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I like Evan. Is it too obvious? I see him whenever I grab my theater history book. I smile at him but only so he can see. No one else.

"Hey." He said as he hugged me. I'm pretty sure we are official. Not the slap official but still. Official.

"Hi." I said. "So what's up?" I asked trying to keep a conversation going.

"Nothing much I was just going to class but before I wanted to ask if you'd like to see a movie with me this weekend." Evan said. A date? So soon?

"Sure. Sounds like fun." I say. We planned on meeting each other at seven and he walked off to class. I turned to face my locker which I heard was once for my mother and smiled. I felt my face turn bright red as I hear someone call me. It was Camille.

"Hey C," I smiled. "Nice day huh?" I asked. She looked at me unsurely.

"No complains? No 'I hate cheerleaders' or 'My brother is a loser?'" She asked. I shrugged and told her about the movies. She was happy for me, I could tell. Now the hard part was telling my dad. He's going to go all overboard with this. So basically this relationship was ruined before it even began.


On the way to school dad was still yelling at how I have a boyfriend now. All I could say was "Calm down daddy." And "Chill out." He kept on ranting on about how I'm too young. Whatever as long as I'm not forever alone I don't care what people say. I know that Drake may be that kid that everyone picks on but he's a total sweetheart. I'm so happy to be with him.

"Hey Ally-Ballie." He said as he kissed my cheek. Aww!

"That was a dreadful nickname. I love it." I smiled. He laughed as he took my hand and we walked to class together. People laughed at Drake and girls looked in shock as to how I got a guy. Its possible jerks! Ally Shapiro has charm too!. When Drake walked me to my class I smiled at him as he hugged me.

"Bye Ally-Ballie." He said. Am I smiling like an idiot? Someone tell me because I feel like it.

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