Two Queens

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Act 2 Prologue – Normal

With the festival over, life at Yamaku returned to normal.

Shizune and Misha started to pester me over joining the Student Council, saying that it was much easier with my help. I turned them down, partially because it'd take up my free time, but also because I wouldn't be able to hang out with Hanako and Lilly.

Mutou continued his lessons, like usual, and they seemed to becoming more boring as they came, though Misha's outbursts sometimes helped brighten it up a bit.

Hanako and I had the same relationship we had had before...Though, there seemed to be one thing that had changed.

On that Monday after the Festival, the bell chimed to signal the end of the school day.

"Make sure you look over page fifty-even of your textbooks," Mutou told us all. A few students responded, but most just packed up and got ready to leave.

When I looked back to Hanako's desk, she was gone, which wasn't a surprise. She probably headed for the tea room already, I thought, getting my things together and standing.

After escaping Misha and Shizune, I exited the classroom...And, to my right, a lone figure stood there, looking at the floor.

"Hanako?" I couldn't help but be surprised to see her standing there. When she heard my voice, she jumped and gave me a scared look, but, once she saw that it was me, Hanako instantly calmed down.

"I-I wanted to w-wait on you..." She twiddled with her fingers for a moment, her eyes looking around at the crowds of students passing by.

I smiled at her. "Sorry to keep you waiting then," I told her. She returned with a small smile and moved to my side, holding onto my arm and staying close to me as we made our way down the hall...

There was something different about Hanako. She trusted me, and it gave me a sense of accomplishment...

And I wondered just how far her trust could go.

Act 2 - Trust