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My heart pounding, turning to see a innocent girl with blue eyes gleaming like crystals and the bright blonde hair. She wore a yellow dress, nothing big. I guess something you call a sun dress, it was pretty short but loose. A brown belt tied to her waist. Heh, that dress, it looked fami-


That's the dress I got her a few birthdays ago. She still has it, and it still fits. Surprising, it looks new. I bit the inside of my cheek as my stomach grew more intense. Tossing and turning, feeling "Butterflies" in my stomach. One arm pulling towards her, the fingers moving back and forth lustfully. Calling her over, Rin kicked her heels slowly, those shoes weren't too big, just something I've never seen her wear. Her hand landing on mine, they clenched together, then tugging on her arm pulling her petite body to mine. "Len!" She yelped, I let out a chuckle. "What? You look like a little girl." My head resting on hers, our eyes locked to eachother; like they were communicating for us. Only a few seconds until both our faces suddenly grew closer and closer, my head tilted a bit to the side and Rin's tilted the opposite way.

The feeling of the tip of her lips lightly pressing against mine, it made me sort of jump inside. Finally pushing her head forward, my eyes closing calmly, the only thing I felt now was skin pressed against me. This for sure wasn't her lips. My eyes flickered, blinking twice to manage to capture the image. Pulling my head back, Rin dropped her hand to her side and turned grabbing a tiny black bag. "What was that for?" I asked stubbornly, referring to the kiss.

"Not now." Rin pulled the bag over her shoulder; the strap long enough to go around her body.

"Ready." I nodded as a response, stuffing the leather wallet in one pocket and the other stuffed with my phone that I barely use.

Making my way out of the room and into the hallway, I held Rin's hand tightly. The only way out was to sneak, with the others not noticing us out of the house. There was no other way to explain why we're dressed up like this and out together this late, asking Kaito about dating is also a give away since I asked.

Furtively walking to one side and to the other, making it to the living room. Luka reading the book she read earlier and Kaito on the floor with his eyes planted on to the tv screen. They looked busy so it'll be easy enough to walk out the back door. Tiptoeing our way to the kitchen, our hands still connected, letting Rin lead the way- "Len, where are you going?" -That's Why.

Pulling my hand away from hers and pushing her to the door. Waving my hand back and forth, signaling her to keep going.

"The... Store."

Luke turned with her glasses pulled down to her nose.

"Oh? Then can you bring some-"

"Yea sure whatever!" Cutting her off and heading out the door.

Luka Stood up, her hands to her hips. "Hey wait! You didn't let me finish." Noticing the fact Len already left, she plopped back down and released her long strawberry pink colored hair. "What's up with him?" She asked, ripping her glasses off. Kaito only pressed down on the couch with elbow and picked himself up and onto the empty space next to the girl. "I dunno', he asked me something about a dating earlier."

Luka only glared at the other, "Dating? Oh.. That isn't good."

"Why not?" Kaito asked, his eyes red from staring at the screen.

"Well, I don't think Len knows, but it's obvious. If he just simply dates someone, it's like taking a knife and stabbing yourself in the chest for Rin."

"Why say that?"

Luka instantly stood up and slammed the book into the other's chest. "-O-Ow!" He squealed.

"It's fucking obvious." She sat back down and reached for the remote. Kaito took the book and set it down gently to the coffee table. "Then lets fix it."

"Fix what?"

"What if Len is really dating someone and abandons Rin?"

Luka let out a sigh and glanced at him, "Go ahead, but I'm not in."



"Do whatever." Finally standing up and making her way to the stairs. "But I'm not in. Go ask Miku okay?"

Finally hand in hand and free from the others. Clenching the girl's hand tight-"A-Ah, Len, too hard." She squealed.

"Sorry! I'm just.. A bit nervous." My voice growing lower and lower, embarrassed enough, I didn't want her to know I was nervous over a date. "So am I.." Rin lightly bit her lip, "Really?" She nodded as a reply.

The continuous walk, finally entering a cafe. The first thing Rin ran to were the cakes. Chuckling, with me my hands hiding in my pockets. Making my way mischievously behind her, my hands slid out of the thin pockets and on to her waist, pulling her back to me abdomen. "Which one do you want?" I asked softly into her ear, pushing a golden strand of hers behind her ear.

"I- Uh.. want that one," She pointed to a meticulous type of cake. "Anything else?" I asked. My twin glanced up at the menu board, contemplating. "Oh!" She said cheerfully. "That one! Milkshakes!" Nodding once and pulling her to my side

"Why not pick a table and I'll bring them to you?"

A few minutes later, bringing a tray of two flavored milk shakes and a slice of the cake Rin picked out, making my way to the back where she sat. A perfect seat where no one can notice us. Setting the tray right on to the table and sliding on to the seat next her. "What took you so long?"

Long? "It's been a few minutes right?"

Rin shook her head, reaching for the drink and bringing the straw to her lips. "Sorry." I say, reaching for the plastic fork and then taking a small scoop from the cake. Before bringing it to my lips and into my mouth, I shove it over to Rin, "Say ah~" I ordered, doing as I say, her mouth flew a bit open,


"You're not a dentist." She chuckled as I brought the fork closer to her mouth, at the same time, I pulled it away and into my own, chewing down the creamy chocolate.

"Yaah!" Snapped my sister, "Heh, Sorry." I tease taking a sip of my drink. Taking another scoop and bringing it to her lips, "Okay, I'm not kidding around this time." As Rin pushed her head forward, I shoved the fork away. "See!" She pouted, a few snickers escaping. "Alright, now, I'm not jokin-"

"I prooomise~"

"Fine." At the moment, Rin left her lips apart as I brought the fork to her. Feeding her the cake.

"This way, Len can be anywhere with a girl." The blue haired man said, waving his hand signaling a girl with long teal hair. "We've been out here for hours Kaito.."

"Shhh, you might scare them away."


"No, shh.."

Mike fell to her knee and panted, a bit tired from wondering on. They made it closer to a cafe where Kaito suspected Len to be. "I think I see him!" Yelled the man, Mike plopped behind him, "Where!"

He pointed to a blonde haired boy, contemplating on the human next to him. "She looks innocent and they have the same hair color." Miku pointed out. Kaito only nodded, "I can't see well, but that dress looks familiar.."

"No...It can't be who you think it is right?" Asked the girl, she turned to Kaito with wide eyes and continued.

"She looks like Rin..."

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