So I'm new here and this is my first fanfic I've published. I'd really like to get your opinion on the story, which came to me out of the blue. The story is also inspired by some fanfics I've read here that put the characters in the world of high school.

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Lanie Parish stepped out of the car, said goodbye to her mother and walked over to the steps in front of the school. There was a chaos around her. Everybody was laughing and people – mostly guys – were running around, some of them were playing football and the others were the girls with fancy clothes and lipsticks in their purses, also known as the cheerleading squad. Lanie frowned when she saw their new choreography and turned away, towards the street. What she saw made her smile again. Her best friend Kate Beckett was walking towards her and all the guys were checking her out. Even though Kate wasn't a cheerleader, she was sometimes more popular than them. She had gorgeous brown locks and a perfect body. But what mattered the most to Lanie was that she wasn't just physically beautiful, but she had an amazing personality, too. She was way better than those barbie girls from the cheer squad and that was exactly the reason why the head cheerleader hated her so much. Madison Doley was a typical cheerleader. She had blonde hair and wore skirts and close-fitting shirts with such cleavage that it made boys go crazy. She was attractive, yes, Lanie had to admit that, but she could never compare to her best friend.

Just then, Kate hugged her tight and said 'I've missed you.' Lanie smiled and hugged her back. 'I missed you too, girl. How was in Paris?' Kate let go and smiled widely. 'It was awesome. Cute guys, but no one that I'd be interested in too much.' Lanie slapped her arm playfuly and asked, 'Oh come one Kate, you were in the most romantic city in the world. How come you weren't interested in anyone?' Kate shrugged and watched the cheerleading squad and their new choreography. She laughed and pulled Lanie in the school hallway. They got to their lockers in no time and Kate snorted, 'They're even more horrible than last year.' Lanie grinned and nodded. They put some stuff in their lockers while chatting about Kate's trip and turned around, trying to go to their class, only to see Madison standing there, arms crossed over her chest with the two of her cheer-dolls, Gina and Meredith. Madison's eyes looked literally evil when she spoke up, 'I heard Kate Beckett and Josh Davidson were dating and I just couldn't believe it.' Kate rolled her eyes and shot back, 'We're not dating, Madison. We went to the movies once over the summer and nothing happened, so you may as well get your mind out of the gutter. He's all yours if you want him.' She slammed her locker shut and grabbed Lanie by the wrist, 'Come on, Lanie. We have a class to go to.' They stepped around them and went to the end of the hall in class 1B. Most of their schoolmates were already there, sitting on the tables laughing about the things that happened this summer or standing by the windows and making out with each other, but the most important people for Lanie and Kate were at the back of the class talking about baseball. They stopped talking when they saw them, though. One of them, the Latino guy, hugged Lanie first and whispered in her ear, 'Looking lovely as always, Miss Lanie Parish.' She stepped back and grinned. 'It's good to see you too, Mr Javier Esposito.' Kate, who just finished hugging Kevin Ryan, Javi's best friend, turned to Lanie and hissed, 'Why aren't you two together already?' Lanie just laguhed and sat down in her seat behind Javier's with a smile on her face. Kate shook her head and sat down next to Lanie. The bell rang just as Kate was telling Lanie about a guy who was hitting on her on the plane and a tall man in a gray suit entered the class. Mr Watson, also known as The Eagle among the students, dropped some papers on his desk and clasped his hands behind his back. 'Well, good morning to all of you. As you know, today is the first day of school for you sophomores. I expect nothing but good grades and and exemplary behaviour.' Someone next to Kevin snorted and Mr Watson narrowed his eyes at him. 'Mr Hull, if you think that you'll continue this year with the same attitude as the previous one, I sincerely recommend that you find another school where they tolerate that.' The guy mumbled something that sounded suspiciously like 'Yeah, right, asshole' and looked out of the window. If Mr Watson heard him say it, he chose to ignore it, because he unclasped his hands and wrote '4.14' on the board with the chalk he pulled out of the drawer. 'This,' he explained when the chorus of 'What's that mean' echoed through the classroom, 'is the average of your grades from last year. I was quite impressed myself when I found out about it.' he added when some of the students actually gasped. Obviously no one expected their class to be so good after everything that happened last semester. Their celebration was interrupted with a knock on the door. Mr Watson smiled and said, 'Come in!' The door opened and a guy with a backpack hanging on his right shoulder came in. He immediately got Kate's attention. He was quite tall and slim, dressed casually in brown shorts and a blue shirt that brought out his blue eyes and he had short, but stylish brown hair. He smiled nervously and shook Mr Watson's hand while apoligizing, 'I'm really sorry I'm late, I got kind of lost.' Mr Watson waved him off as if saying 'don't worry' and said, 'Not a problem, young man. Go ahead and take a seat next to Mr Esposito in the back, please. We will discuss about your schedule later.' The guy turned to walk to his seat and while doing just that, noticed Kate looking at him. She immediately looked away and he saw a blush rising up her cheeks. He smirked and sat down next to Javier. Mr Watson raised his voice to calm down the students who were whispering to each other and everyone became quiet again. 'This is your new schoolmate. His name is Richard Alexander Rodgers and he came here from Long Beach. He's a very good student, based on his records.' The new kid kept his smile on his face, but then grinned when he shook hands with Javi. 'Hey man, I'm Javier Esposito, you can call me Javi, and this is Kevin Ryan.' He shook hands with Kev too and then with Lanie. He looked at Kate while Mr Watson was reading the school rules and extended his hand to her. She smiled back and shook his hand. 'Hi. I'm Rick.' She laughed and said, 'So I've heard. I'm Kate. Kate Beckett.' Rick grinned and squeezed her hand. 'Nice to meet you, Kate.' When they didn't let go of their hands, just stared at each other, they heard Frankie Hull say, 'Get a room already.' Kate blushed again and dropped her hand. Lanie smirked and leaned in to sing-song into Kate's ear, 'Girl, you like him.' Kate huffed and leaned back in her chair. 'I do not.' she denied and looked at Rick again. 'Liar.' she heard Lanie say, which caused her to roll her eyes.

But Kate obviously wasn't the only one who noticed how attractive Rick Rodgers really was. She saw Madison eyeing him and basically stripping him with her eyes while he was listening to Mr Watson pointing out the flaws of the school system. When he leaned towards Javi and said something to him that Kate couldn't hear, Madison threw a piece of paper on his desk. When Rick looked down and saw the paper, he furrowed his eyebrows and unfolded it. He smiled at whatever was written there and looked at Madison. She arched her back a little and tried to look as sexy as she could when she waved at him. He asked Javi for a pen and then wrote something on the paper. When he finished, he threw the folded piece of paper back to Madison and looked back at Kate. He caught her staring and smiled to her, but it was a different kind of smile than the one he gave to Madison. She smiled back and turned to look at her best friend. Lanie was giving Javier the look that meant that she was totally in love with him and he was looking back at her with the same expression on his face. Kate just smiled at the two of them and turned back to see Madison grinning at Rick. He wasn't paying attention to the cheerleaders, like Kate thought he would. He was writing in some sort of notebook, occasionally looking up at Mr Watson. The rest of the class went by pretty quick and everyone stormed out when the bell rang, but not Javier, Kevin, Lanie, Kate and Rick. Javi and Kevin laughed at something Rick said and Lanie pulled Kate out of the classroom. 'Oh my God, you're totally hot for the new kid!' Lanie said as soon as they were out of Rick's earshot. Kate laughed and shook her head, 'No, Lanie. I mean, he is cute, but…' She was interrupted by Lanie squealing, 'I knew it! I knew it! Girl, you gotta tell him!' Kate shushed her with a hand over her mouth and hissed, 'Shut up, Lanie. I'm not going to tell him anything, OK? I mean, he's probably like every other guy. Did you see Madison and the way she was looking at him? They've probably already planned a date.' Lanie slapped her hand off her mouth. 'You jealous?' Kate huffed. 'Me? Jealous? No way, Lanie.' Lanie raised an eyebrow and opened her mouth to say something, when the guys came out of the classroom. They were all laughing and Kev was talking on the phone. 'Yeah, sure Madison, don't worry. We'll get him there.' He hang up and the three started laughing again, but they stopped when they saw Kate and Lanie. Rick ran a hand through his hair and looked at Kate. She just rolled her eyes and walked away. He was confused because he didn't know why she was acting the way she was, but he got his answer when Lanie spoke up, 'Great job, boys. A guy comes into the class and it's the first one Kate likes after Josh, but you have to go and set him up with Madison. Really, I'm proud of you.' Her voice was dripping with sarcasm and her hands were on her hips. Rick thought she looked kind of scary, but then he focused on something he heard her say. 'Wait, what? She said she likes me?' Lanie threw her arms into the air and said matter-of-factly, 'Of course, are you blind? Didn't you see the way she was looking at you?' When he just stood there shell-shocked, she rolled her eyes and gave up, 'Oh, forget it, you blew it already anyways.' She tried to go after Kate, but Javier grabbed her arm and spinned her back in front of them. 'What did you say, chica? How come he blew it? Why? Because of Madison?' Lanie tried not to stare at Javi's lips and nodded. He laughed suddenly and explained it to her, 'We were just joking around about bringing Rick to the park tonight. We wanted to make her wait on him, but he'd never show up. He said he heard rumors in his old school about the head cheerleader here and what she's like. He's not interested in her, so Kate's got nothing to worry about.' Lanie gaped at him and ran towards Kate who was by the lockers texting someone. When she heard someone scream her name, she looked up and saw Lanie rushing over to her. She closed her locker and crossed her arms. 'What's up, Lanie?'

'Kate, he's not into her.'

'Who's not into who?'

'It's whom, actually,' came the voice from behind Lanie. Lanie turned around and saw Rick leaning against the lockers and grinning. Kate rolled her eyes again and stepped a bit closer to him.

'Lanie, could you leave us alone for a minute, please?' Lanie sighed and mumbled to herself, 'So adorable,' and then walked back to Javi and Kev. When Kate looked back to Rick, she found him grinning at her like an idiot. He put his hands in his pockets and explained the whole situation to her himself. 'I'm not interested in Madison. I've heard rumors about her at the old school. I don't like her. Not at all. She wanted to meet me at the park, yeah, but I won't go. We just wanted to make her wait and see how it feels.' When Kate didn't say anything, just stared at him with one eyebrow raised, he let out a long breath and moved a bit closer. 'I know it's not really great. The thing we're doing. But I don't want to go out with her either. And if I said no, she'd start spreading rumors about me immediately. Probably lots of bad stuff and all. I figured this way, I'll at least have the opportunity to let people see me for who I am without those rumors. Even if it's just for a day. I want at least that much. I'm sorry.' When she looked at the floor, he tried again, 'Can you forgive me for being an asshole and talk to me, please?' She looked up at him and saw him making a puppy dog face. She smiled at first and then laughed. He grinned at her when she put him out of his misery, 'Apology accepted.' They went back to their friends and they started walking towards their next class, when Rick remembered, 'Shit, I was supposed to meet Mr Watson for my schedule.' Kev directed him to Mr Watson's office and Rick said goodbye to everyone then, with one final look at Kate, ran towards the office.

They were having a biology class; Lanie's favorite subject. Madison was talking to Gina about shoes, Frankie Hull was picking his nose, Paul Courtley had earbuds in his ears and was listening to something on his iPod, Javi and Kev were talking about Halo, Josh Davidson aka the most popular guy at the school was chewing and checking Kate out, while Lanie was eagerly listening and taking notes about everything Miss Kershey was saying and Kate was waiting for Rick to come. When the doors finally opened and Rick walked in, he excused himself and Miss Kershey let him off. He scanned the classroom for Kate and the gang, but all the seats around them were already taken. The only seat left was the one by the window in front of Madison. He sighed, smiled apologetically to Kate and then shuffled towards the empty chair. When he sat down, he didn't waste any time, but looked towards Kate instantly. He saw she had a small frown on her face and he wondered if it was because of him. He was pulled out of his thoughts when someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and saw that Madison was leaning forward in her chair, licking her lips and she whispered to him, 'I can't wait until 7 PM. Meet me in the hallway after the class.' She winked at him and he tried to smile as much as he could, while everything in him was desperately wishing that he could sit next to Kate and just forget about Madison. He turned around in his seat, so that he was facing Miss Kershey again. He ripped a piece of paper out of his notebook and wrote 'HELP' on it. He folded it and threw it at Kate when Madison was too busy looking at her boobs and Miss Kershey wasn't looking. The paper hit Kate in the leg and she looked up from her book to look at him. He smiled and looked down to the paper lying next to her leg and then back up to her. She furrowed her brows and looked down. She picked it up and unfolded it. He knew when she read it because she stiffled a laugh and put her hand over her mouth. Then she looked at him and grinned. He grinned back at her as she mouthed 'You wish'. He nodded and noticed her biting her lower lip, which was incredibly hot. He looked away when he saw Lanie smirking at him and tried to focus on biology and not on the way Kate's eyes shone when she smiled. He smiled to himself and started writing in his notebook. When the bell rang and all of the students stood up, he felt someone grab his ass and whisper in his ear, 'Come quick.' Then he felt that same someone lick his ear and bite his earlobe and then he saw Madison smiling wickedly at him and walking out of the class. He wiped his ear with his sleeve and then ran to Kate, when she tried to go out of the door. He grabbed her arm and pulled her back in the class. She tried to protest, but he put a hand over her mouth, while keeping the other one on her upper arm. He looked in the hallway through the closed door and then back at her. She had one eyebrow raised and she was standing really close to him. When he realized what he was doing he let her go and stepped back just a bit. She smiled teasingly and recomended, 'You better have a good excuse for that.' He smiled sheepishly at her and then explained himself, 'She wants to jump me in the hallway, she almost bit my ear off.' He shuddered at the memory, but not because it would be a good one. Kate just laughed, took his hand in hers and opened the door. 'Come on,' she said and tugged him after her when he didn't move. They ran out of the classroom and down the hallway, passed Madison, Gina and Meredith at the lockers and they didn't stop until they got to the gym. Kate laughed with him for a while and then let go of his hand. They both instantly missed the warmth of each other's hands, but decided not to comment on it. Kate led him to the man's changing room and then told him, 'I suppose we have the same schedule if you're in our class, so you have PE now.' Then she grinned at him and walked away to another door which led to the women's changing room.

When he got into the gym with Javi and Kev, they were talking about how James Gibson had beaten up some poor guy from India last year. Rick wanted to ask Javier and Kev if the girls have PE with them, but he remained speechless when Kate ran past him into the gym. She was dressed in black shorts and a green t-shirt that was a tight-fit and emphasized her curves. He stopped in his tracks and stared at her, checking her out like every other guy in the gym except Javi and Kev, who were like her brothers. They simultanously slapped Rick at the back of his head and ran towards Kate who was now talking with Lanie. Rick snapped out of it when he felt her eyes on him and saw her smirk, then start warming up. He started to walk towards her, when someone bumped his shoulder. He looked at the guy with black hair and a Harley Davidson t-shirt. He recognized him as Josh Davidson; the guy who Kate went out with in the summer. He felt a pang of jealousy and walked over to the gang, all the while keeping his eyes on Josh. He turned to look at Kate when she pulled him aside. His face lit up when he saw her smiling at him and he smiled back.

'I'm sorry. He can be such a jerk sometimes. Just..leave him be, okay?' She grabbed his hand and he nodded. She squeezed it and then walked back to Lanie and finished warming up.

The sound of the whistle made him look away from Kate, only to see a tall, big man standing in the middle of the gym. He had short black hair and a tattoo on his left arm. When he spoke, his voice was deep and Rick wasn't quite sure if he was going to like PE as much as he thought he would. 'So, I heard we have some fresh meat, huh? Richard Alexander Rodgers? Who's that?' Rick raised his hand and said, 'That's me, sir.' The man in black looked him up and down and then came closer to him. He read something in his notebook and then finally spoke up, 'Not bad, Mr Rodgers. You were the top of the class in PE back at your old school. Running, football, baseball, basketball and so on…You have a really good potential there, big guy. How about you come to my office after school ends today and we'll talk about getting you into the basketball or baseball team?' He finished with a smile on his face and Rick smiled back. 'That'd be great, thanks.' The man ruffled Rick's hair and walked to the corner of the gym while Javi and Kev whispered to him, 'That's awesome, man.' He looked at Kate and saw her smirking. When everybody turned towards the man, she stepped closer to him. 'Mr Cash doesn't like 'fresh meat' like he calls you guys, but he seems to like you. That's a privilege…Big guy,' she said and laughed lightly at his expression. He rolled his eyes and turned towards Mr Cash, who spoke up, 'Now, I know it's only the first period of PE in this school year, but you're gonna do some running. 3 laps in the gym.' Everybody grunted but started to run nonetheless. Rick smirked and suggested to Kate, 'Wanna race?' When he saw her raise an eyebrow, he said, 'The last one who finishes those three laps has to buy a drink to the other. What do you say?' Kate grinned and sprinted away from him. 'Hey, that's called cheating,' he called after her and ran. He caught up with her pretty fast and they slowed down a bit, seeing as they were already way ahead of everyone else. She laughed and ran a little faster. He ran a little faster too, then he shouted, 'You know, I was the best runner back in Long Beach. I don't think anyone's actually faster than me.' He winked at her and she laughed again. 'We'll see about that, Rick.' He was intoxicated by the way she said his name, the way her hips moved when she ran and the way her hair waved around her. He was so caught up in watching her, that he didn't realize she was running faster and faster. He grinned and ran faster too. They were 10 meters in front of the finish line and they were both equally fast. Kate sped up and came to the finish line first. When they stopped, both panting with their hands on their knees, Kate laughed at him breathlessly, stood up and went to him. She placed both hands on her hips and shook her head. 'And here I thought you were fast,' she smirked when he straightened up. He shrugged and grinned at her, then noticed a lock of hair on her face. He stretched out his arm and pushed the offending lock behind her ear. He smiled cockily when he felt her shiver and then he chuckled when she looked at his lips and bit hers. They were lost in each other for a moment, at least until the gang came up to them, all of them breathing hard, trying to force some air into their lungs. Rick took his hand off Kate's jaw and winked at her. She blushed and looked at Lanie who was too busy checking Javier out to even notice Kate's red cheeks. She heard Rick say 'Oh no' and turned around to see Madison making her way towards them. She rolled her eyes and backed off when Madison tried to push her out of the way. When she got to Rick, she grabbed his t-shirt and pulled him to her. Kate gasped when she saw Madison kissing him. Rick didn't even close his eyes, he just tried to pull away from her, but she had a tight grip on him. Kate almost stepped in to rescue him when they heard coach Cash whistle. Only then did she let him go and walked away, back to her squad. Rick quickly wiped his mouth with his t-shirt and said, 'That was just wrong.' He looked at Kate and saw her looking at Madison with fury in her eyes. She started to walk towards her, but he pulled her back, even when she tried to shrug him off. 'Kate,' he said, when she didn't look at him. 'Kate,' he tried again, 'Kate, it meant nothing.' She finally looked at him and nodded. 'I know that. You can let go of me.' He didn't, though. He was worried that she might be angry with him because of what happened, but he banished those thoughts when she smiled at him. He smiled back and removed his hand off her arm. Just then they heard Mr Cash say, 'Girls and boys, today is your lucky day. We're playing basketball, form 3 teams of 6 players, but you have to be mixed, so girls and boys in the teams, please. Kate, you have one team, Josh, you have the other and Frankie, you have the third one. Come on, Kate picks first.' Kate crossed her arms and called Lanie in her team. Josh picked a guy who was as big as coach Cash, maybe even bigger and Frankie picked Kevin. Kate continued and picked Javi, disappointed because Kev was already taken and she couldn't pick him for her team, too. Josh picked another hooligan and Frankie picked Madison, probably only because she told him to. It was Kate's turn to pick again. She looked at Rick and took his hand. He grinned; she'd picked him. Josh, furious because she picked him, as Rick could obviously see, picked Gina and Frankie picked Meredith. It continued that way until Josh had some of the best basketball players in the school in his team and Frankie had almost the whole cheerleader squad while Kate's team was formed of good people, not the most popular people, but the ones who knew what really mattered. The first match was between Kate and Frankie's team. Javi and Kev were jumping and the ball was pushed into Kate's hands. Rick watched her dribble some jerk from Frankie's team and then she passed the ball to Lanie, who immediately passed it to Javi. He tried to take the shot but Frankie stole the ball from him. Rick ran back to try to steal the ball from Frankie and just as Frankie jumped and tried to shoot, he grabbed the ball and ran back to the other side of the court. He passed the ball to Kate who was smiling at him and she tried to deal with Madison who almost hit Kate in the face with her elbow, but Kate succeeded in rushing past her and shooting before being tackled to the gym floor by Madison and Meredith. She grunted as she tried to stood up. She scored 2 points for them, but she took the fall pretty hard, too. Rick ran to her and helped her up. Her knees were a little bruised but otherwise she was grinning because he had his arms around her. 'You can let me stand on my own now, thank you,' she breathed and patted his chest as he let his arms fall down his sides. Madison looked jealous, and so did Josh, but Rick and Kate were both laughing with their team now, happy because Kate also got two free throws. She scored both of them, of course, and the game continued. They played for 9 more minutes before coach Cash whistled the end of the match. Madison and Meredith didn't try anything else after that little stunt they pulled at the beginning of the game, mostly because Frankie told them to not do it again or they'd be sorry. The game was a win for Kate's team. They won with 16-7 and Kevin was relieved to see them win and went to congratulate them as soon as he could. The next match was between Josh and Frankie's team and Frankie didn't win, of course. By the end of the game the score was 30-3 for Josh's team and they only played for a little over 10 minutes. Madison broke her nail and Meredith broke three of them, which made Kate very happy. There was a pause to let Josh's team rest a little before having another match, so Josh clearly used it to go to Kate.

'Seriously? You can not possibly tell me that you've never heard of Kings of Leon before. They're like the best band out there right now,' he told her and she laughed because of his shocked face. 'Well, Rick, not everyone has time for these kinds of things, you know,' she winked at him and took a sip of the water. He grinned, but his smile faltered when he spotted Josh coming over. Kate saw his grimace and asked him, 'What?' When he didn't answer, she turned around and in that exact moment, she felt Josh's lips on hers. She tried to push him away from her, but he had his arms on her hips and was pulling her into him. Rick couldn't believe what he was seeing and he got so jealous that he grabbed Josh's hands and threw them off her body. When he let go of Kate, Rick stepped in front of her and said, 'She's not yours to hold.' Kate was slightly shocked about Rick's reaction and because of Josh's kiss, so she couldn't do anything but touch Rick's shoulder and try to make him back off and not fight with Josh. 'Come on, Rick, don't.' Josh laughed and stepped closer to him. 'Oh, she's mine if I say so.' Now Kate was getting furious too and she took a step forward. 'Let it go, Josh. You never had a chance with me. Walk away.' Josh got angrier and tried to grab Kate again, but Rick pushed him away and stepped in front of Kate again. 'Don't touch her,' Rick warned him, but Josh didn't back off. He fisted his hand and tried to hit Rick, but was stopped by coach Cash. 'What's going on here, guys?' Mr Cash stepped between them and looked from one to another. 'What's…This idiot here tried to steal my girlfriend, that's what's going on.' Coach laughed before Rick or Kate could say something and told him, 'As far as I know, you're not dating Kate. And if she's not okay with you being near her, you are going to respect that. Understood?' Coach Cash was probably the only one who could stop Josh from doing any harm to anyone, because he had as much influence on him as Josh's own father. Josh frowned and walked back to his team. Coach Cash winked at Rick and Kate and then shuffled back to his position at the side of the court. Rick turned around and saw Kate with head tilted to one side and with her hands on her hips. She looked adorable with pursed lips and her hair falling over her shoulders while she was trying not to laugh out loud. He shrugged when she raised an eyebrow and she nodded. The next match between Kate and Josh's team didn't happen because the bell for the end of the class rang. Kate sauntered off towards the showers and Rick couldn't help but stare at her.

When the guys finished with the showers and changed back into their clothes, they went into the school caffetteria. Kevin explained the whole system to Rick, while they were waiting in the line to get their lunch, 'We have lunch break at 10.25, it lasts one hour. After that, we continue with the boring lessons and try not to get caught doing homework in the middle of the class.' He was being sarcastic. They laughed and grabbed a seat at the nearby table. 'Okay, so here's how it goes. North Berkeley High is just like any other high school. Every group has their table here. We have this one. It's cool, but not too cool. Just the way we are,' he said and Javi added, 'Yeah, and we like it.' Rick grinned and said, 'I can imagine.' They dived into the food, but before Rick could take a bite of his sandwich, he saw Kate walk into the canteen. She looked at their table and spotted him looking at her, smiling like an idiot. She shook her head and told Lanie to finally go for it with Javi. She said, 'Not yet,' and they chatted about everything while waiting on their turn to grab lunch. When they sat themselves at their table, Kate was forced to sit really close to Rick, so their thighs and shoulders were brushing, creating a current running through their veins. While they were having small talk and eating, Rick and Kate kept sneaking glances toward eachother and bumping each other's knees. Halfway through lunch, there was a song on the radio that everyone recognized; Aerosmith – I Don't Want to Miss a Thing. Kate started to sing first and Rick was intoxicated by the sound of her voice. She sounded truly like an angel. Lanie joined her and soon all the table was singing. Rick didn't take his eyes off Kate and when she looked up at him, she nearly got lost in the deep blue seas of his irises. When the song was over, everyone was grinning and some of the people in the cafeteria were looking their way. They ignored the curious looks and went outside to take a seat on the grass under a big oak tree. They laughed at Rick's jokes and made fun of Miss Okey, the English teacher who just happened to have 10 cats at home, no husband and no kids. They went to their next class together. It was Maths and Rick was constantly writing something in that notebook of his. Kate, who was sitting next to him, asked him quietly, 'What are you writing all the time?' He stuttered and closed his notebook. 'Um, nothing.' Kate narrowed her eyes at him and whispered. 'Come on, can you at least tell me what's it about if you don't want to show me?' He was just about to tell her that he's writing about her, when Miss Buckerby called his name. He looked up and saw her staring at him. 'Mr Rodgers, your first day at this school and you're already not paying attention? What were we talking about?' 'You were just saying why we should have all the knowledge from last year because this year is not going to be easier, only harder, Miss Buckerby,' he answered, glad that he actually was able to pay attention while Kate was looking at him like that. She sighed and turned back to the board. Rick let out a breath he didn't know he was holding and looked at Kate. She had a guilty expression on her face and she mouthed 'Sorry' to him, which made him smile. When they got out of Maths class they stopped in the hallway and she apologized to him again, 'Oh my God, I'm really sorry, that was my fault.' He waved her off and told her not to worry because he got out of it and she just grinned at him. Last period was English and it was really funny watching Rick answer all of Miss Okey's questions about literature. When Kate and Lanie were by the lockers and the guys were nearby talking with Kyle, who knew everything about baseball, Madison strode purposefully towards Rick and tried to kiss him again, but was stopped by Kate who stepped between them. Madison frowned and tried to push her away. 'Let me get to him, you stupid little bitch.' Rick spoke up, 'Hey, you're not gonna talk about her like that, okay?' Madison stopped and licked her lips. 'Sorry, Ricky. She's just been trying this whole day to make you hate me and I just want you so much.' She was stopped by Kate clasping a hand over her mouth. 'I mean it, Madison. Back off. You've no right to come here and kiss him like you did in the gym.' Madison pushed Kate's hand away from her mouth and looked at Rick. 'Baby, can you tell her to step aside and let me kiss you, please. She can't possibly tell us what to do.' Rick grimaced and tried to pull Kate away from Madison, but she insisted on saying her piece. 'Madison, shut up! He's barely got here and you already want to jump him. Can you not be a whore for at least one day?' Madison gasped and Rick tried to pull Kate away again. 'Kate, stop.' When she didn't want to move, he stepped in front of her and said, 'Kate, I'm going to have to kiss you if you don't stop. Just let it go.' Kate blushed, looked at his lips for a second and groaned. A part of her wanted so much for him to kiss her, but a part of her told her it was too soon for something like that to happen, because they just met a few hours ago. So she stepped back, but not before telling Madison, 'You can't have him.' After that, she left a gaping Rick, Madison, Lanie, Javier and Kevin after her when she took off towards the school entrance. When Madison got herself together, she walked away, too. Rick, Lanie, Javi and Kevin went after Kate and found her outside, talking to someone on the phone. 'Yeah, I'll be home in twenty minutes. Yeah, I know. Okay, see you. Love you too, bye.' Rick got slightly jealous at hearing Kate say 'love you' to someone, but he quickly let it go when Lanie asked her if it was her mother and Kate said yes. 'I need to go home, mom's having a day off and she wants me all to herself.' She rolled her eyes and smiled. She was having a hard time not looking at Rick, but she just couldn't because she was still slightly shocked about everything that had happened with him today. 'Okay girl. See ya tomorrow, then. Have fun and say hello to your mom for me,' Lanie said, hugged her and walked away with Javier and Kevin after they said goodbye to her and Rick. Now that he was the only one left there with her, Kate didn't have a choice but to look at him. He was grinning at her and she rolled her eyes at him. She started walking down the street and he followed her, just like she thought he would. 'Can I walk you home?' She snorted and said, 'That's just so cliché.' Rick laughed and winked at her, 'I know, but still, come on. Let me walk you home?' She stopped in her tracks and looked at him. He actually really was hot. When he smiled, he had a twinkle in his eyes, his whole face was glowing and his hair was rumpled. Kate wanted badly to just run her hands through those hair and she had to physically stop herself from doing it by fisting her hands and pursing her lips. She considered him for a moment, then finally gave up, 'Fine, you can walk me home.' He grinned at her and he had a boyish smile plastered on his face the whole walk to her house. When they got there, she turned towards him and smiled. 'Thanks, Rick. For walking me home and…Everything else.' He smiled at her and held out his hand. She looked at it and nodded, then shook his hand. 'It was a pleasure meeting you.' She laughed at him and said, 'Ditto, Rick.' He let go of her hand and stepped back, letting her stroll towards her door. 'And I really look forward to tomorrow.' He shouted just as she opened the door. She smiled and winked, 'Me too, big guy. Have fun.' Then she shut the door and kicked off her shoes.

Outside, Rick couldn't get rid of the smile on his face. He ran his hand through his hair and walked home.

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