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Chapter 1

From the Stars

"I love…"

George's voice abruptly cut off and Winona felt a heart-wrenching sob escape her. Desperately she clutched at her child, her beautiful baby, the last of her George as the Kelvin disintegrated in a flash of bloody light against the hull of the enemy ship. For a long moment there was silence as the shuttles made their impulse power escapes. Something thunked heavily against the outer hull of the shuttle startling all its passengers. It was quickly identified as a canister of some sort holding an unidentifiable substance inside. It bobbed away from the shuttle a bit before a tiny flame appeared behind the glass of the canister. No one saw, too concerned with catching up to the rest of the group or attempting to assist Mrs. Kirk. The minuscule amount of Red Matter ignited shattering the canister and immediately creating a wormhole that drew the main shuttle George Kirk had died to save into its maw sending it and all its passengers tumbling into the past.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Christina Parker had lived on their farm in Riverside Iowa for the past 35 years. They kept to themselves and quietly grew their corn, treating the extensive fields as the children they had never been able to have. Every evening they sat together on the back porch, watching the chartreuse stalks fade to emerald in the dying light. Wrapped in woolen blanket, they leaned against each other on the gently creaking swing; Jack running an absentminded hand through Christina's fading hair. The sun sunk quickly, as it always did this time of year, and as his wife's breathing evened into sleep Jack let his eyes slipped closed for just a moment feeling at peace with the world.

Several hours later Jack jerked awake, his gentle sleep disturbed by something he couldn't explain. A white light had flashed across the inside of his eyelids, and even his pupils seemed to believe it was real as they struggled to adjust to the thick darkness. For a couple long minutes he stared in the direction of the fields attempting to discern an explanation, none was forthcoming. Christina shifted uneasily against his stomach and he was ready to dismiss the whole thing as an odd dream when something flashed out of the corner of his eye. Resigned he shook Christina gently, until her eyes fluttered open, and propped her up against the arm of the swing.

"Jack?" She questioned sleepily as he leaned inside briefly to grab a flashlight off the table in the hall. Flicking it on and off quickly to test the batteries, he stepped back onto the porch a shiver running down his spine at the chill.

"Just wait there Chrissie, or go on and head up to bed. I just wanna check something. Thought I saw something in the field." He laughed self-deprecatingly, "Probably just my eyes playing tricks on me." She was unimpressed and swung her legs off the swing to follow. Sighing he held out his arm and they made their way down the porch steps and into the sea of corn.

Jack had a vague idea of where he thought he'd seen the light and they headed in that direction, but it didn't take long before Jack was convinced he was being an idiot. He should've known she'd want to come if he told her. What kind of man was he, dragging his wife around a cornfield in the middle of the night? Disgusted with himself, Jack opened his mouth to apologize and say they should head back to the house and if anything was there it would either be there in the morning, or wasn't worth the time. Christina froze as he began to speak, her entire frame going tense. Before Jack could form the words to inquire as to what was wrong, she was gone.

"Faster than a speeding bullet" may have been an accurate description, if any bullet could have caught her. She moved, quite literally it seemed, through the stalks barely, even leaving a swaying trail for Jack to follow. By the time he caught her he was panting hard and the sight that greeted him only served to worsen that condition. Christina's back was to him kneeling at the edge of a twisted hunk of metal that had crushed a path through his corn over ten meters long. Twisting his eyes from the gaping hole, to his wife, and back again, Jack moved slowly forward only to gasp and jerk back at the sight over Christina's shoulder.

The woman had once been lovely, Jack could see pale blonde through the rapidly drying blood, but now deep angry cuts marred her skin and from beneath her ribs protruded something thick, sharp, and bloody. She was whispering brokenly to Christina, but from the way her legs lay limp and the wide, but no longer spreading, puddle beneath her Jack had a sinking feeling they'd arrived in time to hear her final words.

Christina had brushed the quiet cry off as her sleep-muddled imagination, the first time. When she heard it again, louder, and a third time, the strongest of all, she couldn't ignore it. Her imagination or not, the idea that a family might have crashed their car on the edge of their field and now the parents were unconscious and the baby hurt, or any version of that scenario, filled her with dread. Without a second thought she took off through the corn, and though she didn't hear the cry again something told her she was going the right way. One part of her mind flinched guiltily at the realization she'd just run off from Jack, but Christina's deeper instincts told her that Jack could take care of himself, the child whose cry she'd heard couldn't. She didn't even pause at the edge of the newly-made clearing because the moment the last stalk had swung out of her way, her eyes had found the woman's form in the wreckage and the tiny bundled she clutched with one hand even as she pulled desperately at a tangled mass of sparking wires with the other.

When Christina was halfway toward her, the woman apparently succeeded in whatever she had been attempting to do because her arm dropped down to join the other and a pitiful smile appeared on her face even as the tears flowed harder. Christina knelt down beside her head and the woman turned brilliant blue eyes on her. For a minute she forgot how to speak then the baby cooed gently breaking her from her stupor.

"My name is Christina Parker. My husband's not far behind me, we'll call an ambulance as soon as…" She trailed off as the woman shook her head slightly wincing at the pain. "Ok, no ambulance." Christina amended and the smile returned slightly.

"Winona." She croaked in a sound that was less than a whisper. Her arms moved showing Christina the unblemished face of a newborn babe swaddled in a cloth she couldn't identify. "James…. Ti…bier…ius… Kirk." She insisted relaxing slightly when Christina nodded. The weak movement as she pulled the boy back to her chest drew Christina's eyes to her midsection drawing out a despairing gasp. Winona only closed her eyes and pulled tiny James to where she could place a gentle kiss on his forehead.

"Where are you from?" Christina asked eyeing the twisted metal around them. The piercing blue orbs eyed her for a moment before heavy lids covered them again.

"The future." She admitted nearly silently, and Christina nodded not only unwilling to upset a dying woman, but truly believing what she said. If the odd method of arrival hadn't been enough, it would only take one look at the twisted metal around them to realize that either the government was hiding some very advanced technology from the people or they, to put it simply, weren't from here. Winona's next breath caught for a horrifying moment in her throat and she pushed the baby out toward Christina, who in the back of her mind registered that Jack had finally caught up.

"Please, take him." Eyes wide Christina didn't move for a moment until Winona coughed and her voice turned desperate. "Please, Please." Carefully Christina cradled the tiny blonde head and pulled the light body onto her lap. "Give… this" She gestured toward her neck where an unusual metal pendant hung on a thin black cord. Christina unclasped it and as she lifted it away carried Winona's hand with her to lay it on the boy's head. She sighed peacefully. "Thank…" The hand fell away and lay limp atop the crushed corn stalks.

Jack placed a hesitant hand on Christina's shoulder. She shifted beneath it and stood carefully before turning to face him.

He couldn't find it in himself to be surprised when she explained it all to him in solemn whispers as they walked steadily back to the house. The baby, James, watched them both with bright, intelligent eyes not a bump or bruise on him from the crash. Jack didn't try to convince her not to keep him, knowing that had been a lost cause from the beginning, but he did suggest that they give him their last name, but Christina was adamant and he promised that first thing in the morning they would do whatever needed to be done to make James Tiberius Kirk part of their family.

That night, or early the next morning, James began to cry for the first time, the sound breaking Christina from her light doze. Rocking slightly she drifted around the house until she came to a stop before one of the windows that looked out over the back fields and a tear slid down her cheek. James's wails softened and finally faded, his eyelids drooping.

"James." She cooed down at him, smiling when he yawned widely one tiny fist wriggling in the air. "James." She said again eyebrows furrowing together. "Jim." Her voice was thoughtful. "What do you think of 'Jim'?" She asked still rocking. Her head tilted up to the window. "Jim."

Later that morning, just after dawn, Jack went back to see if he could hide or even destroy any of the evidence of the…whatever it was. When he arrived, however, it was gone. The only traces that anything had ever been there were the impossible baby and the flattened cornstalks.

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