Cosmic Dreams

Summary: When Finn meets Fionna, the Cosmic Owl tells him to win her heart and to stop chasing Princess Bubblegum. What's he supposed to do? Finn's about to find out that the ocean isn't his only weakness.

Chapter 1

"Hey, when's that International Royal Council that PB wants us to go to?" Jake asked his half-brother. "Today," Finn answered, sticking a piece of bacon in his mouth. "Today?" Jake exclaimed, spitting his coffee all over Beemo. "Hey!" Beemo protested in its little robotic voice. "Sorry Beemo," Jake said, looking back at Finn. "Yeah dude, it's today. We've known about it for like, a month. Why are you so worked up about it?" Finn questioned. "Oh nothing, I just wanted to make a scene," Jake laughed. "You spit coffee on me for no reason," Beemo concluded. "Heh, sorry," Jake said sheepishly while Finn laughed.

"So, Princess, why is it called the International Royal Council?" Finn asked as he and Princess Bubblegum rode on an enlarged Jake's back through the Grasslands. "Because, it's not just Royalty from Ooo coming," PB answered her young friend, "Royalty from the Land of Aaa are coming as well." "Land of Aaa?" Finn asked. "The Land of Aaa is a continent across the ocean from us," PB explained. "Ooh," Finn said. "Princess, where is the meeting? We don't actually have to cross the ocean to get there, do we?" he asked, suddenly scared. "Oh no, Finn, We won't have to cross the ocean. The meeting is being held in Ooo this year," PB assured him. "Oh, good," he sighed.

PB laughed. "I forgot you were scared of the ocean," she admitted. Finn gritted his teeth. "I'm not scared," he muttered. "Yes you are!" Jake called. "Jake! Shut it!" Finn said, embarrassed. PB snickered and Jake full-out laughed, plunging the boy into total embarrassment. "Ugh whatever," he said, lying back on Jake. PB smiled at Finn. "I think it's cute that you're afraid," she said. Finn's eyes popped open and Jake said, "Ooh!" "Uh…" Finn wasn't sure what to say. "Hey look, we're here!" PB announced, pointing to a large dome-shaped building.

Finn silently thanked Grob, Gob, Glob, and Grod for saving him from this awkward moment. "Ha, yeah!" he announced, jumping off of Jake. He grabbed Princess Bubblegum's hand and helped her down. Jake shrunk down to normal size. "Whoa, this place is huge," Finn said in awe. "Eh, I've seen bigger," Jake mumbled while PB explained, "Well it has to be big in order for all of the Royalty to fit, brainless." "Heh, she said it has to be big so it can fit," Jake snorted. "No she didn't," Finn said, annoyed with his brother's dirty mind. She shook her head at the two boys. "Guys, and by guys I mean Jake," she said, looking directly at Jake who smiled innocently. "Please try to act mature. This is a serious thing, you need to be serious!" she exclaimed. "Okay Princess," Finn answered. "I'm not worried about you Finn," she said glancing at Jake who was now chasing his tail. She looked back at Finn. "Just make sure he stays under control."

PB straightened out her dress and pushed the door open. Everyone turned to look at her. She smiled and walked to her seat at the large table. "Hello all," she said cheerily. "Hello Princess Bubblegum," they greeted her just as cheerfully. Finn stared at all of the faces in the room. There was two of everyone! He rubbed his eyes to make sure they weren't just playing tricks on him, but when he opened them, there were still twice as many Princesses as usual. Upon closer examination, he realized that there weren't two of each Princess; there was only one Princess, and one prince.

"Mathematical," he whispered to Jake, who was taking in the Princes as well. Each of the Princesses sat beside their Prince counterpart. The Princes looked exactly like the Princesses, with the exception of a different hair style, accessory, or shade. There was a counterpart for everyone- even Peppermint Butler! Finn looked at the small peppermint man talking to Peppermint Maid.

All of the Princes were staring at Finn in shock. Whispers of "Look at that boy," and "is he a Human?" passed between the Princes. The Princesses looked at the Princes strangely, wondering what they were talking about. They were all used to Finn by now, and it shocked them to know that anyone didn't know Finn the Human, the great hero of Ooo. Soon whispers of, "Why are they so surprised?" and, "It's just Finn," joined the chorus of whispers from the table.

"Come on Fi!" a voice called from behind Finn. He turned around and saw a white cat about the same size as Jake pulling on something. The cat gave one final tug, and the most beautiful girl Finn had ever seen stumbled in the door. Even with a look of pure terror on her face, she was gorgeous. She was soaked. Her shoulder-length golden-blonde hair was dripping with water and she was clutching a white hat, not unlike Finn's, like her life depended on it. "Fionna, what happened to you?" one of the Princes at the table exclaimed upon seeing the girl. "I-I fell…in…the….freaking…ocean!" she said shakily. A guy who looked remarkably like Princess Bubblegum walked over and threw his arm around the girl. "Come here, let's get you dried off," he said in a caring tone that bothered Finn. The cat followed the girl-Fionna- and the Prince who looked like PB, rubbing a small bruise on her arm.

"Whoa," Finn breathed. "Who was that?" he asked no one in particular. "Fionna is the hero of Aaa," the Prince who looked like LSP spoke up in a strangely high-pitched voice. "We thought she was the last Human," the one who looked like Wild Berry Princess finished. "Whoa, that's totally math, dude!" Jake exclaimed.

The pink Prince who walked away with Fionna returned. "Poor girl, she fell off of Cake. You know how afraid she is of the ocean," he said, retaking his seat next to Princess Bubblegum. "Who are we still waiting on?" he asked. "Uh, Marceline and Marshal, and uh, Ice King and Queen, but I didn't really expect them to come anyway," Princess Bubblegum answered, shaking her head. There was a loud crack of thunder and the Vampire Queen appeared in the doorway, along with a boy who could be her twin. "Ah, there they are, we can start now!"

About half-way into the meeting, Fionna returned with her cat, Cake. They walked over to the back of the room where Finn and Jake were sitting. Finn was laying on one of the benches, tracing patterns in the dirt. He looked up when he heard the two girls approach. Fionna sat on the bench next to him. "Hi," she said quietly as not to disturb the meeting. Finn sat up. "Hey," he replied, some-what awkwardly. He noticed that she had pulled almost all of her hair up into her hat and was now wearing a tight blue shirt that came down past the top of her jeans.

She twirled the strand of hair that hung out of her hat between her fingers. Finn noticed he was staring and quickly looked away. He saw Jake and Cake having a stare-down. Must be a cat/dog thing Finn thought. He looked back at Fionna. "So… are you from around here?" she asked, trying to start a conversation. "Yeah, my house isn't that far from here," Finn answered. After that first awkward moment, the conversation between the two flowed easily. They exchanged stories about the many adventures they'd been on. Though most of them sounded kind of similar, there were a few that were totally and completely different.

By the time the International Royal Council was over, the two Humans felt as if they'd known each other forever. All of the Princes and Princesses were crowded outside of the building. "Alright everyone," PB announced standing next to Prince Gumball (that's what Finn heard someone call him); "You are all welcome to stay at my castle for the night." All of the Princes and Princesses cheered. They all traveled back to the Candy Kingdom, talking and what-not. Finn, Fionna, and Cake sat on an enlarged Jake's back just talking. Cake was showing off her stretchy powers while Finn and Fionna talked about random stuff; stuff ranging from their favorite foods (meatloaf and cheese) to who they thought would win the next Wizard Battle.

When they arrived at the Candy Castle, Princess Bubblegum provided everyone sleeping bags. Cake curled into Fionna's side when she lied down. Jake sat on Finn's feet. The two Humans stayed up talking and watching Marceline and Marshall Lee prank sleeping peoples. When they finally did fall asleep, Marceline floated over, ready to draw strange things on their faces, but stopped when she saw the way their heads were put together and the way their hands were linked together. "Awh," she cooed. She smiled at them one more time before flying away to spray-paint the walls.