His blonde ruffled hair fell in his eyes. "You're different from all the other girls. Why?" he asked confused.

Ruby's lips upturned into a smirk. "I'm a demon who has been to hell and back literally. That'll make you not like the typical teenage girl you know," she shrugged.

He seemed surprised. "What is it like?" he asked, seeming mystified. "You think the world is a fucked up place. I know, I understand. I did too. But I sold my soul for some witchcraft thing back when I was human. Went to hell, and I can safely say earth is way better," she said.

He seemed surprised and only stared at her. "Why are you here?" he was just full of questions for her. "I'm bored and need something to keep me entertained," she shrugged.

"Why are you here?" she asked, coming closer to him. Looking around the mysterious house she was visiting. "I'm stuck here," he frowned. Ruby blinked and looked over Tate's shoulder to see a small, lithe brunette standing there. Half of her body hidden behind the wall as she stared over the encounter between Ruby and Tate.

"Sucks, you can't move onto the other side or something like that?" she decided to ask him a question. "Yeah, I kinda damned myself to this house," he replied.

"Oh you're not the only one who's damned themselves to something stupid," she chuckled bitterly. They just stared at eachother shortly.

Ruby seemed to understand Tate more than anyone else. More than Violet had even. One was a Demon, one was a psychotic ghost. They could get along quite well.

As they continued to "see" eachother. Violet just watched in jealousy. She knew she couldn't hold it against Tate. She had broken his heart and he had to move on. She would just grieve and stay stuck in this stupid fucking house.

So this is going to be the start of my new little challenge for myself. This is my 90th story published on here! :D I'm happy about that. My birthday is coming up in 18 days to be exact. So I'm going to be writing more frequent drabbles with different pairings. To get to my 100th story (which will probably be published on my birthday.) A lot will possibly be crossovers. Idek, but I'm going to publish a couple of my livejournal drabbles I have posted on my journal, but not on fanfiction. Anyway that was a long rant, I hope that was understandable. Expect more one-shots, short drabbles to come. :D