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The Singing Towers

Chapter 1

River Song sat there in her cold, dark cell at Stormcage, planning her next adventure. She had gotten the idea from something a guard had been saying to another while passing by on their daily rounds. Something about deadly shadows at the Library. Of course, she was immediately interested. She had used all the resources available to her and managed to pull together a team of five others who had already been planning to observe the Library. This had all been a month ago, though. Since then she spent all her time studying the vashda Nerada: killer shadows.

She was now completely prepared, which was good considering the trip would be tomorrow. All she had left to do was to configure an escape plan. That would not be hard.

Suddenly, she heard a familiar whooshing sound coming from behind her, for she was facing away from the outside of her cell. At first she had just dismissed it as a guard tampering with the air lock, but as the noise continued, she realized it had been way too long since he had come. She smiled to herself. The Doctor was in.


The Doctor sat in the TARDIS, thoroughly and utterly bored. He had been knocking around on his own for a while; having his own adventures. Now, he realized that he couldn't possibly do this on his own any longer. The worst part was the loneliness. He didn't even have any idea of where to go next. Everywhere he could think of he'd either been kicked out of or held no interest for him if he didn't have a partner.

He suddenly remembered something he'd heard long ago. Something about the Singing Towers. He did not remember where he had heard it, but for some reason his mind immediately associated this place with River Song. He had no idea why, since they'd never been there before, but he took this as a hint. He would fly to Stormcage, break her out (again), and take her to the Singing Towers. He pulled a few levers, and the TARDIS did the rest with a joyful hum, as she was just as eager to have company as he was.


River didn't turn around, just waited for the Doctor's greeting. "Hi, honey, I'm home!" he said brightly, as usual.

"And what sort of time do you call this?" she asked while turning around. In a matter of seconds the Doctor had soniced the lock on her cell and pulled her into his arms. He could have stood there all day, taking in the sweet smell of her, but she eventually said, "I'm sorry, sweetie, but we should probably be leaving before the guards realize I'm out again."

The Doctor didn't answer, only swept her off her feet and carried her into the TARDIS. Once inside, he set her back on her feet and gave the TARDIS the order to leave, as the coordinates were already in. He moved back over to River and pulled her in for a kiss. They stood there like that—locked in embrace with arms wrapped tightly around each other. Finally River pulled away, saying, "So when are we?"

After synching their diaries, they discovered—to the Doctor's squeal of joy—that they were positively linear. "So where exactly are we going, dear?" River asked as they flew through time and space.

"It's a surprise," he replied with a sly smile.

River winked as she said, "Oh, come on. Just give me a hint." The Doctor said nothing, only smiled mysteriously and pulled her into his arms again. She found his lips, and they were kissing again. Her fingers entangled in his rich brown locks as his found her curls. River decided not to ask about their destination anymore after that. By the time they landed—which hadn't seemed long at all—they were both out of breath.

River was the first one out the door. She took a glance around. "Darillium?"

The Doctor again smiled that sly, mysterious smile. "You'll see," he said, hardly able to contain his excitement. He hopped out of the TARDIS and took River's hand. Soon they were winding their way through the rugged terrain, while River was still uncertain as to where they were going. They cut through a small forest and into a clearing at the edge of a cliff. Now River knew why they were here.

She saw large, stone towers reaching up from the valley below. As though these were not an incredible sight as they were, they also produced the sweetest sound either of them had ever heard (and for the Doctor, that is a great achievement). There were no words, only the sweet, powerful melody echoing off every inch of the valley.

For a while, all either of them could do was stand there, mesmerized. Then, the Doctor snapped out of it and said, "After you," while motioning for River to sit. While sitting there staring at the Singing Towers (which the Doctor thought should actually just be called the Musical Towers), the Doctor felt a pang of guilt somewhere deep down. For some reason, however, he couldn't put his finger on why this was. He shooed it away, as he would not let it obstruct an evening with River Song.

They were now laying down, the sun warm on their faces. The Doctor wrapped his arm around River, and pulled her into him. River wrapped her arms around him. He tucked his head under hers to place a long, slow kiss to her neck, and he could feel her cool breath in his hair. She then pulled his chin up to kiss him properly on the mouth. They kissed slowly, the music of the Towers calming them. Though they kissed over and over, the Doctor still felt that mysterious pang in his heart, and the closer he got to River the worse it was.

River noticed that he had begun to space himself a little more and wondered what she had done wrong. They were linear, so he shouldn't have any problems with this. She pulled away with an expression of confusion mixed with hurt. The Doctor, realizing what had happened, pulled her closer and said, "River, I'm sorry. You know I love you. I love you more than anything. It's just…nothing. No, nothing. Everything is positively perfect." He thought better of telling her, as he didn't want to ruin this.

It was now sunset, and they lay there together, entwined, staring at the sun (or whatever star it was) as it made its way through the horizon. The nagging feeling the Doctor had had was now stronger than ever. He was so close. All of a sudden, he recalled a conversation he'd had before his last regeneration. He recalled the Library and River sitting in that deadly chair. He recalled everything she had said, especially the part about their last night together… at the Singing Towers.

This realization hit him like a tidal wave. At first he became stiff and incredibly pail. River noticed his arms become rigid around her. "What's wrong, my love?" she asked, worried. It didn't matter, though, because he couldn't speak.

It's today, he thought, today is our last day together. River will die tomorrow, and it will be all my fault. I brought her here today. I could have waited another century! Stupid, stupid Doctor! I have just led her to her death!

"Doctor?" River tried again, becoming frantic. But he couldn't take it anymore. He began to cry. It was now dark, but River could see the tears on his face reflect the moonlight. They kept coming, more and more, and the worst part was he couldn't tell her anything. Not one thing. River misinterpreted the tears to mean that he found the towers overwhelmingly beautiful, and drew him in for another kiss.

The Doctor pulled her even closer to him. He would not miss out on anything if this was to be their last night together. They were kissing more forcefully now, and the Doctor was still crying. At one point, he simply broke down and began muttering, "Please, please."

Once he had composed himself as best he could, the Doctor stood up and took River with him, and they made their way back to the TARDIS. When they were on board, the Doctor did not go to the controls as usual, but rather to a small cabinet. River stood by the consul, waiting. He brought back a screwdriver and a small gun, and held them out to her. "Please take these," he said.

"A sonic and a squareness gun? What use could I possibly have for those?" she asked, thoroughly confused.

"Please, just trust me," he replied with a sense of urgency. "Just this once, I need you to trust me." River hesitated, but eventually took the gifts and, in return, handed the Doctor her Alpha Mason gun.

"I doubt I'll need this on my next adventure. Take good care of her." The Doctor didn't argue since he did know that she wouldn't need it. She tucked the items into her pockets, as did the Doctor.

The Doctor took off his jacket, and helped River with hers. This is our last night together, he thought, with the hint of a smile. River seemed to be reading his mind. She took his hand and led her to their room.

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