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Chapter 3: Parrilla'd...

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A man nicely, neatly, stately, dignityly... okay that's not a word, but still, nicely dressed and poised, was doing something he was dreading to do. Making his way down several avenues, crowded with annoying, mangy mortals, this man was in search of knowledge only a very specific person would know of. The man is near his destination, doing an excellent job of keeping his cool around said irritating mortals. He arrives at an old shop, while fixing his spectacles so he can view the sign correctly. You could just hear the infamous giggling from inside.

A knock to the door... followed by opening the door. "Mr. Fehr... my I have a word with you?" says the man, warily taking a few steps inside. "Hehehe, oh a word you say? I am fond to have such clients visiting..." Goes that infamous, creepy voice. The man dares to take extra steps. Suddenly, he feels a tickle to his hand. In looking sharply, he sees a dry withered hand stretching out from a coffin, its long black talons strokes his gloved hand.

"AAAAHHHH!" The man jumps from the coffin, only to see the body rise up, giggling. "IHIHIHIHIHI oh that face is worth gold my dear! Oh no matter what, you always fail your calmness, AHAHAHAHA!" The man sighs in slight annoyance, it seemed Undertaker planned this for his arrival. "Well, Mr. Fehr, it seems I do" the man says, just trying to get his visit over with. He highly respected Undertaker, but the mortician was never easy on him. "If you may, I'd like some information on a particular gentleman that has been very evasive of my grasp-" "Say no more" Undertaker interrupts, "I already know..." He's about to ask for payment, but then... thinks about the last time Ciel visited. "Of course, you know I charge... however, I'm going to ask for something a little... different..." "... How different?" the man asks, judging the extremely devious grin on the mortican's face, he knew this wouldn't be good... for him at least...

It was about three months since their last, harrowing, chaotic, yet pleasurable, blissful visit to Undertaker. Despite him being unreasonable with his charges, it ultimately paid off well. Ciel was just thinking about the scenario; Sebastian, Undertaker, Lizzy and himself, what a bang that was. Ciel had to admit, he first wanted no part of "paying" Undertaker, however it would be a nasty fib to say he didn't have the time of his "sex" life. What he would do to relive those moments.

Ciel sips his tea, realizing Elizabeth hadn't bothered him since the um... last time of her visit. Ciel was pretty much at peace for a change... then in walks his butler. "A message, and package from the queen, young master" always poise and courteous, the butler of Phantomhive is. Ciel takes the note and reads it, before taking the package. He reads it some more... and some more... and... some more. The more he read, the less his smile became. The more his eyes... uh, eye read, the wider it got. The more his lips mouthed the words silently, the more his lip quivered. Sebastian knew this was bad, but waited until his master was done.

"Well bocchan?" He asks, "the queen says she needs information on a particular device confiscated from a most notorious crime lord she believes is among the nobles" Ciel starts off with a slight hint of nerve. Just a slight hint. Don't worry it's growing though. Sebastian uncharacteristically scratches his head, not knowing exactly why this was something to stress over... unless... "It seems to bother you my lord..." he says, knowing Ciel, it may be something disturbing. "This device is the latest instrument of grave torture in the black markets... and... its in the parcel..." Ciel glares the package the whole time he was speaking. Sebastian didn't think much of it... poor naive little creature. "Suppose someone could aid us in learning more about this device and it's maker" Ciel nods, knowing exactly what his butler meant. "Prepare our carriage, we will head into town with this package. It's time we paid him another visit" Ciel says in his stately manor, "be prepared for whatever he may ask for as payment, if you can recall what happened last visit?" "Surely I do" Sebastian says with a smile. He actually enjoyed himself that time, and frankly, was hoping for more. Little does he knows what "more" is gonna mean once I get through with it...

Ciel and Sebastian were on their way by carriage to the Undertaker. Ciel didn't know where to start, why, he hadn't even opened the package yet. He didn't say all of what that note said; he couldn't say it, couldn't comprehend such... The closer they were the more Ciel's stomach turned. He didn't know what was with all the nerves, but he felt as if he knew someone was about to play a dirty, nasty little trick on him, and he couldn't do anything about it (heheh, he's sensing what I'm about to do *v*)

Finally they were here at Undertaker's. Sebastian helps his master out of the carriage and walks with him to the front door. On arrival, they hear some strange sounds coming from the shop. It was muffed, but the sounds of groans and moans were coming through. Knowing Undertaker, that could mean anything. Sebastian opens the door, allowing Ciel to enter first, only for the duet to see... this...

Undertaker was sitting on a coffin with his naked yet booted legs spread wide apart. Between them was a man dressed in a black suit and had neatly combed hair. His head was bobbing up and down, deep between Undertaker's legs, right up to his groin, his hands pumping the dick he's currently sucking on. Undertaker sighs with pure pleasure, a chuckle escapes his pale lips. "My my, y-your soooo gooood mhmmn, keep it up my dirty little boy..."
Undertaker looks up, quietly waving at the underaged earl and his butler. He chuckles quietly and points at the head blowing him. Ciel and Sebastian both look, getting an eye full of candy... They had the face of shock, confusion, disbelief, disgust, appall, and everything else, not just over what was happening, but more, who it was that was doing this. They knew very well who this was...

Undertaker arches his hips forward, sending his dick down deep into his subjects mouth, in time for an epic orgasm. "Be a good boy and swallow all of it" Undertaker moans feeling his rush of cum. The uke below sucked and swallowed as much as he could, though some makes an escape, flowing in streams from the corners of his mouth. Undertaker cups the man's head, drawing him real close and allows his ejaculation to finish it's course. Ciel and Sebastian were both in too much shock to say or do anything... other than standing as still as the hideous lawn ornaments on your front lawn. As it is over, the man pulls away gingerly sucking Undertaker clean. That's when the mad mortician drops one on him. "Why hellooooo young earl! Fancy seeing you and your butler today!" The man jumps into the air, in slow motion, makes a 180 turn and lands on his feet, staring with his shocked, cum-slut face at the visitors in hand.

"Mr. Spears, what a pleasant surprise to see... you... here..." That was all Ciel said to send Sebastian into pure *drum roll*... laughter. He falls to the floor laughing like there was no tomorrow. It wasn't so much it was that funny, Sebastian just wanted to make a scene out of... what William just did... in front of ALL of us. Ciel, who usually wasn't emotional, couldn't help it this time. That little bugger cracks up wildly like a ruffian, showing that he is human after all.

William, who had just lost all his accountability, respect, not to mention dignity, gingerly wipes his lips of cum with a handkerchief, blushing like- *don't make me say it... it's not appropriate for even ages 18+* He turns with a shameful bow to his seme. "Mr. Fehr..." he starts in a miserable tone, "perhaps now you can answer me..." "No need to rush" was Undertaker's first reply, as he giggles deviously, "I have a feeling your answer will come from the next session- uh, I mean, question, hehehe".

William was getting fed up, but keeps it cool, "Mr. Fehr please. I gave you what you wanted... now-" "Okay, okay, if you're going to be like that..." Undertaker starts again, "Well now, the man you seek is indeed a noble, Count Roosevelt to be exact. He is a secret manufacturer of... eh, illicit goods, used for numerous purposes and traded in black markets nationwide" "Where can I locate said individual?" William asks, it was the question he really came for in the first place, "Thaaaat" starts Undertaker, "will cost you extra" "EUGENE THEO FEHR!" apparently, William couldn't fake-, I mean keep his cool any longer. This made Ciel and Sebastian crack up all over again. Undertaker of course, bursts out laughing. William seemed to have found a way to turn this into a laugh fest.

Ciel gets up and jumps ahead of William, his laughter finishing off. "S-Sorry Mr. Spears, I must ask this of Undertaker. Its urgent" "No you will not..." William protests while adjusting his specs, "Now, now, let's be patient, I have all day!" Undertaker sings out with his pervy self, "Mr. Fehr, this is an urgent Shinigami matter, that needs attention" William pleads with some irritation, "I said be patient" Undertaker starts again, "you had a turn already and besides, you may gain from this..." William shakes his head with a respective bow. He wouldn't dare argue with the legendary grim reaper he respected all so much.

"Now, I need to know about... this" Ciel says, handing the package to Undertaker. The old mortician takes a good look at this package before grinning. "You know my price, right?" he asks, "Well..." starts young earl, "judging last visit, I'm not sure" Undertaker grins broadly, causing William, of all the attendants, to smirk. He knows Undertaker, and knew it would be something... bad for Ciel. "Come here, young earl, kneel before me" that tone didn't sound 'child friendly' to the young earl. He sits in front of him as asked, while Sebastian glares, not wanting anything to happen to his master. Undertaker cooly undoes the package and lifts up... a contraption. It was a black clad box with several knobs and controls, with a switch and a few wires attached. Undertaker knew too well what this was, and in secret, he always wanted to use one... especially with the earl sitting here.

"How about we up the ante again?" "Meaning? Because nothing is going in my mouth" Ciel says bluntly, "Hehe, we'll see about that... For now, I need you, do as I tell you to" Undertaker says. Ciel gulps and watches. The crazed mortician gives Ciel the wires and shows him how to... attach the wires to himself... his dick that is. Undertaker was excited to try this very forbidden technique of... whatever the hell it is. Ciel obeys, though sickened to handle the old man's organ like, this. One wire was wrapped around the root, another around the head, and the last one had a thin metal rod that was inserted down the urethra.

Ciel could see some discomfort in the mortician's face. Now the rest was up to Undertaker. He messes with the controls, trying to figure a 'tolerable' setting, hence it's his first time using this. Ciel's heart was not beating in a normal rhythm. He didn't like being seated before Undertaker, sitting between his legs and staring the 'wired' organ in front. Undertaker flips a switch, and in the same second, a buzzing sound is heard from the device, causing Undertaker to gasp sharply and grip the coffin. He felt a terrible sting brutally coursing through his entire dick, pulsing painfully in his urethra in particular. His cock jerks in pain as the current caused it to contract and throb with every pulse of... electricity, coursing through him.

Ciel, Sebastian and William were speechless. Their mouths parted with shock, but had nothing to say. Undertaker on the other hand, gripped the coffin tapped this heel as he vibrated from the pain, yet, unique pleasure this caused. Ciel watches the tortured organ unceasingly, truly fascinated with what was happening. But alas, his fascination was about to become disgust. As Ciel leans for a closer look, seeing a few sparks coming from Undertaker's entrance, a thick, forceful jet of cum blasts Ciel in the face, and even his mouth. Ciel jerks back with a yell, in time for Undertaker to flip the device off and swiftly take Ciel's mouth.

"Master!" the butler cries, now William's turn to start laughong. Undertaker cackles as he seized the boy's head with one hand and used the other to pump his cock, as it goes down Ciel's mouth and into his throat. Ciel couldn't move that moment, feeling Undertaker's cum thrust down into his throat. Ciel had no choice but to swallow the gushing cum. Undertaker moans sadistically while Ciel moaned miserably. He jerks away soon enough though, and rockets to the sink, washing his face and mouth out, gagging the whole way. Undertaker burst out in laughter, and falls backwards off the coffin. William has a field day, laughing for the first time ever. Sebastian was in total shock of what just happened. He... the great demon butler, couldn't even move. It happened all in a second.

Ciel returns, grumbling to himself about the most vile and violent way to hack the old man for pulling such dirty trick on him. "Your answer had better be a good one, Mr. Fehr" Ciel says with a calm, but scary tone. "Oh I'm sorry young earl, forgive your old man" Undertaker starts, frankly oblivious to the thoughts in Ciel's mind. "Trust me, this information is unknown to even the filthiest traffickers..." "Then what is this device" "Simple, its the first electro-sex device, that stimulates the genitals using electrical shock. However, as a parrilla, it's also the latest torture method for interrogations, the wires can send violently powerful voltage through the victim's genitals, causing inhuman and unbearable pain. It's never been launched and already it's been banned. The creator is Count Roosevelt, and he's been selling a few of these under the table in black markets, charging a near fortune for every unit" William had finally regained his composure from his epic laughter, and realized his target was the same as Ciel's. "Where can I find said individual?" "Exactly what I really came to ask" William adds. "Thaaat..." starts the Undertaker, earning an irate look from everyone, "... will cost you all extra..."

"... Under-TAAAAKEERRR!", screams a most irate adolescent and grim reaper. Sebastian never flinched or said a thing. After all, his soul purpose is to serve his master well in exchange for his soul. It didn't really matter to him what Undertaker was doing. "Please Undertaker!" Ciel cries, "this man was scheduled to die, and this tiny wretch of a matter has caused enough issues back at the Grim Reaper's Association..." William hisses. Despite the rage coming from these two, Undertaker just waves his hand, "now, now, one payment, one answer. You want more, then you'll have to pay more..." Undertaker says grinning but with a stern voice. "Now then, since this is one last question, I have one last request". Undertaker then leans forward, giggling at a little thought. While he had this device in hand, he might as well experience it to the max. "I want to up the ante again, but in experiencing it with your butler..." "If so, it will be done like I did you before" Sebastian adds, apparently he didn't want his mouth fouled up, "I wouldn't mind that at all.." Undertaker says with a bow.

Sebastian had gotten himself ready as Undertaker laid back on the coffin. He takes little time to stretch the old man's wired member using his fingers some, before entering him. It was tight with all the wires squeezing Undertaker's cock. Sebastian was settled and lies atop the mortician, planting his head onto Undertaker's shoulder. Sebastian looks up and hands the control box to his master, who was standing close beside the coffin with William. "He says he wants to up the ante, so..." Sebastian says with a sly wink. Ciel then gets a devious idea. He looks up to William with a sly, uncharacteristic smirk. The once astute, dignified Shinigami looks at the boy with a cocked brow. Undertaker was sure dirty to let him get exposed to of all persons... a demon; so, what the hell! William returns Ciel's look with a subtle smirk of his own.

If Undertaker wanted to up the ante, then by God, they're gonna give it to him! Ciel adjusts-... he turns all the notches towards whatever meant the max. Sebastian knew what this meant, and braced for impact. As a demon, pain like this was nothing, especially if he can get riddled with bullets, suck'em up and spit them out without care. Ciel waits until Undertaker least expects it and... flips the switch.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Undertaker screamed at the hilt of his lungs, nearing a high pitched sound as hundreds of violent volts streamed into his paining cock. He instantly thrashes and kicks around, just from shock alone. Ciel stops it after a second, watching both Undertaker and Sebastian catch a breath. Sebastian knew this would be painful, but had no idea it was going to be that bad. His cock was being fried as well, but he wasn't experiencing not even a fraction of pain and damage as his elderly uke.

Undertaker lies there trembling in utter shock, tears stream from the corners of his eyes in feeling the greatest torture he felt could ever be felt. After a moment, he looks at Ciel, quiet pleadingly. But before he could say a word... "...AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH STOP CIIIIEEEEEEELL-AAAAAAAAAHHH" the buzzing sound went off, sending those bolts of torment into the old man again. It felt like electrical blades dragging through every vein in him down there. His cock was throbbing, jerking and contracting at the scoring abuse, while he convulsed beneath Sebastian. That Undertaker, was howlin' and moanin', and groanin' and hollerin', it was some sight. He wanted only a second to beg Ciel to cut it.

Sebastian grits his teeth at the pain he was feeling, the electric current sends his cock into immediate erection, it throbs violently within Undertaker and fires into orgasm. The mix of cum and electricity, only intensified the strength of the current, nearly doubling in all around affect. Now Sebastian hollers. It was nothing like Undertaker though. Ciel flips it off, only because it started hurting his butler, and the screaming was too much for his ears to take a second longer.

Sebastian was panting and heaving, he didn't expect this to take the toll on him. Undertaker shook his tear stained face, at first looking so pitiful. Ciel felt bad, he wasn't really trying to hurt the old man. He reaches out with a, "are you okay? I hope it wasn't... t-too..."

Undertaker stares off in utter blank mode for a minute... not saying anything yet... and then "...aaaaa-AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!-... get, get off..." Sebastian does so, warily looking down at his former uke. Undertaker laid there another minute or so, trying let his mind return to sanity. Sebastian decides to be brave enough to lift the tormented grim reaper, since it looked he'd be lying there all day even if Armageddon happened. Undertaker sits up, still feeling the sting of the parrilla. "Y-Young Earl... w-what was the setting? On, that... infernal contraption, eh?" Ciel doesn't say, just hid it behind his back, as if it would make a difference. Of course, Undertaker yanks on the wires with his elder strength and draws Ciel's rear to face him. "I KNEW IT!" he cries. In a flash, he grabs Ciel's top hat and him from behind, and starts beating his ass with it. "Why you bloodly, dirty, bratty, pervert-!" "Young master!" Sebastian tries to be superman and jumps in it, only for Undertaker to start beating him in the head with said hat.

"Please Mr. Fehr, have some dignity!" William starts, able to snatch the hat from the mortician. But Undertaker, being Undertaker, snatches William's pruners scythe and whacks him in the head. He also whacks Sebastian in the head and Ciel in the ass. All three then pounced the elderly Shinigami, removing him of William's scythe and Ciel's hat. "Undertaker!" They exclaim while bracing him by the arms. It was a rare sight to see Undertaker upset even in the slightest, never mind how angry he is now. You couldn't see his eyes, but his lips were in a tiiiiiight, pursed hold. "Now you requested we "up the ante" Mr. Fehr, so with all due and respect, accept what you've requested" William says, it was a surprise to see him speaking like this to Undertaker. However, William was fed up to the max, it was a bigger surprise his cranium didn't have a meltdown several paragraphs ago.

"Please" Ciel pleads, "give us the location of Count Roosevelt". Undertaker took a breath, putting his thoughts towards the question instead of 1000 ways to kill the trio around him. He finally speaks, his voice was uncharacteristically calm and threatening, "I want you to pay a visit to the Sexy Fox Pub around evening hours..." everyone gets up and starts scurrying to the front door in fear, Undertaker minds them and continues, "... and when you see the certain bitchass, bastard of a count, take this *picks up parrilla* and FRY HIS ASS WITH IT!" With that he threw the device at the evading trio, it lands somewhere out the door after them.

Ciel, Sebastian and William were panting and had their backs against the wall. "Think he's mad at us?" Ciel questions, trying to peek into Undertaker's shop. "Even so," William starts, "I have a Count of the Roosevelts to reap. You and your vermin butler had better keep clear of me, this is official Grim R-" "Oh do whatever you want" Ciel sighs quite moody, "so long as he is killed, that's all that matters to me. Besides, I'll have enough on my hands already" Ciel glares Sebastian, who's sitting on the ground moaning right now. That electricity seemed to have kicked his ass... or should I say dick, way harder than any of them thought it would.

Undertaker sluggishly in pain crawls into the nearest coffin, for the first time feeling like he's dying. He spends the rest of his day moaning, groaning and being grumpy while suffering electrical damage in the most sensitive part of his body. He planned to spend the rest of the week in that coffin as a matter of fact. My only question is... what's he gonna do when he has to use the bathroom?... That won't be pleasant XD

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