We're finally here. I'm seriously about to cry because I hate to think of this story as over. However, there will be a sequel. I'm not entirely sure what the name will be yet, but when I update, you'll know. I'm not sure when the story will be up, but it should be up some time in the near future.

Bella paced the foyer constantly. Back and forth, back and forth. She was making Alice worried about ripping her dress and Rosalie worried about ruining her hair. Nothing was helping to calm the nerves that were building in her tummy. Bella didn't know why she was so nervous, she only knew that after today, she officially be a Cullen.

Her mind brought her back to eight months ago when she pacing the floor in a similar way. Alice was in the labor room, about to give birth to her baby girl, Victoria Evangeline. Edward was trying to get Bella to calm down before she worked herself into labor. Bella just rolled her eyes, but twenty minutes later, she was ushered into a labor room down the hall.

That night, Edward Anthony Cullen, Jr. was born. They called him Cash because Edward swore that the kid would be a prodigy on the guitar. Bella only laughed and continued to rock Cash back forth. Edward sat on the side of her on the bed with a smiling Laney in his lap. She was beyond excited to have a little brother and cousin.

Rosalie and Esme were constantly going back and forth between the rooms, taking as many pictures as the memory cards allowed. Then, they would send one of the men to the store to buy another.

Bella smiled at the memories as she continued to nervously wring her hand together, trying to find any way to calm down. Alice and Rosalie both tried everything they could, but until she had the ring on her finger, nothing was going to help.

"You look pretty, Momma." Laney said softly and hugged her legs, effectively causing Bella to halt.

"Thank you, love." Bella answered and kissed the top of Laney's head. "But you're prettier."

Laney scrunched her nose and smiled, twirling in her white dress and boots. Bella laughed and fixed Laney's veil before standing up, still holding tightly to her daughter's hand.

After what felt like years, Charlie walked through the front doors. He nodded, signaling that all the guys were in the front of the church, waiting for Bella. Alice and Rosalie once again fixed Bella's lace dress before squeezing through the foyer doors after Laney so that no one would see the bride.

"Say the word, and we're out of here, baby girl." Charlie said softly and kissed Bella's forehead.

Bella laughed. "I think I'm pretty sure this is where I'm supposed to be." She said just as the music started.

The music stopped and was quickly replaced with her cue. The men opening the foyer doors looked at Bella, and she nodded, signaling to go ahead and open the doors. Thankful for the veil that was covering her tears, Bella held tightly onto her father's arm all the way down the aisle until Edward came into view.

Edward smiled at her, and Bella was surprised not to see his usual cocky smirk. Instead, there was a bright, wide smile. It made Bella and cry at the same time.

At the end of the aisle, Charlie raised her veil and kissed her forehead after wiping the tears away. He then shook Edward's hand before going to sit down. Edward and Bella walked up the stairs to the altar, and Alice quickly went to fix the train of Bella's dress before taking her bouquet.

The mass was long, but it still seemed to fly by. Both Bella and Edward had their minds and eyes on only each other. Bella knew that without a doubt, she would never forget saying her vows, mostly because Jasper made it hard to forget.

At the rehearsal supper, the guys had come up with a code. All Edward had to do was say the word, and they were gone. Bella threatened to beat the Cajun out of Jasper if he did anything sabotage the wedding, even if it was in good humor. The threat fell on deaf ears. All throughout the vows, Jasper mumbled the code word with a smile.

"Tippin' toe." Jasper chuckled quietly as he passed Edward the ring.

Edward smirked, and Bella glared. Still, the wedding kept going and Bella officially became Mrs. Edward Cullen.

"I love you." Edward said as he softly kissed Bella's lips while they danced their first dance.

"I love you, too." She smiled and kissed him again. "So, do you mind telling me where you're bringing me for the next two weeks?"

Edward smiled against her lips. "All in good time, baby. All in good time."

Bella sighed and leaned her head on Edward's shoulder.

When everyone except for close family and friends had left, Edward and Bella were finally able to relax after being pulled in ten different directions that night. Edward was sitting by the stage with Emmett and Jasper, drinking a beer, watching Bella as she danced with Cash and Laney. He knew that there was no way his life could get any better.


"Jasper Whitley Cullen, I have a bone to pick with you." I said and marched my way over to my husband and his brother. I involuntarily smiled. My husband.

"What?" He asked innocently as he gulped down his beer.

"Don't 'what' me! You were trying to sabotage my wedding."

Edward chuckled and pulled me close to him. "I'm still here, aren't I, bay?"

"No thanks to him." I answered, glaring at my smirking brother-in-law. "I'm totally going to get you back for that. Watch yourself, Cullen. I'm serious."

Jasper laughed and pulled me into a huge bear hug. "I couldn't have picked a better woman for my brother. Besides, if there was any inkling that Edward would actually leave, then I wouldn't have said it." He let me go and smiled, drinking from his beer again.

I rolled my eyes and leaned into Edward, wrapping my arms around his torso. He leaned down and softly kissed my lips. He then looked down at his watch.

"It's time to go." He said.

I nodded. The DJ then made the announcement to the remaining guests that we would be going outside to leave for our honeymoon. We made our way through the reception hall and through all the people that were lining the steps to the limo. I thanked God that I changed into a shorter dress, or else I would have fell flat on my face going down the stairs.

"Be good for Memaw and Papa, okay?" I asked Laney.

She nodded and gave me a tight hug. "I love you."

"I love you, too." I said and kissed her cheek before standing up and taking Cash from Esme.

Edward knelt down and started to say goodbye to Laney, promising her that we would be back before she even knew it. He also promised to call every day. I hugged Cash close to my chest and kissed his cheek. He smiled and tapped my cheek with his chubby little fingers. Edward stood up with Laney still in his arms. I kind of got the feeling it was harder for him to say goodbye than it was for her.

After Edward and gave Laney and Cash each a kiss on the forehead, we handed them off to Carlisle and Esme. Edward let me slide into the limo before getting in. He grabbed my hand a kissed it softly.

"So, you did say that you wanted to visit an island?" Edward clarified.

I nodded. "Yeah." I smiled.

Edward smirked back at me. "How about a private island?"

"What?" I screeched. "Seriously?"

Edward laughed and nodded. "It was a gift from Carlisle to Esme. They are letting us borrow it for the next few weeks."

"This is so cool." I laughed and kissed him.

"I'm glad you approve." He said and kissed me again.


"Watch out for the waves." I called from the front porch.

Edward looked back at me with a smirk. I rolled my eyes and walked back into the vacation house where Laney was helping me with dinner by cutting the vegetables.

Ten years. That was how long we had been married now. It seemed so crazy. It didn't seem like that long ago when I first walked into Cullen Automotive Works. Now, that name was known to mostly every man in the United States as well as some women. The show was still on television. Edward admitted that sometimes, he still didn't even believe how good their ratings were, especially since they had moved back down to Baton Rouge.

I looked at Laney, who was sitting at the bar. Her hair had grown into long, bronze ringlets cascading down her back, and her dark green eyes had faded into a darker amber, but touches of green still lingered there. She would be starting high school in a few months when summer ended. It was one of Edward's worst fears.

Cash and Edward walked back in, both soaking wet. Cash was nearly a color copy of Edward, aside from his curly brown hair. He acted just like Edward, too. I was still deciding if that was a good thing or not. He was starting sixth grade in the fall.

Then there were the twins who were watching televisionon the sofa- Kate and Masen. Kate looked nearly exactly like Laney except for her dark brown eyes and hair. Masen was the perfect mixture of both Edward and me. He had Edward's eyes, my hair color, but Edward's hair texture. The girls relentlessly teased him about his messy hair, but I had seen Laney in the morning. Poor darling had no room to tease her nine-year-old brother.

I had the twins only eleven short months after Cash. Edward was ecstatic. I was scared out of my mind. If they were anything like Cash, I would never be able to walk again. However, both Carlisle and my doctor assured me that the twins would probably not be that big. Both of them were six pounds and few ounces.

After dinner and when the younger kids were asleep, Edward and I went outside on the porch and sat down on the swing. Laney was still on the sofa, playing on her iPhone and watching Remember the Titans for the hundredth time.

He kissed my temple, looked at Laney, and sighed. "Are you sure we can't just lock her in the house for the rest until she's thirty?"

I laughed. "Oh, honey, I think you've met your match when it comes to Lane. Now that I think about it, she sort of reminds me of someone I know."

Edward rolled his eyes. "Laney and I are nothing alike."

I laughed at him.

We shall see.

A/N: And we will see. *Wipes away tears* It's done, guys. I can't believe that we've finally reached the end of the story. But, there will be a sequel, I assure you. And, I will try to have it up in at least a month. And I know that just pissed you the hell off, but I really would like to get a few chapters prewritten before I get into the details of the entire story. Also, here are some spoilers:

Alice and Jasper have three kids. Edward and Bella have four, obviously, and Rosalie and Emmett have one. Before every chapter in the next story, I will have their names and who they belong to at the start of every chapter. I have read stories with the kids, and they like to make me lose my mind. It's just sooooo much to keep track of. So, it's just for your peace of mind and also mine. Until the sequel (which I still haven't figured out a name for)… Any suggestions will be taken.