Bad Wolf likes turning classic literature into poems. For fun.

Remember, no matter what Cricket says, I will always love you more. c;

"I dream a world where man

No other man will scorn."

And thus Mr. Hughes divined the place

Where every color is worn.

Not khaki for the gammas,

While Epsilons wear black.

With Alphas in a happy place

While Delta's watch my back.

In my world life is better.

Here, life's a simple thing.

Live it up, have lot's of fun

Every relationship's a fling.

Take soma, you'll be happy

A drug made just for you.

A few tablets, dear, so simple and

You'll see a different view.

Its simpler just to throw it out

When things stop being new.

Environment? Never heard of it.

Life's just me and you.

Love? No, I don't need it.

I'd prefer a one night stand.

What this? Commitment now?

Or marriage? Oh, how grand.

No thanks. Love's overrated.

It was never in my plan.

I was made to be exactly me

I can't change who I am.

I was decanted as a Beta.

And bottled, I am free.

I'm not an icky Epsilon

It's great to be me!

Free to be . . . well actually

Not free at all, it seems!

You mean beneath the soma and

The fun there are no dreams?

You mean there is another place

Perhaps, another way?

I love a life of leisure, but

Not for my freedom to pay.

Out there in all the weather?

Is it even safe, or clean?

On second thought I'd rather not.

It's gross, not to be mean.

I'll remain here, where I know

I can be a Beta girl.

I'll stay in the place I know

And forget the brave new world.