Ch.15: Evil is Lurking

The Next Day

Trixie stared around the room at her fellow bob-whites, excluding Jim. He was still at his stupid ball or at least Lontard was still keeping him. Trixie sighed as she remembered her decision that she had made last night. No one knew about it not even Honey. She was going to tell Him today. Trixie sighed as she stared at the screen willing Lontard to come on so she could talk to him.

"Lontard," She whispered, "Pierre Lontard I need to talk to you."

Almost at once Lontard's face filled the screen and with an evil smirk he said, "Yes Trixie, what do you want?"

"I...I have decided to become evil." Trixie faltered as she said this.

"Huh...what did you say? Can I hear it again? I couldn't hear you." Lontard asked.

"I said," Trixie grumbled grinding her teeth, "That I will become evil."

"SPLENDID! MARVOLOUS!" Lontard shouted.

"Shh." Trixie hissed not wanting her friends to wake. No such luck.

"What's going on?" Honey asked sleepily.

"Just the most wonderful thing ever!" Lontard replied smiling broadly.

Mart glanced warily at him and then at his sister. Understanding dawned in his eyes as he took in the situation. "You bent to his will didn't you?" Mart said bluntly. Honey gasped and stared at Trixie wishing it to not be right. She nearly groaned in despair as her best friend nodded her head yes.

"Why Trixie, WHY!" Diana cried her eyes filling with tears that spilled down her cheeks.

"Because of Jim," Trixie's voice was icy as she answered her best friend, "Because of him." And with that last word Trixie left the room to join her new partner, Pierre Lontard, in not fighting crime, but doing them.

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