Mireille couldn't help throwing a furtive glance every now and then, while skipping between the numerous tabs in her web browser. Kirika was moving around the apartment, her bare feet making no sound at all on the hard wood floor. She had the gait of a predator, as would be expected due to her unusual career choice... or "career" chosen for her. She was unusually active today, though. Normally she just sat somewhere, leaned against a wall, stood staring out of one of the windows or lay across the bed, staring at the ceiling while Mireille was at her computer. Not today, though. Today she had watered the plants, as usual, and then stood for a while close to the one on the small table, leaning her upper body on the windowsill and staring out like so many times before. However, it had lasted significantly less amount of time than Mireille had expected, when all of a sudden Kirika had abandoned her spot and fetched a moist cloth from the kitchen. To Mireille's surprise she had then started wiping the windowsills carefully, removing the dust and dead insects from the lateral surfaces.

Having done the windowsills, Kirika had silently scooted back to the kitchen and washed the rag, only to return to wipe the radiators. There was a bit more challenge in them due to their more complex architecture, but Kirika's nimble hand slid the cloth along the smooth surface of the pipes with ease. Mireille didn't notice she had forgotten her work and only stared at the girl who moved to the next radiator. And then to the last. There was something captivating in the way the lithe girl moved. When Kirika had finished with the third radiator she once again made her way to the kitchen, but Mireille noticed she quickly glanced at the blonde with those almost red eyes of hers. Mireille flinched a little, embarrassed that she had been caught of staring.

"What's with you all of a sudden?" the Corsican quickly asked with a crooked smile in an attempt to cover her staring. Kirika stopped on her tracks and turned to look at Mireille, a confused look on her face, squeezing the dusty rag in her hand.

"Wiping the dust", Mireille only said and gestured towards the rag. Kirika glanced at it and then gave a thoughtful, long look at the radiators. She then laid her gaze at the floor and started moving again.

"I just thought I'd make myself useful", Mireille heard her say quietly and then she was out of her sight.

That made Mireille think. Kirika didn't have much in her life besides Mireille herself and killing people. And when they weren't on a mission, Mireille was often working at the computer, leaving Kirika alone. And often at those times the younger assassin just... was. She spent time by thinking... or whatever it was she was doing. In any case just passively being, breathing, and staring at something quietly. The Corsican had always assumed Kirika was thinking about things, going through stuff in her mind, but what if she wasn't? What if she was just waiting? But for what? The next assignment? Mireille? Anything?

Frowning, the blonde turned her gaze back at the screen of her laptop, but she had lost the will to work for now, her thoughts concentrated on her partner. What if Kirika actually considered herself useless? She didn't have hobbies, and Mireille was sure she'd never go out to have fun on her own, if it wasn't for Mireille to take her. But finding out what Kirika actually considered as "having fun" had proven a little difficult since the girl herself didn't have much experience about anything and thus she couldn't tell what she would have liked to do. So Mireille had to improvise and guess what might appeal to the other. But even when she found something that Kirika enjoyed, being sure of it was a little hard since her reactions were so mild, and Mireille couldn't be sure if she was just being polite. She didn't have a television so observing what sort of programs would have caught Kirika's interest was not an option. She had some books, but she'd never seen Kirika reading them. And she almost never used her laptop, either, probably out of consideration of Mireille's property. Or then she just wasn't interested in anything.

Mireille let out a sigh. She wanted Kirika to feel at home and relax, but she was so passive that it was really impossible to tell what went on in her mind. Ever since they had met Kirika had been a mystery to Mireille, and even if they had been living together a good while already, the enigmatic aura around her hadn't lessened. Perhaps even the opposite.

"Mireille?" sounded in the silence. Mireille focused her gaze to the world around her again and noticed Kirika standing a couple of meters from her, a questioning look on her face. She had just appeared there like a ghost while Mireille had been deep in her thoughts. "Is something wrong?"

"Huh? How come?" the blonde asked with a frown. The first impression of the Japanese assassin might not be a very... good one. She seemed rather simple and childlike on the outside, and while there was a sort of innocence in her, she was, however, most perceptive about her surroundings. And in fact she was sharper than most people Mireille had met, but it just was her appearance that was quite deceiving. Even Mireille sometimes still forgot what sort of a person she was living with.

"It's just that you seemed so preoccupied", Kirika replied, looking at her intensely.

"Hey", Mireille said, dodging Kirika's question and closing the laptop cover. "Aren't you ever bored?" By this question Kirika seemed surprised.

"Not really", she replied after a short while of silence. That made Mireille think. So, she had to be spending all that seemingly idle time thinking. But of what? The Corsican got increasingly curious the more she herself thought about the matter. Lately she had grown more curious about Kirika in general, and she had come to wonder how her mind actually worked.

"It's just that you never really do anything", Mireille said. "Today is the first in a long time that I see you doing something else than just staring into nothingness." This apparently made the Japanese assassin confused or embarrassed and she turned her gaze down.

"I'm sorry", Kirika only said, and Mireille instantly felt bad. This was not going well, and her intention had certainly not been to confuse Kirika. On the contrary, she wanted to get to know her more in order to make her feel more comfortable. But it was proving to be a bit tricky. That shouldn't have been so surprising, though, Mireille thought.

"There's no reason to apologise", the blonde said in a friendly tone and got up, going to the younger assassin. "It just makes me wonder, seeing you so... passive all the time. Since you're now living here full time, in a foreign country and a foreign culture, I feel it's my responsibility to introduce you to something that might entertain you. I don't want you to be bored, after all", Mireille explained, feeling warmth rising up her face and knowing her cheeks must had reddened. She wasn't used to things like this.

"All I'm saying is, that I want you to feel at home", the Corsican concluded, not really willing to go on with the subject, but eager to drive her point across. She hoped it hit the goal.

Kirika didn't reply verbally, but Mireille noticed just the tiniest nod before the shorter assassin turned around and made her way to the kitchen again. Her passive and most obviously evasive reaction left a somewhat unpleasant feeling inside the Corsican assassin, but then again she hadn't expected Kirika to jump out of joy due to Mireille's declaration.

"Mireille?" came from the kitchen.

"Mmm?" the said blonde replied, turning her blue gaze at the sound, although she couldn't see its source.

"Would you like some tea?"

"Yes", Mireille said after a while of pondering, a small smile forming on her lips. Drinking tea with Kirika always seemed to soothe her mind, offering the chance for idle chatting, or more often just contemplating silence. Both were fine, since at those moments her mind was truly at peace, the tea magically shutting everything else out temporarily. "Yes, in fact I would."