Chapter 3

The not so good plain

Luke's POV

'I've never seen Cristian so angry over a girl before, it's almost scary but so funny till he starts crying. I hate it when he does that.' "I've got it Luke, I'll kiss her and show her how much I love her, and then there is no way for her to refuse my love." 'I don't like that look on his face' "Cristian I don't think that's a good plan and what about her boyfriend, you know that guy you just meat what do you think he's going to do when he finds out that you kissed his girl. Plus I think she really likes him and won't leave him any time soon." 'I really hope he doesn't do it but he will no matter what I say or do.' What a distorting new delimit with Cristian and Luke how is it going to work and will the plan even happen

Megan's POV

"But Amanda I really like him but I love phoenix." I say sadly "Megan cristian isn't good for you and who know who many girls he has been with." "Yeah Megan he isn't good for you, you cried for a hole week the last time. What do you think will change if you guys get back together?" lacy added with kindness with every word she said but with farce anger in the new devilment along with what Amanda was saying. "Megan, don't go crying to us when he breaks your heart again." Amanda continued. "Guys I need someone to make me go crazy with love and passion but you too have a point in all but, I can't deny my feelings for him much longer." 'I don't know what I'll do with phoenix, he didn't think it would last I would have never thought he was right but he is, I just hope he doesn't do any think stupid when we break up.' "Megan, cristians coming I got to go see you guys at lunch" lacy whispered "bye lacy see you later. " Yeah see you later."

Cristian's POV

"Good morning cristian." She greeted me happily with a big smile. 'She's so cute when she smiles.' "Morning, how are you?" I ask slyly "I'm awesome, how about you and, who is that behind you?" she questioned sweetly. "Oh this is my best friend Luke. he's new to this school and he's in our class." I added with pleasure "well any friend of Cristian's is a friend of mine and I'm Megan and this is Amanda." She says with a friendly/shy smile after five minutes of meet and greets Megan Amanda and, Luke became friends. I think they are, his first friends that are girls sense I meet him.