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Chapter 11: Lesson 3: Why You Shouldn't Play Jokes

Robin was once again walking down the hall, heading towards the gym when suddenly he heard a bloodcurdling scream that sounded as if it had come from Starfire. Immediately he broke into a run, skidding to a stop when he saw Cyborg lying on the ground, his body covered in blood. Garfield's eyes were wide then he turned into a dog and cautiously sniffed Cyborg. Raven hovered in the air, not looking the least bit upset. At least not on the outside that is. Suddenly, Cyborg sat up and yelled, "I got you!" and began laughing when Starfire fell back in a faint.

Garfield blinked for a moment in human form then fell on the ground and began laughing. "That was funny!" he gasped. "What is it?"

"A joke," Cyborg explained. "I pretended that I was dead then waited until everyone was upset before I revealed that I wasn't."

"Cyborg," Robin began, already feeling a headache coming on. "That was…"

"Not very nice," Starfire interrupted as she stood back up and frowned at her friend.

"Oh come on, Star," Cyborg complained as he too stood. "You've gotta admit that it was pretty funny."
"No it wasn't," Raven said. "It was immature and stupid. Not to mention you planted more ideas in his head!" she pointed at Garfield who was now muttering about the different jokes that he could play.

"Sorry," Cyborg said sheepishly.

"You will be sorry," Raven said. "When I get through with you!"

"Not again," Cyborg complained as he took off at top speed, Raven once again following him.

Robin groaned then headed towards the medical bay. He was going to need an awful lot of aspirin.

Meanwhile, at the Jump City jail, Dr. Kincaid sat in his cell, eyes closed as he pretended to be asleep. He was, however, very much awake as he plotted his escape. Once he managed to get out of the prison he would then have to figure out where Garfield was. After he had once again regained control of his experiment then he could leave the country and continue his experiments far away from prying eyes and the government. Peru maybe. They didn't have an extradition treaty with the United States and no laws on experimentation so he could get away with whatever he wanted. A malicious smile crept onto his thin, pinched face and he laughed. It was a cruel, menacing laugh. One that sent chills down the spine of even the most hardened criminals, causing them to shiver and the religious ones to pray. His laughter rang out through the prison, frightening the guards and sending the rats and insects scurrying back into the walls. It was a laugh that would have terrified Garfield to no end had he heard it. It was a laugh that contained the promise of pain and anguish, one that spoke of nothing pleasant but death.

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