Chapter 14

Shall We Begin…

Once Scotty managed to stop cussing at the computer long enough to learn how to work the controls, actually by the end of it Nyota was in charge of operation and Scotty was just dictating, their material supply grew impressively quickly and the base of the pad as well as the frame of the control booth took shape in an unused guest room. Jim was well aware that the house was ridiculously huge, but at least it had come in handy for this. Jim couldn't help but smile at the thought that his parents had somehow anticipated this need and planned accordingly.

Jim had been doing a lot of that lately, smiling. It had gotten him more than one strange look at work when he'd broken out into a brilliant grin, or even chuckled to himself, whilst covered in oil or fighting with parts that wouldn't fit where they were meant to or even doing paper work which was well known to be James T. Kirk's greatest enemy. Dr. Grayson had even caught Jim tucking the last of the materials they needed for the transporter into his bag one late night and done nothing more than comment on how much better Jim looked after his vacation, leaving the blonde man with his jaw dropped and his hand essentially in the cookie jar.

Jim cracked his neck and squinted at the clock on the computer screen, exhaling in a rush before shoving his hands back into the twisted pile of gears and wires on the worktable. He knew the project was important, he knew they needed these pieces done ridiculously soon, and he also knew that he'd be working another late night and he'd left his phone with his bag in his locker, not that anyone would pick up even if he called. Despite the similarity of telephones and communicators everyone had stayed pretty wary of the "ancient" technology, even Spock. Jim snorted at the memory of Spock dismantling and improving Jim's desktop computer in less than four hours one afternoon, and then refusing to go near the landline after it had rung shrilly and begun beeping when he handled it and Jim wouldn't allow him to take it apart. Mechanics and engineering may not have been Spock's strongest subject but he was more than capable of taking something apart and reconfiguring it. Not only could he do it, but he would understand the technology better if he was allowed to thoroughly examine it and until Jim allowed him to do so there was no logical reason for Spock to use the telephone. Even Jim's completely logical argument that Spock should be able to contact him in case of an emergency was brushed off with a multitude of percentages calculating the exact possibility of any sort of emergency arising for which it would be necessary to contact Jim at work. Jim had gracefully conceded that argument with a grumble about how any emergency would be one where they needed to contact him, and Spock had rewarded his gracious acceptance of defeat with a kiss.

Although Spock had explained about Vulcan emotional control and following the Writings of Surak, Jim continued to call bullshit on Vulcans, or at least half-Vulcans named Spock, not having emotions, but he'd decided to keep quiet and simply continued gently stroking Spock's hands where they had been clasped across his chest as they lounged in bed, enjoying the brilliant spark of Spock's mind in the back of his.

Jim continued to daydream as the hour grew later and later and the tangled mess on the table slowly began to take the form of something vaguely resembling a usable part. Finally he had done everything he could do for the night and he all but ran from the building, despising the waste of the few minutes he had to take to lock up responsibly. The bike started easily and he roared down the empty roads, breaking every speed limit and waving cheekily to the sensor cameras as he passed.

Jim let the garage door swing gently closed behind him, wincing when it let out a harsh squeak. Sending the offending wood a cruel glare, he paused for a moment and let out a small sigh of relief when nothing stirred. As he made his way up the stairs, already imagining curling up in his warm bed next to his favorite Vulcan, Artemis appeared on the bottom step and let out a loud meow.

"Shush girl." Jim reprimanded holding out his arms for her, "We need to be quiet; people are sleeping." She gave him a look freakishly reminiscent of Spock raising an eyebrow, and simply meowed again, turning her back on him and prancing to the door of the kitchen. When Jim hesitated to follow, glancing wistfully upstairs, she meowed yet again and he followed through the kitchen and into the living room. Maybe if he gave her what she wanted the cat would shut up and let him get to sleep.

A distinct smirk on her normally impassive feline face, Artemis reclined atop the back of Jim's long sofa and gave a triumphant purr. The human rolled his eyes and was about to head back to his room, away from stupid cats, when something shifted on the other side of the couch. The cat gave him another Spock-like look and all but skipped out of the room her tail high in the air.

Jim rounded the couch and let out a sigh at the sight he found. Spock was curled, in a rather feline way, beneath the afghan Jim's mother had made, with Jim's pillow underneath his head. The usual user of said pillow noticed this and with, a sweet smile, leaned down to wake his sleeping beauty. To his surprise, the chocolate eyes shot open as he neared them and in a lightning fast move Spock jerked the afghan to one side, pulled Jim down atop him, and replaced the afghan. Steel-strong arms locked around the human, holding him in place against the Vulcan's chest.

"Spock," Jim whined, not really complaining, "let's go up to bed." Black bangs flew from side to side in denial and Jim briefly wondered whether Spock had gotten ahold of any chocolate. "Why not Spock? We'll be more comfortable there," Again Spock shook his head.

"Cold." That one whispered word was enough to melt any of the resolve Jim had left. He wrapped his arms around Spock's slim upper body and buried his face in the graceful neck, delighting in the gasp he received. Gentle kisses on the sensitive skin caused Spock to release a strangely familiar sound. Jim pulled back, as much as the arms around him would allow, and Spock released a displeased groan in response.

"Spock? Are you purring?" A light green blush made its way into Spock's cheeks and he pressed his face into Jim's shoulder. The human smoothed the ruffled black down tickling his chin. "Spock?"

"Vulcan's are distantly related to a species similar to Terran felines in the same way that Terrans are related to primates." Jim didn't pause in his stroking, and chuckled softly.

"Terrans are humans right?" Spock shifted back into Jim's hand.

"Aff-firmative." Jim chuckled again and shifted them so they were lying on their sides with Spock's back against the back of the couch and his front against Jim's chest. Jim yawned widely, he'd had a long day and it was catching up to him.

"Go to sleep, Spock."

"You as well Ashayam."

"Ashayam, that's Vulcan right? What does it mean?" Spock snuggled deeper into Jim and his voice was thick with sleep when he responded.

"Beloved." Jim tightened his grip on the rapidly drifting man.

"I love you too."

McCoy was the first to find them in the morning. He'd always been a light sleeper, and an early riser, though not as early as Jim. The sight he found on the couch made him smile then smirk, and reach for his PADD and it's built in camera.

Jim was sprawled out over the couch, one arm and leg hanging off the edge. The other arm was wrapped securely around the Vulcan cocooned in the afghan and tightly pressed into his side. Spock shifted slightly in his sleep and Jim responded, unconsciously curling protectively over him. McCoy chuckled gently and positioned the PADD to get the best shot of both human and Vulcan, when he noticed something at one edge of the screen. Dark brown eyes watched him intently from their nest. The silent threat they held was enough to make Bones drop the PADD with a quiet grumble.

"Fine, ruin all my fun why don't you. Green blooded hobgoblin." Spock would deny that Vulcans felt anything like smugness, but he would admit to a deep satisfaction at both his position against Jim's warm side and at having dissuaded McCoy from photographing them in this rather compromising position. Jim shifted restlessly against him and Spock snuggled back down beside his human and decided that, on certain rare occasions, there could be advantages to sleeping in.


*Cowers behind fortress of papers and assignments while using laptop as a shield and waving lab-coat as a flag of truce*

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