Sam and Andy were speaking with their family doctor when Danny returned. He had turned invisible and had returned to the men's washroom, where he secretly transformed back to normal. Then, he walked over to join his wife and son.

"Any sign of them?" the doctor wondered as the astronaut approached.

Danny shook his head. "Nope," he replied. "Danny Phantom chased them right out of the hospital, Doc. You're all ghost-free."

The doctor sighed in relief. "Thank Heavens," he said. "It's a good thing we've got someone like Danny Phantom keeping Amity Park in line." He turned and walked off while waving goodbye.

Andy waved back before Danny sighed and passed a hand over his face.

"You didn't catch them, did you?" Sam guessed.

"No," Danny groaned. "They just vanished!"

"Without telling you what they wanted?"

"Yeah!" Danny grasped his hair before looking at his wife again. "All they said was fight your fears. Which makes absolutely no sense!"

"Fight your fears?" Sam echoed. She rubbed her chin thoughtfully. "Hm. We may need to keep that in mind just in case anything else happens." She looked at her husband. "At least they didn't hurt anyone."

Danny sighed again and looked about. "Yeah, I suppose," he said gloomily. "Though I can't stand it when they just get away without saying anything clear. Fight your Fears… what's that supposed to mean?" He suddenly paused and looked about before staring at his wife in confusion. "Um, speaking of which, where's Tucker?"

Sam shrugged and looked at her son. "He disappeared when I came back from tossing you into the washroom," she replied. "I was just about to ask Junior here… Andy, where's your uncle?"

Andy shrugged. "He left," he replied.

Danny and Sam recoiled. "He what?" Sam echoed.

Andy pointed at the hallway they had entered by. "When you and Daddy were gone, he left," he explained. "He said he'd be waiting in the car."

Danny closed his eyes and slapped his forehead while Sam groaned loudly. "Oh, I can't stand his phobia!" she exclaimed.

Tucker was indeed waiting in the car, and strapped in his seatbelt, at that. After refusing again to enter the building, Danny returned indoors to cancel the appointment and reschedule it. Once the appointment was set for a week after that, he walked back to the red corvette, got into the driver's seat, and drove off with his family to return his best friend to his home.

While Sam and Andy waited in the car, Danny got out and took Tucker up the front steps of the mayor's house. When Tucker fumbled for the proper key, Danny snatched it away and phased them both through the front door after checking if anyone was watching.

"You didn't have to do that," Tucker muttered stubbornly as Danny unlocked the door from the inside of the house.

"You couldn't find your key," Danny said flatly.

"I was tired, that's all…"

"Tucker; you couldn't find your front door KEY!" Danny exclaimed, spreading his arms out wide. He frowned gravely and tapped his foot. "How many hints is it going to take for you to realize that you're getting worse?"

"I'm not getting worse, Danny!" Tucker replied. "I feel fine!"

Danny tightened his lips and placed his hands on his hips while glaring furiously at his best friend.


"Tucker," Danny began, counting his fingers, "You're pale, you sleep in, you throw up every morning, you've got headaches, you get dizzy spells, you get light headed, and you're getting fevers!" The astronaut held out his arms in the direction of the front door. "And now you're having vision troubles!"

"Danny, it's not like I haven't been through these symptoms before!" Tucker replied while crossing his arms. "I'll survive!"

"But what if you don't?"

"But what if I do?"

"But what if you DON'T?" Danny snapped loudly. "People die of the flu, Tucker! You've got to stop being stubborn and take that dang flushot!"

"I am NOT going back into that hospital!" Tucker yelled. "Did you see what happened today? Three ghosts appeared out of nowhere! And right when I was going to go get a flu shot! Coincidence? I think NOT!"

Danny passed a hand over his face and moaned in despair. "Oh, for cryin' out loud, Tucker," he said. "You have got to stop stalling! You're the mayor of Amity Park, for Pete's sake! If anyone needs to be healthy, it's you!"

Tucker groaned and walked off a few ways while grasping his head. He stopped, fell silent, and then shook his head. "I'm… I'm not ready to go in there yet, Danny," he said softly. "I just… I'm just not ready."

"Then when will you be?" Danny wondered, holding out his arms. "You can't just keep avoiding the doctor for the rest of your life, Tucker. Your flu is getting worse. Anyone can tell. Ask my mom. Ask your mom. Ask Andy, for heaven's sake; they'll all tell you that you're looking worse every day." Danny straightened out and looked at his best friend with worry in his eyes. "I don't… want to lose my best friend because he refused to get a flu shot."

Tucker's shoulders dropped and he sighed loudly before turning around and looking at the astronaut.

Danny crossed his arms. "Sam and I are just worried you're overdoing it, Tucker," he said softly. "You've been dodging the doctor since we were teens, but one day, it's going to catch up to you. One needle shot won't kill you, Tucker. Couldn't you just take one flu shot?"

Tucker stared at him in silence before passing a hand over his face and holding it over his mouth. He looked about before looking at Danny again. "I'll… think about it," he replied quietly.

Danny seemed much more relieved when Tucker said these words. A load seemed to have lifted from his back.

"I don't guarantee anything yet… but I'll think about it."

The astronaut nodded contentedly. "That's all I need to hear for now," he said. He turned towards the door and grabbed the knob. "Get some rest, Tuck; give us a call if you need anything. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah… okay."

Danny exited the house, closing the door behind him, and then walked down the front yard to his car. Upon entering it, Sam asked him how it went.

The astronaut started the engine. "He said he'll think about it," he reply.

"Hm," Sam muttered while applying more purple lipstick to her lips. "That's better than what I ever got out of him."

"That's because I don't threaten to stuff my fist down his throat," Danny muttered in reply, buckling himself in.

Andy leaned forward as his father reached for the clutch. "If Uncle Tucker said that about goin' to the doctor, can I say that about goin' to the dentist?" he asked.

Danny grinned slyly while Sam laughed sarcastically. "Nice try, Buster," she replied as her husband took off down the street.