give it back as soon as their guests left.

That night, after she was in bed, her mother crept into the room and sat on the edge of her bed, smiling at her daughter who was pretending to be asleep. "Did you enjoy your birthday? I can't believe my baby is six."

"I'm not a baby mama."

"I know. You're getting too old for your dear Mama's heart. Didn't you like your present?" Her mother had seen the box in the corner of the room and knew that the doll was still in it. The little girl could hear the clicking of her mother's pearls as she turned her head to look towards the dark corner. She loved the sound of her mother's strands of pearls clicking together, it was more magical a sound than sleigh bells in winter.

"I love her. She's beautiful," the little girl whispered. "But Mama, I can't keep her. We can't afford her."

"Nonsense," her mother said quickly. Understanding immediately that her little angel had overheard an argument between her and her husband, she fumed. She stood up, walked across the room, and carefully pulled the doll from its bed of tissue paper. She sat back down on the edge of the bed and looked at her daughter. "This is your doll. Don't you worry your pretty little head over what it cost. You are worth every penny." She gently laid the doll in her little girl's arms and kissed her forehead. "A beautiful doll for a beautiful girl."

"Mama, what do you wish for?"

"What baby?"

"When you blow out the candles, what do you wish for?" The mother was slightly taken aback by the question but smiled in the darkness and sighed before answering.

"When I was a little girl, I would wish for a pretty doll or a new party dress. As I got older, I had bigger dreams of far off lands and princes. They were silly, really."

"What do you wish for now?"


"Why?" The little girl gasped at her mother's answer.

"Because, baby girl, you are my wish. You are every dream I ever had, every dream I ever will have. You are my wish. Now go to sleep," she said with one last kiss. The little girl closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around the beautiful new doll as she drifted off into a peaceful and contented sleep.