A/N: This idea emerged when I thought just how badass Lucci is from One Piece. The reason this isn't in the crossover section is because there won't be any One Piece characters in the story, only a Martial Arts style. Naruto won't be evil, but he won't be good either. He'll be in-between, neutral, if you will. Naruto will have total mastery of Rokushiki, meaning he'll be on par with Lucci. I don't know if this is considered Super-powered or Godlike, but I'll just say Naruto is really strong. Will this story be a harem? That is unknown for now.

Summery: While young, Naruto found a scroll containing one of the mos powerful Taijutsu styles ever created. It was written before the time of ninja and during the time of pirates. With the help of Kyuubi, Naruto went through grueling training, more painful then his beating he gets from the villagers. He mastered the style by the time he graduated from the academy. Now he will walk his own path of justice while traveling with Zabuza and Haku. He will defeat all who stands in his way with the Taijutsu written by his Idol, Rob Lucci.

Eveyone is 3 years older, meaning the all of the Rookie 9 are 16, Haku is 18, and Zabuza is 29.

"Is this the first time you have witnessed the death of a comrade? You must get use to it, for that is the life of the ninja." Said Haku with no emotion. She had just 'killed' Sasuke, who decided in a split-second decision to sacrifice himself for Naruto's sake. Haku felt bad for what see was putting Naruto through, the boy she just met in the forest. She was sure he was feeling emotional right now, but it had to be done, for Zabuza-sama. She saw him with his head down, no doubt trying to contain his rage. But when he looked up, Haku was surprised. Naruto had a look of indifference on his face.

"Did you really think I cared for him? I'm sorry I lead you on to believe that. Now that he's out, I can show you my true power. But I doubt this will last long." Naruto looked serious as he looked around. He suddenly smirked, and charged toward a mirror to his right at impossible speed. He punched through it, out coming a very surprised and shocked Haku. She landed near the edge of the bridge, almost falling off.

'What the? How did he gain such speed? He was even faster than me? Just who is the boy?' thought Haku. She stood up, groggily, and found that her mask was broken on the ground, exposing her face. Naruto just looked at her with an impassive look.

"So, it was you? I expected as much. I knew it was you from your voice, I couldn't forget seeing as we spoke recently. But…now I wonder what to do with you. Should I kill you now and be done with this? Or should I just let you go? Which do you prefer, oh dear Haku?" asked Naruto, smirking. Haku was about to reply when Naruto interrupted her. "Or better, how about I join you, you and Zabuza I mean? I have nothing better to do, and I tire of the Konoha's judgment of me. Besides, this could be fun. What do ya say?" Haku was surprised. What happened to the Naruto she had met in the forest? What happened to his dream of becoming Hokage and wanting to protect his precious people? Was it all a lie?

"What is going on? I thought you loved Konoha, and you wanted to protect it, along with your precious people?"

"Well, there are some flaws in that. For one, how could I love and protect people who hate my very existence? And two, how can I protect my precious people, when that itself is nonexistent? I would explain everything to you, but I think this pretty much sums it up. I am the Jinchuuriki for the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the demon that attacked Konoha." Haku was shocked. He held a demon? Is that where his power came from? But she didn't fell any other chakra coming from him, so it had to be something else. Whatever it was, it wasn't important right now. What was important was the fact that she had finally found someone like her. She knew the life of a Jinchuuriki. They were hated beings, hated for just existing. They were fated to leave a life of hatred, or a life of hatred along with being a weapon. It seems Naruto was lucky enough to have the life of only hatred. She thought about his offer. She knew that Zabuza would gladly accept a Jinchuuriki to their little group. The fact that he was willing was even better, they didn't have to persuade him or anything. But then she thought deeper. What were his intentions? Surely he has some ulterior motive. He had the chance to leave right now, but he stays and offers his services as traveling companion. She narrowed her eyes at him. "Oh, I see you don't trust me. That's understandable, I mean, why would I want to just join a group of guys I just met? The reason is simple. I have nowhere else to go, the only option is Konoha, and I don't want that. And I like to travel; learning new things. I never really traveled while in the village, they wouldn't risk me going rogue. I'm sure the only reason I'm even on this mission is because Kakashi is here, him being an ex-ANBU captain along with the sharingan."

"Wouldn't you be marked as a missing nin? You'd be hunted down until the day you die." Naruto mearly smiled.

"What are they gonna do, mark me S-rank? I haven't even done anything to earn B-rank. The highest they could do is C-rank, seeing as I'm abandoning a C-ranked mission, possibly leaving my 'team' to die. This will be my only chance to escape, and I will take it. So, what do you say? I might even learn some Kenjutsu from Zabuza. That might come in handy one day." Said Naruto, crossing his arms. Haku looked on in thought. This was an opportunity too great to pass up for Zabuza-sama. She nodded her head to Naruto, who smiled. It was then that they both felt a spike in chakra, and Haku's eyes turned to the source in worry. She raced towards where Zabuza and Kakashi were fighting, and saw her master about to take a hit with an electrically charged hand. She knew it would kill him, so she positioned herself between them both and closed her eyes, ready to take the hit for her master. It never came. She opened her eyes and to her surprise and Kakashi's shock, Naruto was holding his sensei by the wrist, preventing the impact. He squeezed it hard enough to cancel out the technique.

"NARUTO? What the hell are you doing!" yelled a shocked and slightly angered Kakashi. Naruto let go of his wrist, allowing Kakashi to retreat in order to analyze the current situation.

"What does it look like? I'm helping out my new allies." Replied Naruto bluntly, causing both Kakashi's and Zabuza's eyes to widened.

'What the fuck is going on?' thought Zabuza, who was currently immobilized by summoning dogs.

"Wha…what are you talking about Naruto? Stand down or I will have no other option but to use force."

"What are you gonna do to me, Kakashi? You are too weakened to even be able to touch me. Now sleep." Naruto dashed forward and delivered a hard punch to Kakashi's gut, who normally would have been able to dodge it because of his skill and experience, but he was too weakened to do anything. From his current battle injuries, the battle itself, and the chakra exhaustion of using Chidori, he was knocked out cold. He fell face first to the ground with a 'thud'. The dogs on Zabuza disappeared in a puff of smoke.

'So he was telling the truth.' Thought Haku.

"What the hell is going on here? Haku, explain!" spoke Zabuza with authority. Before she could, all three of them heard a laugh from the end of the unfinished bridge. They looked to see Gato leading a small army of bandits.

"Well well well, why do we have here? It seems that the Demon of the Mist was defeated by a one man and a child, how shameful."

"Gato? What the hell are you doing here? I'm not done yet." Stated Zabuza. Gato grinned.

"You might not be, but your usefulness sure is. You are strong, I'll give you that, but in a weakened state not even you and that bitch of yours could handle this many of my men." Zabuza was suspected this, but he was still shocked. Who would have that that sack of shit would be smart enough to think of this?

"What is the meaning of this?"

"It's easy. Hiring missing nin is expensive, so after their battle, I'd have my boys kill them while they are weakened."

"You son of a bitch. Dammit!" Zabuza was in tight spot. He knew he was done for in this weakened state. Hell, he couldn't lift even lift his sword thanks to those damn dogs biting into his shoulders and arms. He knew Haku could take out a good number of them, but she would eventually be overwhelmed. She was more of a 'the fewer numbers the better' type of promised himself if by some small chance he made it out of this, he was going to teach her Kenjutsu. But it couldn't end here! He needed to kill the Mizukage!

"Are you done yet?" said Naruto. "Because I suddenly have the urge to kill you, in the name of dark justice." Naruto raised his arm and pointed towards Gato. Suddenly, said man fell back with a hole in the middle of his forehead. "And that takes care of that." Said Naruto who grinned. Zabuza was shocked, while Haku was merely surprised.

'Glad he's on our side now." She thought. Zabuza looked at Naruto in wonder. What the hell was that attack? Was it invisible? What the hell is this kid? The bandits looked shocked, which than turned to anger.

"You killed our meal ticket!" yelled one bandit.

"KILL THEM!" yelled all of the bandits, They charged forward. Naruto merely smiled. He ran forward as well, thinking it wouldn't be fun to kill them all with Shigan Oren. He jumped in the air and started kicking at high speeds in the air, creating sharp shockwaves that flew toward the bandits, slicing some of them in half. He then jumped while in the air, going higher. As he was falling, he began to zig-zag in the air, giving him more momentum. He crashed hard in the center of the small army, blowing some away with the impact. He was in the middle of the small army, making them back up and they formed a circle around him. Naruto looked around with mild interest. One charged him with a spear, thrusting it forward while aiming for his chest. Naruto effortlessly dodge the attack by ducking and coming up with an uppercut through the man's gut with his right hand. Two other guys charged him from behind. Naruto, who still had his hand inside the man's gut, grabbed the man by the neck with his left hand, and turned around throwing him at the two bandits. One dodged just in time while the other wasn't so lucky and got hit by the dead body. The one that dodge had a sword and did a downward slash at Naruto, who sidestepped it and performed a forward thrust with his index finger into the mans heart, killing him instantly. He threw his body to the side and waited for more.

This time five guys charged him from the right; 3 with spears and 2 with swords. One spearman thrusted his spear forward, only for Naruto to dodge by leaning to the left. He grabbed the spear with his right hand and punched the man with his left in the nose, breaking it and allowing Naruto to take the spear. Another tried performed a downward strike with a sword, Naruto blocked and flipped backwards and an arrow was fired from the crowd. Naruto threw the spear from where the arrow came from, hitting the man with a crossbow in the face. Naruto had to dodge a sword swipe as someone attacked from behind by ducking and he did a leg sweep, knocking him to the ground. The man fell hard on his back. Naruto jumped and smashed his head open with his feet. That was when everyone stopped and retreated back into the crowd.

"Hey! If we all take him at once, he can't possibly beat us all! LETS GET HIM!"

"YEAH!" shouted the ground. They all charged at Naruto from all sides. Naruto picked up a dead man's sword. He smirked.

'This is gonna be fun.'


Naruto stood, covered in blood. Everyone was dead. You could see limbs, intestines, brains, and every other organ you could think of. The look on Naruto's face was stone cold seriousness. His shirt was gone, revealing his muscled chest to the world. Even while covered in blood, it made Haku blush. He turned to Zabuza and Haku and said, "Well, am I in?" Zabuza smirked under his bandaged face and nodded his head. While the fight was going on, Haku had explained everything to Zabuza, and he couldn't be happier. Not only did he have in his position the last of the Sabumaru clan, but he also had the container of the Kyuubi, the Kyuubi for fucks sake! Maybe, just maybe, he could now challenge the Mizukage. Naruto nodded his head back towards Zabuza and performed Soru to appear in front of Zabuza , surprising him. "Well, let's get going. We'll leave Kakashi for his students to attend." Kakashi was still out cold, he was going to need a long rest because of his injuries and chakra exhaustion. As the group of 3 walked to the village, what awaited them at the end of the bridge were most of the villagers in the village. They looked prepared for battle, but all looked confused.

"Is…is Gato dead?" asked one of them. Zabuza realized why he felt he was straining a little. The hidden mist jutsu was almost second nature to him, so he forgot to cancel it. He canceled it, and the villagers saw the end of the bridge. They had shocked expressions on their faces. It was then they saw Tazuna, with a Sakura and Sasuke. They were tending to Kakashi. Tazuna saw his people and said to the young ninjas,

"Stay here, I'll be right back." Tazuna walked toward the towns people and saw Zabuza and Haku. At first he was scared, but then he saw Naruto with them and relaxed a little. "What's going on, Naruto?"

"I killed Gato, and I'm leaving. Tell Kakashi not to look for me, I'll be long gone by the time he wakes." With that, the group of 3 walked through the crowd, who held grateful looks towards Naruto, who didn't really care. Tazuna was going to ask why he was leaving, but decided to against it. 'That boy saved my village, I should let him do what he wants. I'll break the news to Kakashi when he wakes, after celebrations of course. It is bound that there will be some with Gato's death.' Thought Tazuna. He looked at the people of his village and asked,

"What should we name the bridge?"

"What is the name of that boy?" Inari smiled and said,

"His name is Naruto Uzumaki, the hero of Wave!" Tazuna chuckled, glad to have his happy and cheerful Grandson back.

"Then it was settled, the bridge shall be named The Great Naruto Bridge!" The people cheered loudly, all agreeing with the name. Tazuna smiled, but then remembered the ninja. He hurried back to them with the villagers behind him, gladly aiding them, the ones who helped the hero of Wave.

A/N: And there you have it. As I said in the beginning, I don't know if this will turn into a harem. If it does, then the maximum will be 3-4 girls. Anything over is unrealistic and quite impossible (in my opinion). Normally, I'd just skip the fight scene, but this time I tried it out. It is one of my first, and I know it probably sucked. Let me see what you think in a review. Tell me if I sucked or was it at least readable. I want total honesty, if I sucked then I sucked. I won't be offend with an honest answer. Now for the story, I'm sure I did pretty good, but tell me what you think. Haku's last name is going to be Sabumaru. Since it doesn't officially states her last name is Yuki in canon, I'm going with this.

Rokushiki- A very power form of Taijutsu, one of the strongest and was lost in the sands of time until it now.

Geppo- a technique that allows one to step on the air. You can walk or run on the air, but you cant stand still. To stay in place, you'd have to jump in place.

Shigan- a technique which lets one be able to punture someone with just the index finger, leaving a bullet sized whole (if your finger is average sized).

Soru- a technique that lets on travel a great speeds, almost appearing to teleport.

Rankyaku- a technique that creates shockwaves by kicking the at high speeds.