Sorry guys for uploading, yet another, story putting my older stories on an even longer hold. Sorry! Okay I have wanted to upload this for a while now and I must say that I really like it. Sorry again!

Gotham city 2:35 AM

Robin was not aster not aster at all.

He and his partner/ mentor/ adoptive father were sitting on one of the many skyscrapers that occupy the city of Gotham. It was snowing and Robin suppressed a shiver as a snowy wind tore through the freezing night air.

They were observing a drug dealer after they got a tip from the police about it the day before.

Batman gave the signal and Robin made his way down the building and stood behind the dealer. Batman landed in front of the drug dealer, cornering him. They made quick work of the man and left him tied up for the authorities.

As they were leaving Robin saw something out of the ordinary. A gloved hand curl around the side of the building and the figure held a gun in his other. The shadowy figure pointed the gun at batman and Robin pushed his father out of the way and was shot instead.

He didn't die, oh no something else happened, something strange. When the bullet hit him it dispended a cloud of smoke and everything was quite except for the crazed laughter of the shooter.

When batman found his little bird he couldn't believe his eyes. Inside a pile of Robin's uniform sat a small child about five with raven black hair and baby blue eyes.


A sum what cliffy okay so what do you think not too much action I know this story isn't the most action filled it's more of a fluff or something. Fluff . . . it's a fun word. Fluff.