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"I hope I get a good match." The other girl at the table, Temmi, was just about freaking out in her peach dress. She had managed to ruffle the skirt and cover it with creases.

"I do too." Her father who I knew to be a real bore was running on about how a good match would be nice for her but her chances were astronomically small.

Seriph then commented that his daughter's disposition was perfectly good and here was no reason he should say any of the sorts and should hush up.

Then he retorted that she should just shut up. She was too young to understand the strength of a good match.

"I know exactly what a good match is. Don't even think otherwise." There was a sharp flint in her eyes. I was tempted to ask, as were our parents. She pointed at me.

"She has a 97% chance with that," a point to Haren. Temmi's father snorted. Seriph gave him a look that challenged him to say she was wrong. Father tried his best to shut her up since the other man looked like he was about to pour his drink on her.

"Welcome, ladies, gentlemen, and Matchees." The official cried out. I slipped the last spoonful of honey into my mouth. Being a Fawrin and a girl, I would be one of the first. It was a relief and pain. I wanted to know but, I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off the little silver box.

"Tayrin Aarwen." Tayrin was one of Haren's friends. She was dressed in a pale, pastel yellow. It looked good on her tall figure, tight and slim. She stood and turned towards the camera and screen. In her hands was what looked to be a ruby ring. She ran her fingers over it, keeping the rest of her body still. The boy on the other side would only see a pretty girl in a yellow dress. He wouldn't see her nervous hands.

It was a stark contrast to the girl I saw an hour before. She had been confident; sure she was one of the 3% who weren't going to be nervous. And now she was.

I would break down, wouldn't I?

The Official grinned staring at the little clock in his hands. The slideshow of a happy couple was still playing on loop. The screen flickered and a boy was on the other end. His dark hair and tanned skin offset his startling blue eyes. He smiled when he saw her. "Kais Hatom."

"Tayrin Aarwen, you have been matched to Kais Hatom." Tayrin gave him a sweet smile. She waited until the camera switched off and sat. An official presented her with a box.

I gasped at the sight. It was THE BOX. And, I couldn't wait for mine. Next was Temmi. I grinned broadly when I saw her get paired with a dark haired boy with a perfect tan. He smiled upon seeing her with a perfect row of teeth. I like think the there was a look of love in his eyes. I knew it was in hers.

The rest passed as quickly as I wondered what he would look like. Would he be wearing the classic look or perhaps what's in season? If it was, would he think my dress ugly? I wasn't in style. I chose what I liked. What had Seriph whispered?

"I'm a honey badger. I do what I like and forget what you think."

I'm a what? I had thought.

"Carina Fawrin." I stood and turned to the screen. My fingers dug into the silky fabric.

The film loop stopped and the screen stayed blank.

"Carina Fawrin, it seems your match is here tonight." I glanced wildly about. I didn't know any of the boys. Seriph winked.

"Haren Dennerson." I couldn't help but choke on air. There was a similar sound nearby.

Haren? Haren, the fellow I had barely known an hour? I hated to say it but I had my doubts. He was sweet and funny and nice and… what was the point? He was my match and I didn't really mind all that much.

I felt a soft movement beside me as a hand clasped over my own. He must have come to the same conclusion. I wasn't to know until years later that he had almost fainted at the sound of his name.

"Hi?" He looked awkwardly at anywhere but me. I tightened by grip.

"Hi." Officials appeared on both sides to present our boxes. I accepted mine and sat. I knew there was a victorious look on Seriph's face. Temi's face was a mask of shock. Her father's was no different. But, rather than go on gawking, everyone got over the match and "shut up about it".

I saw over four dozen other girls stand up and wait for their matches. Each and every one of them looked at me with envy. I looked right on back.

Leaving the dinner, I clutched the box. Haren and I said our goodbyes. When we got back, I barely got up the steps and into my bed. Seriph mentioned she would sleep in her old room, but I barely heard her.

As I drifted off, I heard a voice say, "97% guaranteed."

Any one got any plot ideas or requests?

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Also any first date fiascos?