Greetings, loyal readers! I've added this "chapter" as a space for my final notes on this series, rather than trying to squish them in with the last chapter.

First of all, I want to thank you all for reading and sticking through all 20 chapters of this fic! (Twenty! I can hardly believe it myself!) Your reviews and suggestions have all been lovely encouragement for me; after all, I write to please you guys, not just myself.

The next thing (and most important to you guys) that I'd like to address is when I'll be starting Part II of this series. As we all know, Sherlock series 3 will not air until summer 2013. That means that I cannot continue this series until after that first episode where I presume they will reveal how Sherlock survived The Fall. So, much like Series 3 of the show, Part II of this fic will start with The Reveal of how Sherlock survived.

I apologize for the long wait that lies ahead of you all, but in the meantime, I'll be working on my other fics, and I'm accepting requests for any fics you'd like me to write! So don't be shy and message me with your ideas! They don't have to be for Sherlock, either; I'm also part of the Doctor Who and Harry Potter fandoms.

Thanks again for reading and reviewing! Part II of "The Address is 221B Baker Street" will be coming to your FF story alerts in Summer 2013!