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"Ah…what the hell happened?" groaned Kakashi as he woke up. He was laying where he was after his first fight with Zabuza. "Dammit. All I can remember is fighting Zabuza…and then…his partner came. I was about to kill him, but then… Naruto!" Kakashi's eyes widened. He darted up and ran to room where Naruto and Sasuke were suppose be bunking, hoping what he remembered was a dream. He opened the door quickly, only to see no one there. He slammed it shut and hurried down stairs and spotted everyone eating. Sakura was the first to notice.

"Hey Kaka-"

"Where's Naruto!" Kakashi interrupted. The mood in the kitchen suddenly became solemn. Sakura looked down while Sasuke looked away. Tazuna sighed, knowing this was coming. Tsunami and Inari looked sad for a moment. They were grateful for Naruto saving Tsunami from the two thugs, and were disheartened they didn't get to say goodbye. Tsunami was resting at the house during the bridge attack, and Inari was too caught up in the moment to realize Naruto was leaving for good.

"He's gone, Kakashi. Naruto is gone. He left when you were knocked out, with Zabuza and the girl." said Tazuna with sadness. He too, wanted to say goodbye to him, but he had to help Kakashi and his students. Sakura looked like she wanted to cry. After all she did to him, she now regretted it. All he wanted from her was some attention and a date or two. Rather then politely declining, she would scowl him and hit him. She was blinded by here love for Sasuke to realized she had hurt Naruto deeply. 'Maybe it's my fault he's gone. If only I'd been a little nicer to him.'

Sasuke felt discouraged. He had just lost a worthy rival, and the closest thing he would consider a friend. Naruto may have been an annoying idiot, but he was still a good person. 'Dammit! If only I had been stronger. I could have beaten that girl, and Naruto would have never left. This is my fault. I am too weak. I lost my family, and now because of my weakness I have lost my rival, my only friend.'

"Are you sure he left willingly?" said Sakura. "Maybe they forced him to go with them. That's got to be it. There is no way Naruto would abandon his dream to be Hokage. He loved Konoha. There just has to be some other explanation." Sakura said hopefully. Kakashi spoke with in a grave tone.

"No, Sakura. Naruto had every right and justification to leave Konoha. He don't understand because he don't know the secret. The fact that I mentioned that there is a secret about Naruto could get me in trouble, but I could care less right now. I just lost one of my first students, so to hell with the consequences. What the village has been doing to Naruto for his entire live is just heart wrenching. I am surprised he hasn't broke after all this time, it truly is a miracle." Said Kakashi, not realizing just how much he said.

"What are you talking about?" said Sasuke who was curious, along with Sakura.

"I can't say, you will have to ask the Hokage. That's just how big it is."

-With Naruto-

Only a day has passed since Naruto defected from Konoha, and he couldn't be happier. Naruto felt freedom, the one thing he has longed for his entire life, and now he has it. Nothing could ruin how he felt at the moment, well maybe seeing a Konoha ninja, but that was it. He was questioned, borderline interrogated, by Zabuza for answers. He asked why he left with them, what was his purpose, who strong was he, etc. Naruto answered everything honestly, knowing lying could get him in a difficult situation. After the 'questioning', Zabuza was satisfied and was quite happy to tell Naruto his purpose. Of course Naruto asked why he wanted to kill the Mizukage, but Zabuza refused at first, saying it's better not knowing. Naruto said if he didn't tell him he was gone, meaning he wouldn't have a Jinchuuriki on his side. Naruto had to make sure Zabuza's intention were that of Justice or it didn't step in the way of justice. Zabuza told him of the situation in Kiri and Naruto agreed with him. Zabuza questioned Naruto on his views of Justice . Naruto's reply was "Doing what is necessary for the greater good. That is all." Zabuza asked him if sealing a demon inside him was Justice, Naruto said yes. It saved thousands of innocent live, so he didn't care. It was the aftermath that Naruto cared about. His life was a living hell. Beatings, starvation, unlivable conditions, was his life. He stated if he could kill everyone who has harmed him, he would. He would do it in the name of Justice. He would not, however, wage war on Konoha. There were innocent children and people in Konoha, and they did not deserve to suffer for the sins of their parents. After all, Justice was for the greater good and to oppose evil and corruption, making children suffer wasn't justice at all.

Haku stated if Naruto did seek justice, then he would have showed the bandits mercy, and allowed the ones who tried to flee to live. He repled "If I did that, they would have killed innocents and raped women, maybe even children. Mercy for scum is nonexistent. I walk the path of Dark Justice, I am not weak enough to show mercy to a quivering being who has killed for pleasure." Haku had to respect that. She had to admit his views on justice were a little off, but at least he had morals. Zabuza was just glad he didn't see his ambition as bad or something. He didn't want to fight this kid. He had confidence in his abilities. but fighting an opponent with unknown skill was just as dangerous as fighting a Kage.

"Where are we going, Zabuza?

"We are heading toward Kiri. I think it has been more than enough time since I foolish tried to kill the Mizukage by myself. I have gotten stronger since then, and with this rebellion going on I could be of some use. I also have with me 2 extra ninja, one whose a wild card. I wonder if she is still there? I'm sure she isn't dead yet, not how strong she was when I left and with how strong I'm sure she has gotten with how much time has passed.

"Who are you talking about, Zabuza-sama?" asked Haku. She was curious as Zabuza never really had any interest in people, especially someone from Kiri.

"You'll see here when you met her."

They had decided to rest in Wave for a day, and they are only now heading towards the docks. Luckily for them, there was one boat left. They approached a boatmen who had just enough room for them all. "Good day, strangers. Where would you like to sail on this fine day?" he asked politely.

"We'd like to set sail for Kiri." The boatman's eyes widened at the reply

"K-Kiri? Are you sure? That place is war-torn right now in a civil war." Zabuza looked slightly annoyed.

"What does it matter to you? All you're doing is dropping us off."

"Oh yes, sorry. I was just shocked. It'll be 3800 ryo each. (1)" They paid the man and set off toward Kiri, hoping to end he Mizukage's reign of terror once and for all.

-One Week later-

-Team 7-

They had since left Wave, after waiting for the bridge to be completed. They got their A-rank payment and set off towards Konoha. The walk was quiet and gloomy, it being because Naruto was gone and not here to break the silence or they were slightly saddened; it could have been both. They arrived at the gates faster than it took to make it to Wave because they didn't have to worry about protecting Tazuna, a civilian. Kakashi told Sakura and Sasuke to go home once they arrived in the village. He performed a Shunshin and appeared in ther Hokage Tower. "Oh Kakashi, how are you? Shouldn't your team be with you?" asked Hiruzen in a kind manner.

"I told them to go home, Lord Hokage. The mission took an…unexpected turn." Said Kakashi with respect and seriousness. "I will give you the mission report. If I may, I ask you to not interrupt until I am finished, Lord Hokage." Hiruzen looked puzzled for a moment at Kakashi's demeanor, but he nodded. " The mission was a success, for the client, however, not for us, the village. The mission started off on a bad note, we encountered the demon brothers, as you already know since they have been arrested. After that we encountered Zabuza Momochi, Demon of the Mist. The battle would have been lost if Naruto and Sasuke hadn't interfered and caught Zabuza by surprise. It allowed me time to escape the water prison I was trapped in, and we continued our fight. Before I could land the killing blow, someone disguised as a hunter-nin interfered and saved Zabuza. I suffered chakra exhaustion and fainted. When I awoke, I began to teach my team the basics of chakra control, the exercise tree climbing. Two weeks passed, and we were once again in a battle at the incomplete bridge. I fought off Zabuza while Sasuke and I assume Naruto took care of his partner. I was at my limit and so was Zabuza, so I prepared the killing blow. It was stopped however, but not by his partner, but by Naruto. I was shocked, and asked what he was doing, he replied " I am helping out my new allies" before knocking me out in my weakened state. I am sorry to say this, Lord Hokage, but Naruto has defected Konoha and went rogue." Finished Kakashi.

Hiruzen was shocked. Naruto defected? But how was that possible? From what he had seen, Naruto loved Konoha, and his dream was to become Hokage. Why would be betray the Leaf? But the more Hiruzen thought, the more he realized just how foolish he had been. Of course Naruto would have no desire to stay in the village. What sane person would if every single day of their lives was a living hell. This was his fault. He should have paid more attention to Naruto, he should have done more. If only that damn council would have stopped hounding his every move with Naruto. No. He couldn't blame only the council. He was the Hokage of Konoha. If only he had acted like one with Naruto and wasn't blind. He failed himself. He failed Minato and Kushina. Most of all, he failed Naruto.

"I can't…I can't believe this. We just lost not only a shinobi with high potential and could have been a very powerful asset, we also lost the son of our greatest hero, Minato Namikaze. Now doubt the council will love this. They will more than likely mark him a missing-nin. I will make sure it will at least be C-rank, if not D-rank. 'sigh'… you are dismissed, Kakashi. I need some time to think to myself." Kakashi nodded and shunshined out of there.

-With Naruto-

They made it to Water County without incident. They could have been in Kiri right now, but first they had to plan out how they were going to enter. They couldn't just walk in and ask around for the rebels. They had to pin-point their location and figure out how to approach them. It was decided that they would wait for a battle to erupt, minor or major, it didn't matter. They didn't have to wait very long when they heard the sounds of fighting in the forest outside of Kiri. They rushed to the scene and stopped on tree branches.

"Damn! I knew not to trust them! How could I have been so stupid as to not suspect an ambush!" yelled a boy with blue hair who had a small number of rebels with him. They were outnumbered and the situation looked grim. Zabuza recognized him instantly.

"Chojuro? What the hell? Stupid kid, he needs experience to be able to detect deception. Come on, it's obvious who we help." Zabuza grinned and jumped off of the tree and cleaved someone in half. He followed by swinging his sword 360 degrees, killing a bunch of Kiri ninja and surprising both forces. Once everything settled down a little, the Kiri ninja looked like they were about to shit themselves.

"I-it's ZA-ZABUZA! IT'S THE DEMON OF THE MIST!" yelled one terrified ninja. How could they not be? They were standing in front of a legend. Zabuza merely chuckled before disappearing, only to reappear behind the ninja with his back turned to him.

"Your right." He said before cutting the man from his shoulder to his waist, spraying blood everywhere. The Kiri ninja looked like they were about to shit bricks, one member of the Seven Swordsmen was enough, but two? They all were about to turn tail and run, but Naruto stopped them.

"I cannot allow those who work for a tyrant to live. When you agreed to work for him and kill innocent people, you already forfeited your lives. Begone." Zabuza grinned at Naruto. He really liked this kid. Haku only shook her head, feeling it wasn't necessary to fight, knowing the Kiri ninja were dead already.


Once again, dead bodies were everywhere. The only ones alive were the rebels and Naruto's allies. Chojuro was shocked. This boy, no man, killed them all without mercy along with Zabuza. Even those who begged for their lives weren't spared. Even those who pleaded they had family, girlfriends/wives, children, were not spared. For the first time since joining the rebellion, he was scared. That was until Zabuza patted him on the back. "Don't worry kid, we're on your side. The only reason I helped you out is because I know where your allegiance lies. You admired Mei, and she opposed the Mizukage's rule, meaning she is a part of the rebellion, which means you are a part of the rebellion. Come on let's go, I think I deserve a redo on killing the Mizukage." Chojuro was relieved, they didn't need an enemy like them in the Kiri forces, shit would hit the fan pretty quick. He looked towards his ninja that accompanied him to the meeting point.

"Come on let's go. We have to report to Mei-sama about these new developments."

-Hokage Tower-

"I have called you here to tell of an important variable that could weaken our village substantially." Said Hiruzen. He called for a meeting with the council as soon as he had the chance. He looked at them and could see some were annoyed at being called on such short notice, those being Danzo, Hiashi, and Tsume. There were others that just didn't care like the Ino-Shika-Cho members and Shibi Aburame. Koharu and Homura were just curious as to what was wrong.

"What could be so possibly wrong that you call on such short notice, Lord Hokage? How could our village weaken in this short amount of time." questioned Hiashi.

" Well, Hiashi, if you would wait I would answer. I have called you all here to discuss something that draws immediate attention. We have lost a valuable asset recently, so valuable in fact I believe we are at a disadvantage in power with the other Great Shinobi Villages. I will get straight to the point, our Jinchuuriki has defected from Konoha." The council was baffled, shocked. No one said a thing as they all took in what has just been said. Danzo was the first to come to his senses.

"What do you meant defected? Do you mean to another village?" If that was the case, that might as well start digging their graves early and making funeral arrangements.

"That much is unknown, but very unlikely. From what Kakashi said, he has allied himself with Zabuza Momochi, who is a missing-nin; although that doesn't make this any less threatening. With him allying himself with someone like that who knows what could happen."

"I told you we should have enlisted him in ROOT, Hiruzen. If we did, he would have had undying loyalty to us, the Leaf Village."

"If I did that he wouldn't have been human, and the demon could have used that to its advantage and force Naruto to release him."

"What do we do? We can't allow this to go unnoticed. He was a very important power to our forces." Stated Hiashi.

"I say we make him a S-ranked criminal with a kill on sight order!" yelled someone of the Civilian portion of the council. All of the civilians agreed with this, as they hated the boy.

"I believe we should brand him a missing-nin." Suggested Shikaku. Hiruzen was surprised at this.

"Shikaku? I didn't thing you harbored ill-intent towards Naruto."

"I don't. What I mean is we should label him a missing-nin with a capture on sight status. The rank should be C-rank, as we don't want the other villages to think he is powerful and try to recruit him. The price should be high, however, so that bounty hunters would be interested. Returned alive, price high. Returned dead, no cash at all."

"This is absurd. I say we order his death." Suggested Koharu. "I do not harbor in bad feelings towards the boy, but with what he contains, he is a dangerous threat to the village. And with how the villagers treated him, I am cautions as to what his intentions are. "

"I agree with Koharu." Said Homura. "We should up is rank to S-rank, or at least A rank with a kill on sight order. Anything lower would be foolish."

"What you say makes complete sense, and I will not allow my affection towards Naruto cloud my judgments as Hokage. To make this easier on us all, how about we rank him B-rank, to satisfy both parties. Are there any objections?" Hiruzen looked around to see most of the civilian council with their hands up. He was surprised to see Danzo agreed with the terms, as well as Homura and Koharu. "With the shinobi council out weighing the civilian council, it is decided. Naruto Uzumaki will be a B-ranked missing-nin with the bounty of 380,000 ryo, alive for the full price, dead for half the price(2). You are all dismissed."

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