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"You ready, boys?" Coll whispered from behind the tent some officers stayed in.
"Why are we even doing this?" Ethan asked Bryton. "This isn't taking mead from my cousins! We could get in trouble."
"Your guess is as good as mine, mate. None of us can even shoot an arrow!" Bentley added.
"That's not why we are doing this! We are proving that we can!" Averill told them. "You don't have to come. We'll just tell everyone that you are as spineless as a blade of grass."
With a look of determination Ethan turned to his friends, "I'll get it myself." He slowly moved toward the edge of the tent. "I have an idea, mates. Bryton, keep watch for them." Bryton gave a nervous nod. Ethan climbed a tree with a limb hanging over the tent. "Rope." He tied himself to the tree. "Don't want to fall." He explained to his questioning friends.
He slowly moved towards the tent. Opened in the middle for if the soldiers make a fire, Ethan used that whole to his advantage. He jumped. The whole just barely fit his small frame.
The bow is in the corner by itself, the arrows near it. Ethan needed both. He slowly moved towards the weapons.
"What are you doing here, lad?" A gruff voice asked him. Ethan mumbled a curse and turned towards the voice. "What is it you are doing here?"
"I was playing a game with some friends. I thought one of them might be hiding in here, sir. I am very sorry, I'll just leave, sir." He left then tent and cursed again, this time at the sight of his mates being held by other mean looking officers.
"Those friends, lad?" The officer behind him asked. "The ones that told us exactly what you were doing in my tent?" Ethan nodded with a look of utter disbelief on his face. They just told them, no torture or anything, just threw me into their arms. Roran is going to kill me. He sighed.

The group of boys was marched into the town center. "Who do these trouble makers belong to?" The lead officer shouted. Clovis walked out of the tavern. Clovis was the old tavern owner's son, and the husband of Ethan's cousin Ismira. Ethan tried to make himself as small and unnoticeable as possible.
Clovis saw Ethan immediately. "Ethan!"
Ethan cursed again, this time in dwarfish. "IS this one yours?" The office asked Clovis.
"No, but I should get my wife. She will know what to do." He told the man, leaving to get Ismira.
Ethan saw all his mates leave with their parents. He waited nervously. "If I run now, how far would I get? He asked the officer closest to him. No one talked. It took so long that Ethan thought his family had decided just to leave him there and not even bother. Then he saw Ismira come out of the tavern. She did not look very happy. "Ethan, Clovis went to go get father. They should be here soon. Then we will talk.
I knew this would end badly,
was all Ethan could think as he was dragged to the tavern, silently reprimanding himself for being so stupid.