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It's a warm sunny day for the people of Goa Kingdom. At a secluded cove not far from Foosha village, a group of people stand there, waiting. "Where the hell is he, Makino?"

Makino, a woman with dark green hair, her trademark bandanna tied around her head, replies, "He said he was going to visit 'his' grave. Give him some time, Ace."

Ace sighs. "Yeah, I guess so. Kinda wish he would hurry it up though. I mean, I did delay my departure by a year so he could come with me. And I did train him personally, so he would be stronger when we left." Ace reaches up, adjusting his orange cowboy hat, and wipes away the sweat from his forehead.

"I don't know why you two would want to be pirates. You're just going to ruin this village." States the mayor of Foosha.

"No, mayor, Luffy will. Technically, I`m not from your village," Ace says with a smirk. "Living with Dadan in the mountains exempts me from being part of YOUR village. Speaking of Dadan. Where is she?"

"She said she didn't want to come," Dogra replies to Ace "Don't know the reason though." he said as he shakes his head, looking sad.

Before Ace could say anything, everyone`s attention is drawn to a noise coming from the forest. After a while the sound of running is clear and getting louder, and laughter is heard too. Then, a dark haired boy wearing a straw hat emerges from the forest, laughing, being chased by a giant black bear. Everyone screams, "Luffy! You idiot!"

Luffy waves to everybody. "Oi! Everybody, we ready to go?"

Ace yells at Luffy, "Idiot!" and runs towards the bear. Jumping into the air, Ace comes back down, punching it in the head and knocking it out.

"Awww, Ace," Luffy says with a whine. "I was gonna take it out."

"Well, you should have done that before you brought it here." Ace says, slapping Luffy in the head.

"You guys ready to go?" asked Makino. The two guys nod. "Good, but remember you only have a week's supply of food. Don't eat it all at once."

"Yeah Luffy," Ace says.

"Hey, you eat a lot too." Luffy says, defending himself.

"Alright boys, settle down," Makino says, trying to calm the two brothers. "But Luffy's right. It goes for both of you."

Both the boys nod and jump into the boat. They unfurl the sail and start to take off. "Goodbye everyone! See you again soon," The boys say as they wave goodbye.

"Take care! Don't catch a cold," Makino says, waving with everyone else. Their waving stops and looks of horror come across their faces when they see a sea king appear before the boys.

"Watch out!" Yells the mayor.

Ace and Luffy turn around and when they see it, they don't look impressed. "Think you can let me have this one Ace?" Luffy asks.

"Sure." Ace says as he sat down.

Luffy grins and says. "Alright you bastard. This is for Shanks. Gomu Gomu no..." Luffy throws his arm back, stretching it, and brings it back, punching the sea king in the face. "Pistol!"

The sea king goes flying out of the water and lands right back in unconscious. "Nice punch, Luffy. You really have improved," Ace complements.

Everybody back on the island is shocked at how strong Luffy has become. Even with the shocked looks on their face, they all continue to wave.

Luffy faces Ace and smiles. "Alright, as the captain, I say we go this way." Luffy points in a random direction.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa." Ace says as he gets up. "Who said you are the captain?"

"I did."

"Well your not."

"Why not! I'm the one going to be the Pirate King!"

"Yeah, but I'm stronger. You can't have the captain weaker than his crew. So I'm the captain."

"But I'm going to be the Pirate King!"

"I'm stronger!"

"Pirate King!"


The two continue to argue while the boat sails further away from the island. After a few hours, their stomachs growl and they stop to eat. This is when Ace noticed no islands are in sight. "Uhhh. Which way was it back home?" Ace asks, looking around.

"Why, you forget something?" Luffy asks with his mouth full of food, and mumbles, "and you want to be captain."

"Shut up. I'm just trying to get our bearings, because we lost sight of the island when we were arguing," Ace says still looking around.


"So? Luffy, were going to be lost."

"Oh well. Think of it as our first adventure as pirates," Luffy says with a cheerful tone and a smile on his face.

Ace smacks his forehead with his hand and says, "This, is going to be a long adventure."

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