Upon reaching the coast, six hours later, when night was falling fast, the group found that the village they needed to go through was over-run by undead, lead by a necromancer. Deciding to wait and hide until the following morning, because the undead fight at their best when it's dark, the group hid in a sunken allotment for a burnt-down house. Sentries were posted, and one of the dwarves had to do the entire night, which gave Waugh something else to grumble about.

"The entire night! Are you mad, like me? If you want me to do any fighting tomorrow, I'll need to get some sleep." he demanded.

"You're supposed to be a senior guardsman, so shuddup and do your job of guarding, while we get some kip." said Rhoddyn.

The humans slept deeply, with the exception of Rhoddyn, who, along with Grieg, was so deep in sleep, that if there was an explosion nearby, they wouldn't have woken up. The yeti sentries had changed, and Waugh had started to get back to sleep, as he had been woken up by the yetis.

A deep black shadow passed in front of Waugh, causing him to be fully alert.

"Wha… who are you?"

A sceptre came into his very blurry line of sight.


"Sorry to have disturbed your sleep."

"Don't be, don't be."

"I was forced to work for two necromancers, down in the village, as a slave, but they could not bind my soul. I will arm you with knowledge of where the necromancers' troops are, and will be, if you let me join."

"These necromancers being..."

"Camerin and Lanbech."

"Them! We have constantly fought against them and their hordes! However, I'm happy to let you join, but I'm not sure about the others. Can I ask you two questions?"

"Go ahead."

"What's your name? You'll find out ours soon enough."

"Snopi, Lord Snopi, or what's left of him."

"Also Snopi, could you take my guard duty, and wake me up just before dawn?"

Waugh was woken up by Snopi at dawn, just like Waugh had asked for. The dwarf strode into the allotment. Only Rhoddyn was awake, quietly sharpening his mace.

"Good morning." said Waugh.

"And to you."

At a nod, the two started to wake the others up. In Waugh's case, poking them with the butt of his spear. In Rhoddyn's case, poking them with the newly sharpened end of his mace. This made Leonnardo and White Beard angry - Leonnardo leapt onto his feet and drew his swords at the same time, White Beard grabbed his great sword and made a swipe at Rhoddyn's feet, who jumped at the last second.

After a cold breakfast, which gave Waugh something else to grumble at, the group, apart from Ingrid and Belladonna, drew their weapons and moved out of the allotment. Before he left, Leonnardo told the females to run if he shouted to them, and as far and as fast as they could.

When they were moving towards the village, Snopi told his new friends that the undead had a guard around the village, and one around the necromancers, who was near the ice bridge. Most of the undead were in the village square.

Because of the Yeti Battalion, the group had a brilliant victory instead of a total defeat. The Yeti Battalion, along with some hep from the dwarves and elves, managed to smite the outer defences before it realised what had hit it. As they approached the village square, the group was noticed by the undead in it. Because he yetis took up most of the street, with the dwarves, elves, and humans in-front of them, the undead had absolutely no chance of survival. Soon, skeletons had been destroyed, walking corpses had had their heads smashed in or their bodies cut to pieces. The necromancers said, when their opponents surrounded him:

"Why? We fight for you, but you fight me."

"How?" asked Rhoddyn.

"Danger, on the other side."

"What danger?" asked Waugh.

"You don't know?" asked Rhoddyn.


"Goblins. Most of them are in the Eleanor Isles, and more are going across," replied one of the necromancers. "Even I can't stop all of them."

"Right, necromancer, stay here with a few of the yetis, if that's alright with you, Rhoddyn."

"I think, friends, that I should let the Yeti Battalion chose their own leader, a yeti, rather that humans." Said Rhoddyn.

"Why?" asked Alfred.

"Even though the last winter here was bad, the ice bridge won't hold two yetis, let alone 20 of them."

He turned to the battalion.

"Two last orders. One, select your own leader, who must be one of your kind. Two, you must stop more goblins from crossing the ice bridge."

The humans, dwarves, and White Beard waited for Leonnardo to get Ingrid and Belladonna. When they returned, the group crossed the ice bridge, fully aware of its consequences.

Before the group got halfway across the ice-bridge, Waugh started complaining again. This time, it was about his feet being cold. The others told him to be quiet almost immediately after he opened mouth.


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