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Thundering whispers

Robin played with his little robin doll, no, not the superhero, the bird. It was solid red with a white under belly, though robin had somehow managed to color a little black mask over its eyes, exactly like his own pair. Richard bounced the bird on the couch, making whooshing sounds as he made it hover above the legs of 'the man with no face' better known as the question. The faceless man seemed to smile at the toddler as he bounced around the room, pretending the little toy bird was a real one.

The little acrobat flipped over the couch and launched the bird into the air. He flipped a few times, landing in a bow, his hand out stretched behind his back. Q watched him stand there for a moment before clapping. The child stayed, stalk still for a moment before groaning and face-planting on the ground.

"You alright?" Q asked. The bird made a strange noise and rolled onto his back.

"Birdie didn't come back down." He looked at his hands sadly. Little tears pricked his eyes.

"Birdie must have gotten exited and flew to far," the Question tried to console the toddler. Robin instantly stood up, any tears gone, as if never there.

"Then we go find him!" he grabbed the faceless man's hand and started to look around the room.

Q got down upon his hands and knees and peered under the couch. Nothing, unless lint balls counted.

"You find him?" robin asked, lying down next to the man. He peered under the couch as well. He pouted at the sight of open space and ran over to the other couch, checking under it in a similar matter as he did not two seconds before. Q stood up and looked around the room, where could the toy had gone? It was just a toy, not like it could get very far . . . right?

After twenty futile minutes of searching, the two agreed it was time for lunch. Q made the two sandwiches and some apple juice. Since he wasn't too good at cooking, it ended up just being a PP&J. Robin didn't seem to mind though, as he inhaled the small meal, happily humming some random tune as he ate.

Thunder rumbled softly outside of the mountain, robin looked around in flustered confusion. Q turned on the TV, easily blocking out the beginning storm.

"What'cha wanna watch?" robin asked through his sandwich, sitting next to the faceless man on the black leather couch.

"Well," the man looked at his watch, how he saw it threw his mask, we will not question. It was 2:04 PM -the team would be at the mountain at three. "Why don't we channel search for a while?"

And the two did just that.

Much to the hidden displeasure of the question, they settled upon Disney channel. Not even the annoying preteen one but the little child one that make you just want to punch a teddy bear.

After suffering -or whatever her name was- for five whole minutes Q finally had had enough and changed it to nickelodeon. SpongeBob was on. The Q smiled, now this he could handle.

Richard scanned the room as boredom started to show its ugly face once again. He slumped on the couch and stared up at the ceiling. He gasped.

"!" He screeched, the small plushy sat balancing on the edge of the ceiling fan, slowly spinning around and around. The Q, startled by the toddler's outburst, turned his head to look at the distraught child. Following the child's gaze, his eyes settled upon the toy in peril.

"We have to get her down before she falls and dies!" he screeched, for a millisecond his heart was struck with a dull pain, causing tears to prick at the corner of his eyes. The feeling confused the child, why would the toy falling hurt him so much? A small scene played before his eyes as the toy slowly slipped off the fan blade and plummet to the carpeted earth. A man and a woman, no, his parents were falling.

As soon as it happened it was over. Q caught the toy in his palm and handed it to the frozen boy. Robin took the toy in his arms robotically and stared at its red fluff colored head. He shook his head and shoved his face into the fuzzy toy. He mumbled out a thank you and sat down on the couch. Before the Q could ask him if something was wrong, his phone rang.

He pulled out the small device and answered it, walking into the kitchen as most adults seem to do when on the phone. Robin muted the TV and tried to listen in on Q's conversation. He heard muffled speaking and some rustling. A loud clap of thunder shook the mountain and robin screamed, not loud enough to be heard though, more of a soundless scream of terror. He hopped off the couch and ran down the hall in a blind panic.

The question ran past the living room in a rush. "Sorry kid but I have to go, emergency mission. The team well be here in twenty minutes or so." He rushed into the zeta beams with a quick good bye, leaving the distressed child in a deserted mountain.

Robin, in his panic, found himself inside a broom closet. It was dark and scary, and dust had cluttered around the floor and shelves for the room seemed to be slightly out of the way.

But despite all of that, it made Richard feel safer. The darkness seemed to calm him slightly and the thunderous booms seemed to settle further in the distance. He set his tear stricken eyes on the swaying hanging light. The bulb was broken in half and the glass littered the floor but the smooth movement of the light slicing though the stuffy air brought the child peace.

Richard sucked in a shaky breath of dust ridden air and leaned against the shelf. Never had he experienced a storm before. Yes, he'd seen it rain, he rather enjoyed the cold water that feel from the heavens, but a real thunderstorm was beyond his compression. The sky seemed to be fighting with the earth in a ferocious battle and all little Richard could do was hide a stupid broom closet.

Another booming grumble brought new tears to the boy's eyes and he buried his head in his toy. Please let them get back soon.

The team arrived at the mountain around 4:14. All happy to be free from the prison named school. Silence greeted each members they entered the living room. The TV was on, but muted and a half full cup of apple juice sat abandoned on the coffee table.

"ROBIN!" Wally called. His voice was only meet with more silence.

Instantly the happy mood disappeared and was replaced with one of worry. They turned to look at each other and as if by silent agreement, split up.

Robin heard Wally's call but couldn't bring his voice to work. Another thunderous roar sounded and he whimpered and shoved his face into the doll once again. Why is the sky so mad?

After a few minutes of deep breaths Richard built up enough confidence to reach for the knob. The hinges squealed in protest as the boy peaked out into the dimly lit halls. Another growl erupted from the storm and he dove inside again, the door now slightly open. He sobbed silently, he just couldn't do it, it was far too scary.

Megan searched in every room she passed. She soon began to panic, where could he have gone? A small sob reached the Martian's ear and she rocketed towards the sound.

'I think I found him,' she informed the team through their mind link.

'You think?' asked Wally, who sounded very frustrated.

'Well, I can hear him cr-' she stopped as she came to a slightly ajar door. Soft sniffles came from behind the door and the teen poked her head inside. Robin sat, curled up in the corner, clutching a red plushy to his form.

She rushed over to the child and enveloped him in a hug. He cried into her shoulder, the toy laying forgotten on the floor.

'I found him.'

"So, thunder is just really hot heat in the atmos-atmosph- sky, because of lightning?" Wally smiled down at the five year old.

"In a nutshell, yea."

"Gosh, Baywatch, who would've thought you were such a geek." Artemis said as she lolled her head to the side.

"Shut up Artemis!" the speedster called over his shoulder. The green clad hero stuck out her tongue in response.

"Wally?" robin called. The red head turned and smiled, "are you and Artemis in … dragoste?"

"… What?" the child became flustered and mumbled out that it was nothing.

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