Ch.1: Jim's missing

Trixie Belden biked quickly down Glen Rd. towards Crabapple Farm. She had just had a long day at Mr. Lytell's store where she had a summer job. Now she was going home to get ready for her date with Jim. Trixie turned into her driveway and quickly stored her bike in the garage. She cheerfully went into the house slamming the screen door behind her.

"Moms, I'm back!" Trixie yelled. Trixie went into the kitchen where she found her entire family plus Honey waiting for her.

"Hello Trixie. How was work?" Mrs. Belden asked.

"Fine. There wasn't much business today." Trixie said.

"Trixie, have you seen Jim today?" Honey asked looking extremely worried.

"No, why?" Trixie said confused.

"Honey hasn't seen him since he headed out riding earlier today. We were wondering if you had seen him." Brian, Trixie's older brother, said.

"No. I haven't seen him since this morning when he came up to get a soda. I'm supposed to have a date with him tonight." Trixie said blushing.

"Since when have you and Jim been going on dates?" Mart, Trixie's eleven months older brother, wondered.

"Since a couple weeks ago." Trixie answered red in the face.

"And you never told us." Honey said sounding hurt.

"Oh really it was nothing Honey. Please don't be upset. We didn't tell you because we didn't want Mart and the others to tease us." Trixie explained.

"Trixie, Jim's missing you have got to find him." Bobby, Trixie's younger brother, said close to tears.

"Of course we will, Bobby. Jim's probably just in the woods checking on something near where the old mansion burned down.' Trixie said confidently.

"Then don't continue talking, go find Jim." Bobby said.

So Trixie, Honey, Mart, and Brian went off to look for Jim. Little did they know that they would find more than they wanted to about Jim's disappearance.