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Hauser continued to seethe on the inside. His anger over Doctor Soto's contact with Sylvane and Koch refused to die, mainly because of the lies Koch had filled his head with. Tiller was an honorable man and served the community for many years after his retirement from the FBI. How dare she whisper such slanderous words about his dear friend!

He approached the Callahan house just as Doc was rounding the corner. The squad car that had been stationed out front was pulling away from the curb. Doc spun around to see the black and white rolling down the street. What was Hauser doing?!

"What the Hell is going on? Why are the cops leaving?" His free hand flashed angrily at the departed cruiser.

"I called off the Amber Alert," Hauser was icy in his wording. "The house doesn't need to look like a crime scene, Doctor. It would tip off Nelson when he returns with Dylan's body."

"So what you're just giving up on Dylan!? He's still alive and out there somewhere Hauser! Nelson keeps his victims alive until the night before he returns with the body. This is day two! Don't you pay attention to anything I've said about him or anything I've said so far?!"

"Doc, may I remind you that you are here as a request from Madsen? This operation will be conducted accordingly and by my orders. If Nelson sees the house is treated like a damn crime scene he will flee and then more victims surface!" Hauser was indifferent, aloof in a sense in his attitude towards the fate of the boy.

"So you're willing to sacrifice the life of one innocent child? The ends don't justify the means here Hauser!"

Doc angrily stormed off leaving Hauser standing on the walkway of the Callahan home. He looked down at his phone. Doc wasn't aware of the GPS planted in his bag. Hauser knew he was going off to find Sylvane and Koch and he was going to kill two birds with one stone. When he got done with them, neither one would ever see the California sun again! Then he could finally put his foolishness about Tiller to rest once and for all.

"This isn't good," Alex muttered as she and Jack listened to the scanner.

"What's an Amber Alert?" Jack tilted his head to the right.

"It's a system that will employ a notice to all law enforcement agencies when a child is missing or kidnapped. It was named after a young girl who was abducted in Texas and found in a ditch four days later. It sparked the public's outrage and it spearheaded this network system. It's worked rather well too. More kids are found alive and safe than before."

"That is incredible….." Jack once again found himself intrigued by the innovations of early 21st century.

"Yeah well calling off the alert for Dylan Callahan is not incredible. Hauser has to be the one that did this. Stupid son of a bitch….."

"Understatement," Daniel chimed in.

Jack noticed Alex was focused on something or someone. Her fingers drummed on the table while her fingers on the opposite hand were partially between her teeth and lips. Jack was about to ask what had captured her thoughts when Doc burst through from the elevator doors.

"Hauser called off the alert!"

"Called it," she sighed. Alex slapped her hands on her thighs then stood up as Doc gave Daniel a short wave.

"What the Hell is he thinking?"

"He's thinking that if the cops aren't around when he shows back up with a dead kid he can catch the bastard."

"Doc," Alex saw his hands were shaking hard. "Doc are you okay? Your hands are trembling. Here you need to sit."

She went into physician mode. Alex sat down beside him checking his pulse to discover it was racing. His skin was slightly slick as he had broken out in a cold sweat.

"What's going on? What has you this upset? And don't tell me it's because of the Amber Alert."

Doc closed his eyes and shook his head. He didn't want to tell them. Telling them would mean ripping the stitches apart and reopening old wounds. No he couldn't go back.

"I'll be fine."

"Right and I'm the President. Doc you're upset. Daniel get something for Doc please?"

"Already on it," he hollered over his shoulder.

"It's like he doesn't care Alex. All he wants is to get Nelson and piss on getting Dylan back alive. It's all about the 63's!"

Doc stopped when he caught the downtrodden looks that quickly appeared on Alex and Jack's faces. He regretted his words wishing he could take back what his mouth slipped.

"I'm sorry guys I didn't mean it that way." His meaty hands ran frantically through his long curled hair.

"No it's okay," Alex waved a hand around. "You were right: Jack and I are part of the 63's and he won't ever see us any differently. We will just have to prove him wrong."

"Madsen hasn't turned up on the radar. It's like he's vanished all over again."

"He'll turn up," Jack was confident in his tone. He wasn't certain what instructed him to speak in that manner but he had. It just sounded natural saying it.

Daniel placed the oversized mug of steaming green tea before Doc who gathered the contents in less than shaky hands. The heat transferred from ceramic to skin then muscle and finally bone.

"Thanks," he took a tepid sip discovering the infusion pleasant to his palate. Doc didn't take anything more than miniscule samples as it was scalding hot still. He wasn't one to consume the beverage on a regular basis but as the saying went there was a first for everything. No wonder Rebecca drank the stuff by the gallon. This was pretty damned good!

"We'll keep looking for Madsen and the journal," Alex reassured an agitated but slowly calming Doc. "With Hauser's nose on Nelson's ass it buys Jack and I time."

"But what happens if Hauser finds you?"

"Well in that case we will just have to cross that bridge when we get to it now won't we?" She cast a nefarious grin which made Doc swallow loudly. Alex saw the concern crossing his broad face and waved her hands back and forth.

"Don't worry Doc we won't hurt him. We want answers remember?"

"Y-Yeah," he nodded shakily. "But Hauser knows I talked to you two."

"We kind of figured that one out after the shoot out in the alley," Alex rubbed her neck uncomfortably. "What did he tell you?"

"It was more like ripping me a new one," Doc muttered over the rim of his mug.

"Well we won't rip you a new one," Daniel boasted hoping to lift everyone's spirits. Alex tried to suppress a laugh but it came out as a half snort sneeze. Jack was still attempting to comprehend where such a phrase came from.

"Good to know," Doc cracked a smile since arriving at the safehouse.

Tommy Madsen paced up and down the secluded alleyway. This was where he was supposed to meet the person who told him to get the journal from Alex. He had stolen a few glances at the wording contained between the worn but still tight leather covers.

Ms. Koch continues to remain resistant.

Inmate 2024 continues to remain in the Hole. I suppose Ms. Koch's continued stance will prolong his time in solitary.

She once again has lashed out against me. I suppose a more subdued means to pacify her is in order.

What was going on? What did he do to her? She was a nice lady and didn't deserve whatever had happened to her.


He shot his head up dropping the journal from his hands. It landed face down on the one patch of dry pavement in the entire alley. What were the chances of that happening? Well the chances were in his favor for all he cared about.

"I-I brought it just like you wanted." Madsen scooped the book up, frantically wiping away the few specks of gravel and bits it attracted from the ground. The dark voice chuckled from the shadows at the inmate's feeble efforts to appease him.

"Excellent," a round meaty hand emerged from the black veil, waving a few fingers in demand. Madsen passed the journal over, timidly placing it in the waiting open palm. "Thank you." The fingers curled around the spine before retreating to the comfort of the dark.

"Now I need for you to track down Inmate 2024 and Miss Koch."

"I-I don't know where they are." Madsen felt the cold dread pitted in his stomach. He was afraid of this voice but couldn't see the face that produced the chilled tone.

"You will track them down and avoid the FBI agent, cop, and lackey. They are also after Inmate 2024 and Koch. Reach them first!"

The voice went dead as quiet footfalls replaced the distant words. Madsen couldn't move as he felt his limbs go heavy where he stood. He had known this man but he couldn't remember from where or even when.

The light turned green, signaling to the lone pedestrian it was safe to cross. The rain had started back up pelting the trendy grey blazer and expensive silk tie. The journal was tucked neatly between the simple button up shirt and polyester lining, creating a layer of protection against the elements. No one gave the man a second look as he reached the opposite corner and headed north. Madsen had succeeded in recovering the journal. If that damned agent had so much seen one entry from the crisp pages Sylvane and Koch would be exonerated. The suspicion had to be cast on them! That damned Sylvane had gone off and spotted Tiller on the street! Tiller should've been more cautious, not letting the span of time mold into a security blanket to which he wrapped his common sense and vigilance around. Now he had paid the price for his foolishness.

But then again he had sealed his fate with the very unhealthy obsession with that woman Koch! Every chance he captured he was on her. Apparently the damned fool had been careless, using his authority to the point gaining unwelcome attention. Sylvane had not forgotten what he did.

"E.B. you should've listened to me," James sadly shook his head as he whispered into the cold damp air. "I knew what you were doing. Your arrogance and hubris turned into your demise. But I have your saving grace."

He patted the upper right part of his chest, letting the journal bounce between his chest and hand. Agent Hauser continued to pursue the pair with the tenacity of the bulldog which was what James could hope for. Tiller's memory would remain intact. With more of the others surfacing it would grow difficult to keep things under wraps. He was going to have to track down Sylvane and Koch before Hauser could. They would have to be silenced before they could talk and ruin everything. Madsen had been hesitant to hurt the good doc but all James had to do was pull a little talk and a little persuasion to convince the inmate the journal was important and couldn't fall into their hands.

They want to use what's in the journal against you.

I shouldn't trust you. I know you from somewhere but I don't remember where.

That's what they want you to think Madsen.

Madsen couldn't have a crisis of conscious. Inmates didn't have such a trait! Rats didn't have souls.

I think Madsen did have a conscious and if the show was allowed to continue I bet we could've seen him as a family man before he earned his ticket to Alcatraz!