"WHATHAPPENEDTOARTEMIS!?" Wally exclaimed, running into the e.r.

"We were walking along the construction site, she tripped, and-." Megan cried.

"AND WHAT!?" Wally argued, when Robin came walking out, laughing like an idiot, video camera in hand.

"WHAT'S SO FUNNY!?" Wally asked, when he heard screaming.

"ROBIN, GIVE ME THAT TAPE OR YOU'RE GONNA BE THE ONE IN THE E.R!" Artemis yelled, running out of a room, traffic cone still clearly stuck on her head.

"She got a traffic cone stuck on her head?" Wally asked Megan.

"Yes..." Megan replied.





"...HAHA! THAT'S HILARIOUS!" Wally laughed, rolling around on the floor.

"It's not funny!" Megan shot, trying to hide her own laughter.

"You're right, you're right...it's fucking hysterical!" Wally burst out laughing yet again.

"YOU'RE NEXT, WALLACE!" Artemis screamed, throwing Robin into a head lock.

Even with a cone on her head, Artemis can still cause you pain!