an bakuman where hiramaru and aoki are married. i need fics about their wedding, omg.

One, two, three

Open your eyes please.

Please, please, please.

Don't leave me here alone.

Please not now.

I finally found you.


You can't leave me now

I thought you'd fight harder for me

To be absolutely honest, she did not picture her happily ever after married to Hiramaru. It's not that he's not nice, he is nice and kind and sweet, and a tad bit timid, but he is nothing if not determined and he cares for her.

He calls her every week to tell her about the latest chapter, and how much he likes it. It's so sweet of him, and she knows that being married to him will be such a sweet and happy life, that saying yes was simple.

The wedding is one of frills and extravagance. Part of it comes from her shojou background, but most of it comes from him, in his happy, over the top enthusiasm and pride in their union.

It's adorable, and she can't help but smile and go along with it all, wearing a white lacey dress with Shujin's wife as her maid of honour, and her assistants as bridesmaids.

It's such a beautiful wedding, and afterwards at the reception. Team Fuduka comes and congratulates them on their nuptials.

"You look good." Fuduka says, looking odd and out of place but somehow striking in a suit and tie.

She thanks him, and he shuffles off.