To prove that I'm not completely evil, I'm posting the new summary and a few teasers to the rewrite of Silent Sweetheart. I'm challenging myself to have the first chapter posted by May 1. I will be posting it as an entire new story, so be on the lookout. Until then, bebs, please enjoy these snippets and let me know what you think. Oh, and if you miss me that much, you could always just hop over to my new story, Strong Coffee and Cheap Bourbon. I'm sure you'll find that Coffee and Bourbon's hippie Bella is just about as loveable as SS's Cajun Edward.

Silent Sweetheart - A doctoral candidate in child psychology in the midst of a quarter life crisis, a single father with a thick accent and some handyman tendencies, a two year old in pink boots and pigtails that refuses to talk, and a new relationship that's turning heads. Small town gossip in the South is already out of control, but at this point, it's downright an epidemic.

~~~ Silent Sweetheart Teasers ~~~

I was so busy with my shameless ogling for the first ten minutes of him working on my car that I didn't even notice the little girl that had come to sit in the chair two down from mine. There was no one with her, but she looked almost like she was at home. Her legs were pulled up, and she was leaned all the way back, turning the pages of a picture book. She was probably about two or three years old with long, wavy strawberry blonde hair that was pulled into two pigtails. She was wearing a little ruffled jumpsuit over a white t-shirt with pink ankle cowboy boots. It was the cutest thing I'd seen all day.

My eyes drifted to the little girl every few minutes, wondering where her parents were. It also looked like the girl at the front desk was keeping an eye on her, and I wondered if maybe she was the child of someone who worked there.

I was looking down at my phone when I felt a little finger tap my arm. I looked up and saw the little girl standing in front of me. I smiled softly at her. "Do you need something, honey?"

She shook her head. "You're really pretty." She said, so quietly that I had to strain to hear her.

I couldn't help how much my smile grew. "You're prettier." I promised her.

~~~ Silent Sweetheart ~~~

Laney looked at me for a moment before leaning down and studying what was in the case for a few moments before putting her finger over a pair of earrings.

I giggled and put the pendant back. "She has good taste. It's genuine diamonds set in fourteen carat gold. Everything else in our child's case is synthetic in sterling." I pulled out the earrings and handed them to him. "Fourth of a carat total weight."

He took them from me and studied them before turning them over to look at the price. "Ya sure you don't see anything else?" He turned to look at her. She gave him a crinkled nose smile, and he mimicked her expression exactly.

Now that was the cutest thing I'd seen all day.

~~~ Silent Sweetheart ~~~

"Rough day?"

I inwardly groaned as someone took the spot next to me, but when I looked over and saw Edward Cullen sitting there, the annoyance turned into butterflies. I nodded in reply to his question. "Failed an exam that was about thirty percent of my grade, so I might flunk out of the entire doctorate program now. Just your typical quarter life crisis." I sighed. "You?"

"Blind date from hell." He replied simply and ordered a Miller Lite from the bartender. I noticed then that while he was still wearing an old baseball cap, he was dressed in black slacks and a button down dress shirt. "So a doctorate, huh?" He asked after the bartender returned with his beer.

I nodded. "Yep."

"What in?"

"Clinical child psychology."

~~~ Silent Sweetheart ~~~

"I promise I don't usually come in here five minutes to close. I just haven't been able to get away at lunch much lately."

"It's fine." I assured him with a smile. "Um, thanks for bringing me home the other night."

Edward pushed the door open, but he kept his body angled toward me. "Don't worry about it." He hesitated in the doorway for a moment. "Bella?"

It was the first time I heard him say my name, and I couldn't help but smile a little at how it sounded in his voice.


"Would you wanna have dinner with me next weekend?"

I felt the blush wash over my cheeks and my words catch in my throat. I nodded. "Sure." I squeaked out.

He smiled crookedly and reached into his back pocket. His brows furrowed. "Crap. My phone's in the truck."

Mine was up by the register, so I faked as much confidence as I could as I reached up and took the pen that was in his shirt pocket and held my hand out for his, Edward smirked and put his hand palm side up in mine. I wrote my number down and handed him the pen back.

"See you next weekend." He said softly as he stepped outside.

~~~ Silent Sweetheart ~~~

"Are you always this clumsy?" He teased, still holding me close.

I smiled sheepishly and nodded. "Unfortunately."

He gently moved some hair from my face. "How do you get anything done?" He chuckled.

"It's difficult." I giggled breathlessly. "It helps when there's someone to catch me."

Edward smirked and leaned in closer to me. "I guess I oughtta stick around then."

"I guess you ought to." I whispered.

Hope you liked it! A disclaimer: 16 year old EvangelVamp is very different from 24 year old EvangelVamp. With that being said, if you haven't looked at Coffee and Bourbon yet, you may not know that my brand now is quite different than it used to be: there's going to be cussing, shenanigans, and consuming copious amounts of coffee and whiskey. While very similar, these characters may not be exactly as you remember them in the original version, and a lot of that is because I couldn't bring myself to do anything but skim the first five chapters of my original version. (I am SO touched that the original version of this story meant so much to y'all, but honestly, reading it back now just made me cringe.) The new plot line will be similar, but it won't completely line up with the old one, and characters may not react to situations in the same way. PLEASE, PLEASE come into this story with an open mind.

The two biggest changes you will notice are that Bella is still in school and that this story will only be in her POV. After actually researching (a thing I didn't do at all the first time), I realized that it would be nearly impossible for a 25 year old to have their own established psychological practice (in Louisiana at least), and in order to make the story more realistic, that change has been made. Secondly, after being married to my own blue collar South Louisiana boy, I've come to terms with the fact that I will never understand what goes on in a man's head or what makes them act the way they do. So please know that it is a very real possibility that you will never see an EPOV from me ever again. It just doesn't feel genuine to me, and if nothing else, I want my stories to be authentic, real, and heart-grabbing.

Anyway, if you decide to stick around, I'll see y'all at the new story. Love you always, cher.