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As JJ walks in the room, Emily, who was drawing with Henry in the living room, turns to her and says:

'Henry said his action figures have a dance saved at the wedding.'

JJ looks at her with a clearly confused expression and Emily shrugs. The blonde sits on the floor, next to Henry and asks:

'Sweetie, who's wedding?'

Henry looks at his momma with confusion written all over his cute face, then looks at Emily and sees she doesn't know either. They don't even know, how silly! He turns back to the draw he was doing and says:

'Yours and Emmy's' then looks at JJ and says 'Duh…'

JJ smiles at the little boy while Emily is trying hard not to cry because of such a happy thought. They go to kitchen and leave Henry drawing something that must be a lion mixed with a fish.

'Do you want to?' Emily asks abruptly

'What…?' JJ's laughing nervously but as she looks in deep brown eyes full with nothing but care, love and… insecurity? She smiles, grabbes Emily by the neck with both hands and tries her best to put her answer into a mind blowing kiss. Emily kisses her back right away and her hands, as if auto mode, go straight to JJ's lips.

Once the kiss naturally stops JJ leans her forehead to Emily's and whispers:

'Ask me.'

'Jennifer Adriana Jareau, I love you. I love your ocean blue eyes that ask me to get lost in them every time I look at you. I love your beautiful smile; your smile can light up the whole room when you walk in! I love that the first thing you do when we have a case is check if you Cheetos in your go-bag.' JJ looks away and Emily fells the urge of smiling at her love 'I love you play with your pen when you feel out of place. I love how you hold to anything you can reach for dear life when you're trying to control your anger. I love that you care for everyone. I love how kind you are. I love that you can kick someone's ass if they mess with the ones you love. I love your laugh. I'd spent a lifetime writing jokes just so I could hear your laugh. You are incredible, amazing, intelligent, beautiful, hot, damn sexy and sometimes crazy.' She finishes with a smile and JJ chuckles 'And I love you just that way.' Emily says more seriously. She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes for a second. When she opens them again she's greeted with a soft smile.

'Jennifer, will you give me the honor and proud of being your wife?'

JJ smiles from ear to ear and with clear excitement and happiness in her voice she says:

'Oh, Emily, yes! I would love to!'

They kiss with all they have for what seems like years.

While that, Henry, who heard the whole speech, is at the kitchen's door frame with a big smile on his adorable little face.