Title: 5 Good Ideas Xander Didn't Know About, And 1 He Did

Author: jujukittychick/sub0chick

Paring: eventual Xander/Spike

Rating: PG-13

Future Warning: implied m/m sexual relationship

Disclaimer: I do not own anything except the computer I'm typing this on and am making no money. Angel and Buffy:TVS all belong to their respective creators and owners who *are* making money off them. I'm just doing this for my own fun and entertainment; in general, if you recognize something, I don't own it.

Beta: NONE! Any mistakes are mine, sorry

A/N: Just an idea that popped in my head, 'cause, really, who doesn't want to ogle Xander in various states of undress? Umm, post tv-series, Spike's alive and went to England with the Sunnydale crew. Each idea will be a separate chapter.

Summary: There were five really good ideas that Xander knew nothing about. There was one he did.

Idea One

"This was a good idea."


"This was a really good idea."


"Whose idea was this?"

"Giles' actually. Said the doors were catching on things and needed to be refinished or something. I kind of stopped paying attention once Xander's shirt came off. We really should burn all those baggy shirts of his. When did he start looking like that?"

"Hey, what are we doing? Ooooh… wow, Xander looks…"

"Mmmhmm. Ice cream?"

"You bet."

"Oy, what are you lot doing? Shouldn' ya be trainin' or something? What are ya gawpin' at anyways? Oh…. Ohhhh."

"Mmmhmm. Ice cream?"

"Don' mind if I do."


Xander finally finished sanding and sealing the last door, a heartfelt moan slipping from him as he stood and stretched his back, feeling the muscles bunch and slide as he twisted and bent, trying to get the kinks out. The sun, filtered as it was with the heavy cloud cover in their new home in England, was still hot enough to warm his skin and cause him to work up a decent sweat, leaving his still California-bronzed skin glistening with his exertions. Walking to the side of the courtyard where the hose was, he decided to go ahead and rinse himself off, coated in sweat and sawdust as he was, sighing once more as the cool water poured over his skin, leaving him feeling refreshed even if the water did weigh down his jeans causing them sit even lower on his hips so the top of his hipbones began to show.

Drying his face off with his long-abandoned shirt, carefully so as not to tug his eye patch, he turned back towards the door leading off of the kitchen, frowning as he caught a lot of movement in one of the large picture windows overlooking the courtyard. Curiosity piqued, he entered the door carefully, a confused look pulling his features as he saw Willow, Buffy, Dawn, and Spike eating ice cream, overly casually, out of the same carton over the beat up kitchen island. With four sets of eyes suddenly targeting him, he swallowed nervously and glanced down at himself, wet and kind of muddy looking from where the saw dust had gathered in spots. "Ummm, yeah… I don't think I want to know. I'm just… gonna go get cleaned up."

Casting strange looks at the abnormally silent bunch, Xander made his way out of the kitchen and towards the stairs leading to the floor his room was on, making a note to talk to Giles about possible possessions or maybe contaminated ice cream.


The kitchen remained quiet until water could be heard running through the ancient pipes.

"Oh my god… When'd he get a six pack? And the water… That… that was a good idea."

Buffy looked at her sister, not quite sure she really liked the idea of Dawn lusting after Xander, but she couldn't fault her for admiring the drool-worthy figure he made either. Shrugging, she fell back on the only response she felt comfortable with. "Mmmhmm. Who wants more ice cream?"

Spike was staring thoughtfully in the general direction of the whelp's room. Seemed his nummy treat was starting to live up to the name. Hearing the three girls fussing behind him, he turned to look, noticing the carton was almost empty. "Oy, don' hog it all." Snagging the carton out from between them, he set off for his basement room, leaving the girls to dig through the freezer for another carton. Looked like he had some things to think about.