William Shakespeare said that all the world was a stage and all the men merely players. Sometimes I felt like he was talking about my high school. Every one played their part. Had their place. The jock. The Queen Bee. The loser. The rebel. The artist. The fat girl. And then there was me, in the middle of it all. Like their audience, watching them with fascination and disgust as they played their games. Sometimes I wondered if they realized, if they really knew what they were. Beautiful. Misunderstood. Damaged. Loved. Feared. Perfect. Like if they could see themselves through my eyes, maybe it would be a little clearer. Maybe they would know. Maybe they would change.

My name is Jane. And this is my diary.

A/N: I needed to write this because I think it's important. It will deal with some difficult subjects so please use reader discretion by continuing on. It's really different from what I've written before, especially with it being through Jane's POV. I hope you'll give it a chance.

Although I have posted it on FF to make it accessible to everyone, it is meant to be read on the blog I have created for it almost like it's actual diary entries. I'd love for you to read it on there, and either comment there or use FF for reviewing, but I'll be happy just to have you reading it wherever that may be.

This is a very short piece and will be less than 10 diary entries.

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