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Artemis sped into the E.R, closely followed by Robin.

"WHAT HAPPENED TO WALLY!" She was quick to ask.

Conner and Kaldur stood in the waiting room, ready to explain.

"We walked into the bathroom the second his head hit the tile, there was blood all over his head!" Conner remembered.

"HE FELL?" Artemis exclaimed.

"How?" Robin asked.

"He had his iPod on very loud, so he could listen to music in the shower, Moves Like Jagger came on, he began dancing, and slipped on a bar of soap." Kaldur recounted.

"HE-He what?" Artemis couldn't believe what she just heard.

"He was dancing in the shower?" Robin questioned.

"Yes, the doctor says he has a serious concussion." Kaldur went on. With one awkward moment of silence later, Artemis and Robin were on the floor laughing.

"He's never gonna live this down is he?" Conner asked. Kaldur shook his head.

"Not any time soon.