Important Update

Hey guys just letting you know that in a few months time I will be deleting this story and replacing it with another story of the same name but with slight changes. Mainly, this one being my biggest change, being that there will be no Luffy. I never wanted to this fanfic with Luffy in it. He was a last minute decision. Another reason for that is that I feel that if I put Luffy in it I have to address certain things like his Father and the poneglyphs and a bunch of other stuff that wouldn't be in Ace's story. Plus we all know Luffy would never join Whitebeards crew. Another big change would that I won't be accepting characters from you guys instead they will all be made by me. I am keeping Andon, Cicero, and Nevi. Only because I feel that they are now part of the crew and can't be replaced. Sorry to everyone who put in the effort and time of creating those amazing characters you all sent in. Who knows maybe I'll actually even use some of them.

Now for the question of when this new version of Adventures of the Spade Pirates will come out. (That will be the new title.) And that will be on the first Thursday of June, so the 5th. I will be working on it till then and try to get ahead and hopefully start writing the Grand Line by the time I release the first chapter. I promised that i would finish this story and I will. Just with a few minor changes.

I hope you all understand this and are willing to wait till then. Thank you all who reviewed and favourited and followed. Those are what really helped me get over writers block and kept me going. Love all ya guys and I hope to see you in June!