E/O Challenge WoW: Copy
Word Count : 100
Spoiler Alert For S6.

A.N. My apologies for the standard of this entry. Just not feeling inspired currently,
possibly due to real life getting in the way!


Dean tries to help puppet Sam understand

"Dean. I don't see what difference it makes."
Dean spun around and looked at the man now stood in front of him.
He sighed,
"See? That right there. That's the difference. My brother? He would get it.
He'd understand."
"Would it help if I pretend I did?"
"Yes. No. Oh, I dunno. Ok. Let me put it this way. Sam, my Sam.
He's like a first edition, full colour, illustrated book. Whereas you?
Sorry, but you're just a black and white photocopy. Your soul.
That's what gives you colour Sammy.
That's why I'm going to get it back for you."