AUTHOR'S NOTE: kay! I finally found a spare moment to start this story. It was written well over two years ago, so there are going to be several grammar errors, but please ignore those. I am not active on this website very much any more, but I have three (or four, give or take) more Danny Phantom stories to share.

This one takes place a good few weeks after the last adventure with the twins. there was one centered around the friendship of Tucker with Danny and SAm that takes place between these two stories, but I haven't ever finished it, and probably never will. I KNOW how it ends and who's the bad guy, but I can't figure out what to write between where I'm at and where I need to get. So it's hung up to dry for now.

So, without further ado, let's get into Danny Phantom: Face Your Fears!

"No way, no how! You are NOT taking me in there!"

Danny pulled with all his might on the mayor's arm—Sam did the same with the other. "Tucker, you've got a cold, you've got the flu, it's time to face facts," the astronaut groaned: "You need to see a doctor!"

Tucker had his feet planted firmly on the frame of the car's back door. While his best friends tried pulling him out, he tried to pull himself back into the vehicle. "No, no, no! I don't do hospitals! You know I don't!" he cried out.

"Tucker, it's not like they're going to open up your brain or something!" Sam replied. "Everyone needs a checkup, and you're nearly thirty years late for one!"

"And I've never been in need of a doctor! I'm as healthy as a horse! I've had the flu before, Sam! Let me go!"

"He's just going to take a swab of your throat, Tuck!" Danny reassured him.

"And then he'll give me a flu shot! I DON'T DO NEEDLES!"

Sam groaned loudly and placed one boot against the outside of the car. "Tucker, this is for your own GOOD!" she snapped. "Get out of the car NOW!"

She and Danny pulled on the mayor's arms as hard as they could, and with one strong yank, managed to tug him out of the vehicle. Tucker moaned loudly as he came out and tried pulling back again. "PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME GO IN THERE!" he cried in despair. "Please, oh, please, oh, PLEASE!"

"Are you sure I can't stuff my fist down his throat?" Sam asked annoyingly.

Danny rolled his eyes and pulled Tucker towards the doors of the hospital while Andy, Danny and Sam's son, closed the back door of the car and rushed after them. "Tucker, there's nothing to be afraid of," he said as gently as he could. "Sam and I will be right there when you get your flu shot—!"

"—Unless you don't stop crying like a baby," Sam muttered.

Danny shot her an irritated glare. "She's just joking," he said behind his teeth. "All three of us are going into that hospital, and I'll personally make sure that you don't get killed by some stupid drug."

Andy caught up with them. "An' I'm comin' in too, Uncle Tucker!" he said brightly. "An' I'm gonna be there wif you too!"

Tucker continued to pull back. "I don't care if it was Megan Fox going in with me," he said fearfully. "I hate hospitals, Danny! You've known that since we were teenagers!"

"And it still continues to slip my mind how that phobia started without me knowing," Danny replied. He reached out with his leg and pushed the automatic opening button so the door would slide open. "Nevertheless, you still need to get that flu shot, Tucker. Amity Park can't have a mayor that's sick for weeks on end because he's scared of getting a little shot."

"Little? Danny, have you seen the size of those needles?"

Danny and Sam managed to pull Tucker into the front lobby of the hospital before finally letting him go. Tucker nervously looked about while rubbing his hands and biting his lip.

"Tucker, Sam and I will go in with you if you need support," Danny repeated while walking up to the front desk. "The doctor will not hurt you in any way if I'm there to make sure. Okay?"

"Needles through my skin are classified under the Hurt Me file, Danny," Tucker muttered worriedly.

Danny sighed and rolled his eyes before turning to the receptionist. "Hi; we're here for Tucker Foley?" he announced as the woman began to type on the computer. "He's got an appointment with his family doctor to get a flu shot."

The woman finished typing in information and looked at the screen. "Right," she said. "That's in about five minutes." She looked up at Danny and smiled. "If you can take a seat, Sir; the doctor will be in shortly for him."

Danny nodded and turned around to face the mayor. "Wow; and she didn't even bite me," he said sarcastically while smiling.

Sam rolled her eyes while Tucker glared at his best friend. "If you don't cut it out, I'll bite you," the black man warned.

Danny chuckled before directing his best friend to a chair and sitting him down. Andy crawled onto the chair beside his uncle and pulled out his Danny Phantom miniature figurines to play with.

Danny and Sam sat in the two chairs across from them and pulled out magazines to read. Tucker nervously tapped his fingers against the arms of the chair. Andy swung his legs back and forth. Danny read an article in Time Magazine about the latest NASA achievement. Sam browsed through a Vegan Cooking magazine, looking for healthy, vegetarian recipes.

The receptionist had been correct; they did not have to wait longer than five minutes; it had not even been that long before a nurse came in.

The blond haired woman looked up and smiled at the mayor. "Tucker," she said gently, catching the man's attention, "The doctor will see you now."

Tucker put on a pouting face and moaned before reluctantly getting out of his seat. Danny, Sam and Andy did the same.

The nurse looked at the Fentons in surprise. "I'm sorry, but only Tucker can come in," she announced.

Tucker's eyes went wide before he stared in despair at his best friends.

Danny bit his lip before looking at the nurse again. "Uh, we promised we'd go in with him, Ma'am," he explained.

"I'm sorry, but—!"

"Trust me, you don't want him alone in a hospital."

"I don't want to be in a hospital," Tucker muttered stubbornly.

The nurse looked at him for a moment before looking at Danny again. "You are relatives?"

Sam gave her an irritated look, but Danny made sure he replied. "No, no, we're his best friends," he said.

The nurse shook her head. "Then I'm afraid you'll just have to wait out here," she repeated.

Danny sighed and rubbed his eyes with his left hand, closing them. He placed his right hand behind him and it began to glow, though no one noticed except for Sam, Tucker and Andy.

"Tucker needs someone to go into the hospital with him," Danny repeated. "You can make an exception this once, Ma'am."

He waited for a few seconds before the nurse replied. "Um, I suppose I could make an exception this once," the woman announced.

Danny took a deep breath and nodded before turning his hand back to normal and opening his eyes. He smiled at the nurse. "Thank you," he replied politely.

The nurse nodded in reply before turning and leading them through a doorway.

Sam leaned towards Danny. "Did you check to see if there were any cameras behind you when you did that, genius?" she said, slightly upset.

"Yes, and there were none," Danny replied just as softly. "It's not like I was making it obvious, Sam. But Tucker needs someone to go in with him, so I had to do something."

"Do you think you could tell them to reschedule the appointment for another date?" Tucker asked nervously. "Like, for Never?"

Just as he said this, the lights in the corridor they were walking suddenly went out. Danny, Sam, Tucker, Andy and the nurse stopped in their tracks and looked about.

"That's odd," the nurse muttered in confusion. "The lights were just changed two days ago." She turned and looked at the Fentons and Tucker. "Please wait right here; I'm going to go ask what's happening." She walked over to a working doctor who had just come out of a room and asked what the matter was.

Danny, Sam and Tucker watched them chatter softly to each other. Suddenly, the astronaut's breath came out in mist when he exhaled. Quickly, he began searching the area.

"There's a ghost in here?" Sam said nervously, having seen her husband's ghost sense go off.

"Oh, great," Tucker moaned. "I'm in a haunted hospital!"

Danny crouched low and looked at the several security cameras. "Yeah, well, it'll get a lot worse if we don't find somewhere I can transform without being caught on camera," he muttered.

The floor began to tremble. Doctors and nurses who were walking around in the corridors gasped in shock before looking about frantically.

Danny groaned. "And I didn't even bring my thermos with me," he complained.

There was a loud humming that came from around the corner, and just as Danny had finished speaking, three green ghosts came swooping around the corner, wailing loudly and scaring everyone in their path. Nurses screamed as people turned and dashed off.

"Oh, yay," Danny added sarcastically. "There's three."

Sam placed her hands on his shoulders and directed him down the corridor. There, she had spotted the restrooms, and it was perhaps the only place in the hospital where there were no security cameras.

She kicked the men's washroom door open and pushed her husband inside. "Hurry up and go ghost already!" she snapped before turning and dashing off. She ran back towards her son and Tucker, but to her surprise, she only found Andy.

The environmentalist stared at him in shock. "Andy, where's your uncle?" she exclaimed worriedly.

Andy opened his mouth to reply, but just as he did, the three ghosts came charging around the corner again. Doctors ducked or dodged, shouting in fright.

The ghosts had only passed Sam and Andy when they suddenly stopped in their tracks and turned around to look at them.

Andy gasped.

The ghosts' red eyes flashed fury as they screeched and charged for the two humans. Andy cried in fright and wrapped his arms around his mother's leg, turning them both intangible. Sam shielded her face nonetheless.

The ghosts phased right through them, not harming them by the least. When they realized that they had, they yelled angrily and charged again.

Andy was just about to turn them intangible again, but the ghosts had managed to be faster than he. They sent the two humans sliding across the floor until they had reached the end of the hallway. Sam ran into the wall, yelping in pain once she had, and Andy slid right into her.

"Are you okay, Andy?" Sam asked worriedly.

Andy shook some sense into his head before looking up at his mother. Then, he turned his head and gazed at the ghosts, which had begun to charge for them again. He shouted in fright and placed his arms around his mother's waist.

Sam protectively placed her arms around her son yet kept her eyes on the nearing ghosts.

Suddenly, just as the spirits were to do them any harm, a forth ghost, one dressed in black with white hair and green eyes, charged into the trio from the side, sending them sailing out of control into a wall.

Danny glared at them while holding up his fists. "You're gonna have to get passed me if you want them, you creeps!" he growled.

The ghosts floated back into the air while growling, teeth bared. They charged for Danny as hard as they could, holding out their claws.

Danny crouched before stretching his body out and having them phase through it. The trio ran directly through another wall.

Danny returned to normal before looking at a nearby nurse. "Make sure all the patients remain in their rooms," he ordered. "And put up the ghost shields so that those things don't phase through their walls!"

The nurse nodded quickly before dashing off, shouting out the order to other doctors and nurses.

Danny looked at Sam and Andy. "You two stay here," he said, turning and flying off. "I'll be right back."

"Oh, gee," Sam said sarcastically. "Out in the open. I feel safe."

The ghosts flew back through the wall and roared angrily at Danny. Danny, teeth bared and fists clenched, swung his arm forward and gave the first ghost a good punch in the face.

For several minutes, Danny chased them about the hospital, trying to figure out what it was that they wanted. They never spoke, never indicated in any way what they wanted, and only growled if Danny evaded their attacks.

Danny dodged several workers. "What's the big deal, you stupid ghosts?" he exclaimed. "What are you trying to find? And what does it have to do with you trying to hurt my family?"

The largest of the three turned and pointed a finger at him. Out of it shot a blue ghost ray.

Danny raised his eyebrows in shock before he was knocked backwards by the attack. He slid across the floor until he had run into the wall.

The green ghost narrowed its eyes. "Fight your Fears," it hissed before turning away.

Danny frowned in confusion before raising himself. "Hey!" he exclaimed, jumping into the air and flying after them. "Come back here!"

The three green ghosts went intangible and phased through the wall. Danny slowed to a stop, stared at the wall, and clenched his teeth while groaning in frustration.

"Doggonit!" he snapped. "Gone, and without any banter, either!"