Two Queens

Hello hello everybody! Just completely finished Katawa Shoujo, and, man, am I PUMPED to start writing Fanfictions for it!

This first involves Hanako, the first path I did, and my favorite over all. She's always been my favorite, since two years ago when I played the unfinished version!

Summary: An alternate story to Katawa Shoujo. Hisako Nakai's heart failed one day when her crush admitted her feelings to Hisako. Now, she finds herself at Yamaku, where she tries to adjust, while meeting many interesting people. Namely, Hanako, whom Hisako decides to befriend. When she realizes that Hanako has a difficult past, Hisako decides to become closer to her...

WARNING: Yuri ahoy! If you don't like, don't read it! Simple as that! Also please note, this first chapter may be a bit short, since it is the Prologue.

~ALSO~: The main difference between Hisako and Hisao is that Hisako is a bit more shy, and ont quite as clueless as he was. You may notice lots of similarities in the story, but I'll try and change it up!~

Now~! Please Read, REVIEW, and Enjoy!~~

Prologue - Broken

As the cool, chilling wind overcame me, I stopped and took it all in. It was my first day in months to be out of the hospital...So why didn't it feel good?

Oh, that's right. I wasn't going back to my old, familiar life. I was heading off to a school that was actually a concealed hospital, where I'd be watched every second of the day, and the taking my long list of medications would become a daily practice...

A freak school. That's what it was. For those of us that are different. I guess don't blame my parents for sending me here. I mean, who would want to be around a daughter who could fall over and die at the slightest bit stress?

The thing that got me the most was the looks in their eyes. It was of pity more than love or concern. They felt sorry for me. It wasn't only them, too. My friends tried to conceal it, but it only made it more obvious...

Then there was Iwanako. We had been the best of friends for as long as I could remember, and I couldn't stop myself from wanting more from her...It should've been perfect.

I had told her my feelings abruptly one day after school. She didn't give me a response, and merely left. At that, I thought she must have hated me...Until I received a message from her, asking to meet up somewhere.

As I trudged through the snow, I finally saw Iwanako's figure amidst the whiteness. The snow falling gently around her made for a beautiful sight, and I could feel my heart pounding the entire time...

Then, she had returned my feelings, and I wanted to tell her my relief, I wanted to reach out and touch her...But I found myself slipping into unconsciousness, my heart pounding painfully inside of my chest, hearing her calls through the darkness...

I spent months in the hospital after that, and nothing pained me more than the day that Iwanako cried for me...I was too weak at that point to comfort her, and she left, and I never saw her again after that.

And now, as I near the school that I must now call home, I realize that I have nothing...

I'm just a broken girl with a broken heart.

Act 1 - Repair