Disclaimer: Haim Saban & co. own Power Rangers, not me. And George Lucas owns Star Wars, I presume.

As a slightly belated birthday gift to… me (?) here is the beginning of the sequel to "Letters Between Rangers" a little over 2 weeks early!

And yes, a new closer for a new fic!

Dear Wes,

Well, yesterday was weird. But hey, at least finally one of our plans to hook up Merrick and Princess Shayla worked… though that sushi food fight was unexpected… as was that rainstorm… and those critics came out of nowhere… and Danny got traumatized by witnessing something… Still, overall it was a successful Ranger picnic. I'm still a little bummed the all-team Christmas party got canceled due to the White and Silver Rangers having to go on a quest to stop the villains' latest plot. Where did they even find a copy of Star Wars?

Your friend,


Dear Max,

Speak for yourself. Jen slept on the couch last night and still isn't speaking to me. Apparently I was not supposed to tell anyone she likes to sing ABBA songs in the shower. I thought it was cute but Jen doesn't want to be cute. Pink Rangers are complicated but I wouldn't have her any other way.

Your friend,