Title: 5 Good Ideas Xander Didn't Know About, And 1 He Did

Author: jujukittychick

Paring: eventual Xander/Spike

Rating: PG-13

Warning: implied m/m sexual relationship

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Summary: There were five really good ideas that Xander knew nothing about. There was one he did. Each idea will be one chapter

Idea Four

"Oh…my…Goddess!" The redhead carrying an overfull bowl of candy came to a sudden stop next to one of her best friends.

"Yeah…" A dreamy sigh issued from the not-so-subtly staring blonde.

"How did you manage that?"

"What? Buffy? Oh, no, that was all my idea, thank you very much. It took much tears and bribery to get him into those pants, and even then I had to send Spike to convince him that they were actually authentic." Cordelia rolled her eyes, her tone of voice conveying exactly what she thought of the object of their attention doubting her in any way. The brunette crossed her hands, tapping her manicured nails against her arm thoughtfully. "He did clean up surprisingly well though, didn't he? Why didn't he look like this when we were dating?"

"Wait a minute! You said Spike helped convince him?" Buffy's gaze narrowed and she darted a look at a wide-eyed Willow. "Why that conniving little… Should have known he was up to something the way he was grinning earlier."

"What are you on about now, Slayer?"

Buffy rounded on the bleach blonde vampire, pointing an accusing finger at him, freezing for a moment in surprise as she took in his outfit before shaking her head and continuing. "You! You were being all sneaky and trying to get into Xander's pants weren't you?"

Spike blinked his bright blue eyes innocently. "Me? Never… 'sides, have you looked at those pants? No way I can get into those with him -he barely fits in them." A mumbled, "Trust me." had Buffy giving him the evil eye again. Ignoring the blonde and looking over at Cordy, he grinned. "Lovely idea you had there, pet."

"You expected anything less?"

The group turned their full attention back to the mesmerizing sight before them. Xander stood off to the side of the banquet room, his long muscular legs encased lovingly by tight tan knit pants, his tanned chest showing through the deep V of the blousy white poet's shirt he wore, a pair of brown leather knee high boots and a saber strapped to his hip helped to round out the look. Even his normally messy hair had been styled to look more like he had just finished a vigorous round of sex rather than just rolling out of bed. All in all, he looked absolutely delicious to everyone in the room who even slightly lent that way. The only thing that ruined the look was his self-conscious crossing and uncrossing of his arms every few minutes.


Xander crossed his arms for the umpteenth time, feeling decidedly uncomfortable in the costume Cordy and Spike had managed to talk him into; it was worse than the Speedo. He kept feeling like everyone was staring at him… or more specifically his package that was pretty much put on display by the skin tight pants he was wearing. By no means was he embarrassed by his size, the few lovers he'd had over the years had certainly never complained, a fond smile tilted his lips at a quick thought of Anya, but having a bunch of hormonal teenage girls ogling him and giggling all night hit so far over his comfort level it wasn't even funny.

It didn't help that after he'd first wiggled into the tight pants wearing his boxers, Cordy had pretty much turned him around and shoved him back in the bathroom, his Speedo flying in after him as she explained to him about bunching and chafing and visible panty (or in his case, boxers) lines. He had to admit, they were a lot easier to get on without having to fight all the extra fabric. But even then she still rolled her eyes and told him to stay put as she disappeared out of the room… only to return in a couple minutes with the bleached menace himself.

Spike had taken one look at him, laughed and shooed Cordy out of the room. What happened after that had Xander fidgeting and blushing just at the memory.

Spike had walked around him slowly, almost predatorily, before nodding and walking behind him once more. Xander's breath caught as he felt the lithe body press up against his back, a puff of cool breath brushing over the nape of his neck and sending chills through his body. Spike's graceful hands had smoothed down his bare arms, one guiding one arm out to his side, the other moving down to rest on top of his hand before twining their fingers together.

Spike's voice was almost whisper soft as he spoke against his ear, his free hand running down his bare side to rest at his hip. "The thing with these trousers, pet, is arranging yourself properly inside 'em. No need to come across as vulgar, right? 'Specially with the kiddies waiting downstairs."

That was all the warning Xander got before Spike slid their twined fingers inside the front of his pants and further inside his Speedos. Xander knew he blushed scarlet, could feel his heart racing a million miles an hour and knew that the vamp pressed tightly against him was all too aware of it. Glancing up, he noticed that Spike had managed to turn them to face the full length mirror and the sight before him, himself flushed and breathing heavily with his hand down his pants and his hair ruffled, paired with what he actually felt, the tightly muscled body of the dangerous male pressed against him with his arms wrapped around him and his fingers twined with his own as they arranged his most private parts, had a low moan slipping from him before he could bite it back. An answering stirring of said parts had him biting his bottom lip and looking anywhere except at his reflection, just waiting for Spike's mocking words to follow.

To his surprise, none came, simply a gentle squeeze to his cock before Spike, reluctantly it seemed, withdrew their hands from his pants. He could feel Spike's breath hitting the back of his neck almost as rapidly as his own was coming, felt the way the other male unconsciously rocked his hips forward against his ass for just a moment and felt a thrill go through him that he had managed to do that to the outspoken vamp.

Xander didn't know how long they stayed like that, their hands still clasped, Spike's other hand resting low on his hip, head resting on his shoulder, but eventually he realized his breathing and heart rate had calmed and dared glance back into the mirror. He had to admit, that little bit of adjusting did make a big difference and he didn't look quite so *vulgar* as Spike had said.

A gentle squeeze of Spike's hands where they touched and the blonde slowly stepped away. "You look a right treat, pet. The chit has a good eye for what looks good on ya, you oughta let her buy clothes for ya more often."

Xander started to speak, and had to clear his throat as he turned to look at the man he'd known for so many years now and suddenly saw in a new light. "I um… yeah, Cordy's always been good at shopping. Spike… about this…" He waved a hand absently, taking in the whole loaded atmosphere in the room.

Spike just shook his head and stepped forward holding the shirt Xander was to wear and helped pull it over his hair that Cordy had styled earlier and got it arranged properly before stepping close to him once more, arms reaching around him as he wrapped the belt the saber was attached to around his hips.

The two paused, a mere couple of inches separating them, and Xander felt his breath catch as he stared into the remarkable blue eyes of the smaller man. "Spike…"

Spike shook his head once more and stepped back, out of his reach. "A right treat you are. I woulda been happy to have you steal me away Captain Harris."

So here Xander stood, completely confused about his feelings and the situation from earlier, embarrassed from all the attention he was getting, and wishing he hadn't let the girls talk him into joining in the Halloween party.

Sighing, he let his gaze sweep over the room, taking in the girls in all their various costumes, and laughing as he noticed there wasn't a single princess in the bunch and that every costume came equipped with some kind of weapon – they'd decided to sit down with all the baby Slayers to explain the potential hazards of Halloween to them at the beginning of the month…just in case.

He saw his girls standing clustered together, Buffy stealing candy out of the bowl Willow was holding, as they talked and stole glances in his direction. Wondering what the group was up to and deciding he really didn't want to know, and definitely not wondering where Spike had run off to, he decided it was a good time to take a walk outside and get some fresh air.

Following one of the well lit paths out from the building, not daring to venture too far into the shadows with him still adjusting to his lopsided vision, Xander let his mind wander as he listened to the music and laughter growing fainter the further he went, the surprisingly clear sky allowing the nearly full moon and twinkling stars to shine down on him. Just as he reached the point where the path circled back to the main building or continued on to a little gazebo near the pond, a figure stepped out of the darkness and his hand dropped instantly to the hilt of the saber before he could register who it was.

"Oh dear, a pirate, whatever shall I do?"

Xander couldn't even be embarrassed as his voice broke in surprise as he managed to squeak out, "Spike?!"

"William, if you please. And if it isn't the dread Captain Harris… have you come to take prisoners?"

Xander could only stare, gaping, in shock as the figure that used to be Spike moved closer. Gone was the stiffly gelled platinum blonde hair and its place was honey blonde curls blowing softly in the breeze. The harsh accent, the aggressive clothing, all gone, and in its place was a proper English gentleman, very Giles-y, assuming you were talking about over a century ago anyway. The shock gave way slowly to something soft and buzzing inside him and he stepped forward, a hand reaching out hesitantly, afraid to touch the figure in front of him in case it might disappear. "Sp…William… you look…Why? If something should happen, you'd be…" Xander couldn't even finish the sentence, the idea of something happening to the man in front of him making his heart clench.

"I can't say as I'm all too worried, if something should happen, I'd have a fierce pirate jealously protecting me… and I know he wouldn't be too late." A pained look crossed the blonde's face as he looked up at the young man before him, a pale hand reaching up to brush gently along his left cheekbone, just skimming the eye patch.

"Spike…William…I…You… You know I don't blame you for that, if anything I'm grateful you managed to save me before I lost both. This… You look…" Looking into the deep blue eyes, a hint of fear shining through all too clearly in the normally fearless gaze, Xander took a deep breath and let it out slowly, making a decision. Reaching out, he let his fingers skim along the sharp cheekbone and down along the column of his neck, a smug grin tilting his lips as he watched a shiver go through the vamp. "A wonderful prize it is that I've found tonight. One such as yourself should know better than to be walking out at night alone. Anyone could come along and… take advantage of someone so lovely."

Spike allowed a cocky grin to surface, his old persona falling away as easily as it had come, "Kinda hard to take advantage of the willing, love, but I'm willing to let you try."

Xander laughed in surprise and reached up, tangling his fingers in the soft curls and tugged Spike's head back, staring down at him for just a moment before seizing his mouth for a long overdue kiss.