Free's First Day.

"Cucu-Cucu," an alarm clock repeated. It was dark brown and every time that it would make a noise, a motorized bird, perched on a small stick, would come flying out lip-synched to the noise.

Free, a boy who had just turned ten, cracked one eye open and glared at the clock. "I really wish that there could be a snooze button on those wooden clocks."

"Are you up yet?" A deep voice boomed from behind Free's bedroom door. The carrier of the voice walked in. It was another boy, only older. He had long, dark brown hair that was pulled back into a ponytail. He wore a poncho-like top and baggy, grey slacks. "Do you know what today is?"

Free sat up in his bed and sighed. "Saturday?" He smiled at his older brother who only glared back.

"Get up now! We have to get going if you want to receive your first Pokémon," The older boy snapped. He opened up Free's dresser drawer and pulled out a dark blue shirt. It was quickly thrown at Free's face.

Free pulled off his plain white nightshirt and squirmed his way into his new shirt. "Take it easy, Fai. It's not like I'm going to take my time getting my first Pokémon."

It was not long before Free and Fai were on the road to Newbark Town to meet up with Professor Elm. Whenever certified trainers turned ten, they could receive their starter Pokémon from the local professor.

"So, you have a choice between Chikorita, Cyndaquil or Totodile. I trust that you'll pick Cyndaquil, knowing that it is a fire-type," Fai said. He always had a stern expression on his face and it was intimidating. Whenever he received his Pokémon, six years ago, he picked Cyndaquil. He had always had a love for fire-types and had always tried to sway Free into loving them too.

Free grinned. "I'd gladly pick a Cyndaquil if it is the right choice. I think whichever one of the Pokémon clicks the best with me, I'll pick."

Fai didn't respond. The rest of the walk was quiet and awkward. Free tried to rid as much of the awkwardness by looking up into the sky, watching the Pokémon that flew over their heads.

They finally entered Newbark Town after the long walk of awkward silence. Free knew the town like the back of his hand. For the past few months, he had been back and forth between his home− in Cherrygrove City− and Professor Elm's lab, in Newbark. He started to jog slowly towards the laboratory while Fai continued at his own pace. Whenever Free reached the door, he knocked as hard as he could. In little time, the door opened and one of Professor Elm's assistants revealed themselves.

"Hey, Free. You here for your new Pokémon?" A girl, no older than Fai, asked. Free recognized her as Addison, one of Professor Elm's many lab assistants.

Free nodded eagerly. He looked around the lab then back towards Fai, who was still taking his time. "I've been waiting for this day for a long time!"

"You sure are an impatient one, aren't ya?" A voice called from afar. Free walked into the lab and his eyes met with the man that would give him his Pokémon, Professor Elm. Professor Elm was tall and lanky and had short, uncombed hair. He wore the typical professor lab coat with grey cargo pants that were fastened with a tight, black belt.

Free could not help it. He ran the rest of the way into the laboratory until he was in front of the professor.

Fai walked in and greeted Addison. After a short conversation with the lab assistant, he made his way over to his younger brother and the goofy professor. "Let's get this over and done with so we can begin your training, Free."

Professor Elm nodded. "Alright, well, as you know, you can pick from three different Pokémon." He lifted a red and white ball and pressed a button on it. It quickly popped open and a light flew wildly from it. The light quickly materialized into a small, blue Pokémon with red spikes on its back. It had a massive jaw and looked like a short alligator. "This is Totodile, the water-type Pokémon."

He then repeated the process with two other red and white balls. From one ball a small, light green, quadruped Pokémon appeared. It had a dark green, giant leaf attached to its head that it could swing around and knock things over with, if it felt the need. "This one is Chikorita, the grass-type Pokémon," Professor Elm explained.

The last Pokémon was small and bipedal. Its underbelly was a light yellow color while the top half of the Pokémon was colored with dark green fur. It had the appearance of an echidna because of its long nose and round body. "This last one is, of course, Cyndaquil, the fire-type Pokémon." Fai announced before the professor could.

"They all look so awesome!" Free yelled out happily. "I could pick any of them!"

Fai glared at him. "But, you do know that the only right choice is Cyndaquil," he said, putting emphasis on the word 'right'.

"But any of them could be fantastic," Free mumbled. He gave Cyndaquil a quick look. The Cyndaquil ducked and avoided any form of eye contact. "Cyndaquil doesn't want to even look at me."

"That's because you're ugly," Fai snapped. "I can't believe that you're even hesitating."

"Calm down, Fai. Let him choose. Just because you were successful with your Cyndaquil doesn't mean that Free would be," Professor Elm snapped.

Fai glared at the professor then Free. He stormed out of the building as though he was just given news that he had only a few more days of life left.

Free sighed. "I'm very sorry about him…"

"The relationship between you and your brother is a little bit rocky, eh?" The professor asked. He looked over Free's shoulder. "Speaking of relationships. C'mon in."

Free turned and met eyes with his new best friend that he met at the Newbark Academy awhile back, Heather. She wore a dark purple t-shirt along with a light purple mini-skirt.

"I-I just wanted to see what Free was going to pick," Heather explained while inching through the door. "I-I knew that it was his birthday so…"

"Well, you're in luck! He was just about to pick," Elm explained. He motioned towards the three Pokémon that sat on his table.

Heather ran from the door and took a quick look at each of them. "They're all just so awesome! Which one do you plan on picking?"

Free took one more look at the Pokémon. Cyndaquil kept looking away while Totodile was too busy smiling at Heather and ignoring Free. The only Pokémon who even looked eager to be meeting Free was Chikorita. It walked on the table towards Free and nuzzled its nose into Free's chest.

"Hmm…" Elm muttered. He grabbed at his chin and examined the Pokémon. "Usually, whenever new trainers come in, they pick their own Pokémon… It is never the other way around."

"What do you mean?" Free and Heather asked in unison.

"I'm pretty sure that Chikorita would like to go with you, Free," the professor explained. He pulled out Chikorita's Poké Ball from his pocket and handed it out to Free.

Free smiled and looked down at the cuddly Chikorita. "Is this true? Do you want to come with me?"

Chikorita smiled back and nodded. "Chika!" It called out happily.

"I guess I pick Chikorita, then!" Free said happily. He picked up his new Pokémon and gave it a hug. "We're going to be best friends!"

Heather laughed. "Friendships start in the weirdest of ways…"

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