New dragons, old wars

Ethan dreamed of dragons and elves. Oh, how he longed to be part of that world, a world of honor, of courage, of bravery, and of magic. Where my dad is, he thought, just out of reach. Ethan wanted to be part of that world, not forever stuck, stuck in a world of farmers and dead ends. Here you grew up a farmer and died either a casualty of war or a farmer. How could anyone want that life, Ethan didn't. He wanted his life to mean something, anything. Anything but this.

He was a prince! A prince stuck with his uncle, a once great war hero, too old to do anything but farm… how stupid? His uncle could do anything be anything, but no he chose farming.

"I was born farming, and I will die farming." Ethan's uncles voice echoed through his head. Yes, and he was born a prince, what will he die as?

Ethan opened his eyes. Stop! Don't think that way!

Ethan's father was said to be one of the greatest fighters in the whole of the Great War. As fast, as strong, and as agile as an elf, yet not. As furious, powerful, and magical as a dragon, yet not. Ethan wanted to be like his father someday. He was already as strong, agile, and as fast as an elf,(for he was part elf),at only fourteen years old. Not quite a man. Oh, how great it would be, how great he would be. If, only if he wasn't forever stuck here.

Ethan heard something outside his room, his cousin Nicholas walked in."Get up fool! we have chores to do.