so anyways this is basically a what if. What if Zoey had never slept with Loren and had never known about Kalona and Neferet's plan to bring him bck to earth. This is mostly h, this takes off after Loren comes into talk after Eric goes through the change. Just cross out the sex part. ._.


I sat there crying, Eric had gone through the change and I might never see him again. "Loren I have to go. There are things I need to talk to my friends about." "let me guess, Stevie Rae?" I nodded, he had come in to comfort me. I felt better now and he made me feel better. I thought he was a better boyfriend than Eric at times. "see you later Professer, he grabbed my arm "Let go!" I screamed "Zoey, let me make everything better." He said pulling me into his arms. "Loren leave me alone!" I yelled, he threw me to the ground and laughed. "you know I cant do that Zoey." he ripped my dress off. "NO!" he pinned me down and smiled, I was trapped and scared. "just let me make love to you" he whispered "NO! GO TO HELL!" I screamed and pushed my way out of his arms and grabbed my dress. I ran through the halls "Zoey?" it was Neferet "are you alright?" she asked "No" she walked over to me "what happened to you?" "Loren just tried raping me." I said crying "oh dear, come on lets get you some help." She said and I nodded "i need to talk to my friends." "over what?" she asked "just something that is really important." I said and she looked at me "ok then." I rushed off to find my friends, I stopped and went into a room and pulled the dress on and looked around. I looked around, no one was there so I could run. I pulled my phone out and called Damien "hey get the others to my room." I said "ok" I sighed dialed another number. "Stevie Rae" "ya?" I need you to wait for me at the east wall." I said "uh sure" "see ya" "See ya Z" she said and hung up. This most likely will go so very very wrong. I walked off to my room.