Gruesome Foursome...

This is my first eh... oh well, multiple whatever. This one features seme/uke!Ciel x seme!Sebastian x uke/seme!Undertaker x uke!Elizabeth. Whatta combination I'd say 8D Please love it... no flames plz!

BTW I'm using the fanon name "Eugene Fehr" for the Undertaker's name.

Chapter One: Trip to the Undertaker's

It was... a "lovely" morning I guess at the Phantomhives. Our semi- beloved, semi-hated, semi-somethingelsethatIcan'tthinkofatthemoment, young Earl of Phantomhive was waiting patiently at his neat desk, taking in the outdoor breezes from his window, contently waiting for his dear loyal butler, Sebastian Michaelis.

"SEBASTIAN! FRONT AND CENTER!" Ciel screams as said butler enters the room. "Yes master" goes a very irritated butler, wearing a most plastique smile. "What is the meaning of this?" Ciel rummages through the papers on his desk that were stacked in scattered piles, with his mail in the mix. "Most likely the doing of our gardener Finnian. I sent him to bring in the mail..." Ciel pinches the bridge of his nose harshly, wishing it were the buns of his dumbassed gardener.

"I suppose I shouldn't tell you that there's an urgent note from-" "Where?" asks an dangerously irate, impatient brat of an Earl.

Sebastian's eyebrow twitches before he finishes, "this is from the queen..." Ciel takes it and reads. It reads men with the most peculiar weapons broke into the palace and killed several palace representatives. Ciel knew what that meant, the queen wanted information on who did it. "This is an easy fix, we'll visit Undertaker, get some information and-" "did I mention that your aunt left a visitor for you..." Sebastian adds promptly, "What visitor?" Ciel didn't like the sound of this... and he shouldn't.

"CIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEL!" squeals a high tone voice from the bouncy, irritating blond Ciel dreaded to encounter on a weekly basis. "Ciel! It's so great to seeee you again!" Elizabeth was in her stupidly giddy mood, as usual. She runs around and squeezes the dear life out of our Earl, screaming, "it's been toooooo long since I last saw you! What will we do today? There's a new pastry shop that has opened, only the high class people go there, would that be of your interest? Huh?"

Ciel wished he didn't have to face her. He REALLY did. "I'm on for business today Elizabeth" "call me Lizzy please, it's sooo cute" she rebuts bubbly, "Fine Lizzy, I'm off to-" "I'm afraid we can't go anywhere until Undertaker is opened" Sebastian says with a sly grin. "Wh-... what do you mean?" Ciel asks with some surprise, "I passed by his place after purchasing some dairy products. He won't open until 12" Says the butler, with a bow. That was 2 hours ahead of time.

"Great! So you and I could do something fun until then" the girl squeals again. Ciel was about to call for Sebastian, but is interrupted, "Ciel you never play with me. Every time I come here, it's either 'perhaps another time Elizabeth' or I'm stuck with your butler. I want you this time! I'll do anything with you, anything! I just want to be with you" "You'll do, anything?" Ciel asks curiously, "ANYTHING!" the eager girl sounds off. Ciel smirks a little and tells Sebastian to leave and lock the door.

"So you're willing to do anything, so long you're with me, right? Then we'll play, 'suck' the lollypop..." "never heard of that game" Elizabeth says as Ciel stands facing her. "Kneel before me Lizzy" Ciel commands, sounding much like a typical chauvinist in many English households. Elizabeth obeys, resting on her knees to where she was at the level of Ciel's waist. Ciel then undoes his pants, and pulls his underwear down some.

Elizabeth's eyes widens in horror, realizing what Ciel was going to do. "P-Please! Anything but that! That's so gross! Not cute at all!" She screams. Ciel smiles wickedly, showing no sympathy. "Your mouth is big. Big enough to sheath this" he says, pulling his cock out to her. "Oh Ciel! Don't please! Don't! It's, its-" "No one will ever find out... do this and I'll play what you want before 12..."

Elizabeth gulps. She wouldn't dream of missing the opportunity of finally playing with her fiance. But... but this was her payment? The girl had no choice. Elizabeth calmly takes Ciel's cock in her mouth and starts to suck. Ciel moans, but removes her from himself. "Not so fast" he starts coldly, "fondle and massage me with your tongue some... If I am to be pleased, you must really entertain me..." That made her shiver. She does so, dragging her tongue all over his cock, up the vein, and down to the root. Her tongue slid around the Earl's manhood, moistening and massaging him to the hilt.

"Mmmmn" moans a very pleasured Ciel Phantomhive, "do more before you take me in..." Blushing harshly the young blond is instructed to suck the base of his member. Elizabeth sucks harder and harder, doing her best to please the boy of her heart. She even sucks and licks the place between his cock and balls. "Very nice, very nice... you may now take me in" Ciel says, abruptly forcing his member down into her mouth, thrusting in and out. Elizabeth nearly gags at the taste, but eagerly bobs her head up and down, arousing Ciel's manhood. Ciel moans and groans the whole way. Watching her humiliate herself was almost more gratifying than fucking her in the mouth. Almost.

Ciel thrusts forward, driving himself nearly to the back of her throat. Elizabeth felt so horrible, but if it made Ciel happy, then she'll deal with it. Soon, his member was throbbing, and she could feel the precum flow into her mouth. Ciel feels his climax coming and so suddenly, seizes Lizzy by the hair. "Swallow all of it..." he says as a burst of his hot cum floods Elizabeth's mouth. She struggles, but was able to swallow the cum down. Seeing a cock in her mouth, ejaculating cum into her mouth, and even worst, having to swallow this was Elizabeth's worst nightmare... so she thinks.

Ciel was still cumming and relishing this moment when suddenly... "MASTER PHANTOMHIVE! SEBASTIAN SAYS- eh..." Finnian had bust the door open on Ciel and Elizabeth, and was standing with the biggest jaw drop ever to appear on Kuroshitsuji. If that wasn't bad enough... "Young master, Undertaker's is open now-... now" Sebastian had to come to the door at this sight. Sebastian and Finnian were in such grave shock that, they couldn't move. They stared for the longest minutes. Ciel immediately pulls away from Elizabeth and re-buttons his pants.

"Sebastian..." starts a very dangerously calm adolescent, this was scary even to the demon. "I thought... I told you to lock that door..."

Sebastian was still stuck and possibly scarred for life after seeing what he saw. "Ye-yes my lord... my apologizes" "Let there not be any mention of this..." Ciel ends that with an angry hiss. "I must go now Elizabeth" "no Ciel, you didn't do what I wanted! By the time you get back it'll be too late! Let me come with you! Please, that way you won't take too long..." pleads the young blond to the Earl. "No you stay here and I'll play if I return in time" Ciel replies coldly. "Now master, I believe it would be nice to have the lady along... as you promised a date after the little treat she gave. EVEN if it's to Undertaker's. Besides, I believe you'll enjoy her company. You wouldn't want to displease her, and then Lady Midford learns about this little affair..." "You wouldn't!" Ciel rebuts, "of course I wouldn't my master... but she might" That made Ciel gulp. Sebastian practically cornered him with only one choice...

Elizabeth spent the whole time on their way to Undertaker's, talking about the tea party she's planned. She even brought some things to Ciel's manor when her mother dropped her off. Ciel remained silent and stone-faced, not moving a muscle anywhere. All he wanted was to get his answer from Undertaker, and that's all.

They arrive at the creepy old shop, freaking the hell and wits out of Elizabeth. "This place isn't cute at all!" she screams, increasing Ciel's want to slap her mouth shut. They enter the shop finding its still empty... well until...

"Ihihihihi, how lovely to have company now that I've returned... hehehe" chuckles a most eerie withered voice. A coffin shifts open, revealing a corky old man dressed in black, with a tall crooked top hat. "Well how do you do on such brilliant day today! Would you like me to finally fit you into a coffin now?" Undertaker was brightly smiling his creepy, psychotic smile, breathing heavily in thinking some very creepy thoughts.

"AAAAAH!" sounds of loud mouth Lizzy, "He's extremely not cute! I don't want to be here! He's hideous and so is his shop! EEECK is that a skeleton over there?" "I have tons my dear!" responds Undertaker, his face up to closely Elizabeth's with his eyes glowing and a grinning, drooling smile. "Would you care to see some my child?" "EEEEEEEK Ciel get him away from me! He's scary!" Elizabeth jumps behind Ciel, while he stood never moving a bit since Elizabeth met the sicko.

"Wait outside until my business is done Elizabeth" Ciel says sharply and short, "But Ciel-" she starts, "then stay seated and quiet until I'm done..." Ciel points to a bench and Elizabeth sits, wishing she hadn't come. "Now Undertaker, I'd like to ask about some recent deaths at Buckingham Palace. Vital parliament members were meeting and they were killed without a trace or evidence of the killers". Undertaker smiles broadly, as if he knew something big. He was feeling especially naughty today so, wandered how he could use this to his best advantage.

"Very interesting, I happen to know quite a bit. But you know the usual procedure my lord, being in the business for so long..." the mortician asks, knowing Ciel's response. "As usual" Ciel starts, "to make you laugh... how do we do it this time?..." he thinks. Undertaker then folds his arms and pouts. Ciel didn't need any childish games. "What is it now Undertaker?" "That cousin of yours, calling me hideous..." he says, Ciel lightly facepalms and replies "I apologize for her actions, so please understand-" "Apology accepted, but for this information, the price has increased..." Undertaker says with a devious smirk, Ciel gulps at this look, "how much of an increase?" Undertaker grins broadly while wrapping his arm around the little Earl, and lowers his lips to the boy's ears. "I want to be seduced by your butler..."

"Did he say something?" asks Ciel's very intuitive butler. Ciel turns to the young girl, "Elizabeth, go to the other room and lock the door... I don't want you involved in this one.." Ciel didn't have to argue with her. Elizabeth zoomed into a room loudly locks the door behind her. Ciel looks to Sebastian with a nauseated look. "He... He wants you to... to seduce him" Sebastian was as blank as PBS at 12am on New Year's day. "Pardon my lord?" Sebastian asks quite unnerved, "I order you to seduce the Undertaker Sebastian... do whatever he wants so we can get this over with...!" Ciel says quite irate.

Sebastian looks at the Undertaker, and while you'd think he's appalled, a devious grin comes to his face. "Would you like me gentle or rough, Mr. Fehr?" Sebastian asks, Undertaker looks up into his face, and leans forward, "I want you merciless..." "Very well then..." smiles a satisfied butler.

Sebastian removes his gloves, his coat and then his jacket. He rolls up his sleeves and then lifts Undertaker into his arms and lies him on top of the nearest coffin. The butler lifts up Undertaker's robes to undo his pants and yank them off. Somehow, Sebastian was able to remove Eugene's pants without taking off his boots. This was not an appetizing scene to the young Earl, but he didn't care at the moment, he just wanted to make sure it was getting done...

Sebastian now undoes his pants, and summons a thick baton with a sharp point at the end. "You know this will be much more painful than the rear..." Sebastian warns, "I know, that's what makes it soo... exciting!" goes a very thrilled mortician. Sebastian smiles and grips Undertaker's cock into his hand firmly. Using his other hand, Sebastian strikes, as hard and painful as he could, stabbing that baton deep into Undertaker's cock, causing blood to fly everywhere. There was an earth-quaking "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" that could be heard from Undertaker. He was panting heavily as tears stream his face. Sebastian smiles and repeatedly thrusts the baton several times into the old, sobbing man. Blood gushes out, spaying all over the butler at each thrust.

Ciel had never seen Undertaker screaming in tears, and wondered if Sebastian was over doing it. Before he could protest, Undertaker giggles, "T-th-this is the most...*gasp* the most alive I've ever, b-b-been" Ciel was dumbfounded, but says nothing more than, "continue Sebastian"...

Sebastian continues to brutalize the old mortician, stretching his entrance way around the baton in hand, ripping his innards to pieces with every thrust. Sebastian tosses the tool and aims his cock towards the newly stretched channel in Undertaker's member. Undertaker closes his eyes and grips the coffin with his talons. With a punishingly swift, agile, move, the butler thrusts his cock harshly with all his brute force down into Undertaker's. The old man hollers again, sounding like he was in labor, dragging his talons through the sides of the coffin, as Sebastian pounds the death out of him. In and out, in and out, Sebastian goes, his huge, iron hard cock further tearing apart Undertaker's insides, and punishing his cock. Finally, Sebastian was at this climax, he pushes one last thrust, burying himself in a full thrust into Undertaker, bursting his hot, gushing seed into Undertaker's mutilated insides.

Undertaker gasps in pain, but draws his arms around Sebastian's neck, pulling him to a warm embrace. Sebastian smiles and comfortingly soothes Undertaker with gentle kisses up and down his neck. "Your skin is much softer than I expected, Mr. Fehr" Sebastian whispers while relishing the feeling of Undertaker's skin against his lips. Undertaker blushes some with his wide grin. He wraps his legs around the butler's waist, taking in the feeling of Sebastian's burning seed flooding him, to a point where it starts to overflow and spill out from his cock now.

Sebastian's orgasm is over, and so he pulls out, viewing his bloody handiwork on the elderly uke. "Oh that w-was so, thrilling-ng!" Undertaker stutters, as Sebastian lifts him to sit up on the coffin. Undertaker moaned in pain though, it really was too much for a man his age to handle, but it was the payment he asked for. "You will be fine I hope..." Ciel questions, really worried if this could affect future visits for information.

"I'm fine lad!" Undertaker sings while pulling his robes over his privates. "I have several painkillers that will make me feel as good as new while I heal... now, about your question..." Undertaker smiles, ready to answer the young Earl...

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