Haruhi and The Host Wars

Summary: Warning: AU-ish and definitely expect OOC-ness. Haruhi falls for one of the hosts but also has all of them supporting feelings for her as well. They are all going to try to win her heart, some more differently than others. Haruhi eventually finds out and is afraid of the outcome, she also realizes unknown feelings she had been holding for a few other hosts. How is this going to end? Haruhi/? There will be coarse language and violence between hosts. Don't read if don't like, but please read if you dont mind it.

Rating: T

Pairing: Haruhi/?

A/N: I know that I still have one unfinished story and a story that is currently on hiatus. But I had to write this otherwise it would have been left forgotten in my laptop, and I just can't stand it when I do that to my stories. So I had to at least get chapter one of this written, and I have done a pretty god job of keeping my other story Fear Restriction updated, so I figured I could write this one. This will also be anime based so nothing should go with the manga. And this is basically just a opening. Okay I'll stop chattering and let you get to the actual story now. But one more thing,

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Chapter 1

Haruhi POV

I hosted my customers like usual, waiting for today's hosting session to end. But it just didn't seem to want to end. I wanted to ask the guys for a favor, I know I don't do that very often but I figured I could at least try knowing that Tamaki would love to do something for me.

"I apologize ladies, but hosting hours are done for the day. We can't wait to see all of your lovely faces after the holiday break." The usual ending call made by Kyoya came.

I internally sighed happily. I just have to figure out how to ask Tamaki without him freaking out or whatever. As soon as all of the girls were gone I went up to Tamaki, who was resting in his hosting spot.

"Um, Tamaki-sempai, can I ask you for a favor?" I asked shyly.

I looked up at him to see him looking at me and he blinked twice before he nodded happily.

"Of course my dear Haruhi! What may I do for you?"

"Well, I was wondering if you could, um, maybe arrange for the host club to do something over break? I want to leave the house because my father will be spending the whole break with one of his clients and I don't want to be bored." I asked finishing with an explanation.

He looked at me and he grinned merrily. Uh-oh…..what have I just brought upon myself?

"Why of course my dear Haruhi! I would be honored to arrange this little trip! Do you have any suggestions as to where we should go?" he exclaimed a little too loudly for my liking.

The twins sauntered up to us curious as to what was going on.

"What's going on, boss?" Hikaru asked.

"Yeah, we could here you shouting from in the changing room." Kaoru added.

"Haruhi has proposed we all go somewhere for the break!" Tamaki announced.

At this Honey looked up from his cake eating now shocked and intrigued.

"Really, Haru-chan? You willingly want to spend time with us?" he asked.

'Well the way he just put that made me sound like some cold hearted jerk…' Haruhi thought to herself.

"Yeah. I don't want to spend the whole break by myself. And I would have nothing to do, so I decided to ask Tamaki-sempai."

"Yay! You hear that Takashi? Haru-chan wants to spend the whole entire break with us! Doesn't that sound like fun?" Honey asked his cousin.

Mori slightly smiled and nodded.

By now Kyoya had walked over to where we were all gathered and had his notebook open and writing who knows what in it.

"Hmm, where do you suppose we go Haruhi?" he questioned.

"I don't know. I don't really care either. I got a passport, if that helps."

"Really Haruhi?" the twins chorused.

"Yeah. My dad bought it for me, knowing that if I ever got invited to go somewhere out of the country with you guys, I could go."

"Yes, Ranka told me of that."

I groaned. I still hated that my dad and Kyoya-sempai were always talking about me behind my back.

"Oh, oh! I know!" Kaoru suddenly exclaimed.

"Where do you think Kaoru?" I asked with actual curiosity.

"We should go to Hikaru and I's family's private beach down in the Philippines. You would love it Haruhi."

I thought about it for a minute before breaking into a big grin.

"Let's go!" I exclaimed.

"Wow, Haruhi. You sure are in a good mood." Hikaru commented.

I nodded, I didn't know why but I was.

"We'll be picking you up later tonight around seven thirty so be ready." The twins told me.

"I will. See you all later!" I called before gathering my things and leaving the music room.

Normal POV

In Music Room 3

"Kyoya-sempai, do you know if anything is happening with her?" Hikaru questioned looking at the door that Haruhi had just exited.

"Nothing that I know of."

"Well she's acting quite strangely." Kaoru said.

"Yes, I do agree with you."

"Maybe Haru-chan just can't wait for break?" Honey suggested.

The others shrugged.

"We'll pick you guys up later. Ja ne~" the twins said, before leaving the room.

Haruhi's POV

7:15 at Haruhi's House

'Leave dad a note, check.

Pack everything, check.

Extra swimsuit, check.

Okay now I just have to get dressed.' I went through the mental check list. I ran to my room and dug through my drawers. I can finally take off this wrap. I have to wear it every day and I hate it. I suppose I should keep it on and shock the others when we go swimming. I already know my swimsuits will shock them, but if they see that I'm no longer miss flat as a cutting board. I can't wait to see their reactions. Not even my dad knows that I've grown in that section either so they will be the first to know and see.

Well there that and the fact that they'll get to see my hair. I have let it grow out and it now goes to the middle of my back, I just have been wearing a wig because I didn't want the host club to find out. My dad knows about the hair of course, because he's the one who told me to keep it long and that he would get a wig for me. And surprisingly it worked.

I looked in the mirror at my unclothed self and realized how different I looked. I have actually started to get a little bit more curves and I mean a little. My chest is actually a size B. At least it should be. I have actually tanned a little. I have grown a few inches so I'm now standing at 5' 02" but Honey hasn't looked any shorter, maybe he's growing in height along with me.

I shrugged and put the wrap back on and threw on a black and purple striped shirt that had almost a wave hem on the end. I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans my dad had cut into Capri's. I looked at myself now dressed and smiled in satisfactory. I won't dress like a guy during the break just to make the twins, Tamaki, and Honey happy. Not Honey as much as the other two but still for him.

I brushed my hair out and looked at it. Should I wear the wig? Or just keep it down and they can see it right away? I'll just put it into a high ponytail. I had just finished when I heard a knock at my door and the doorbell go off three times in a row. I smiled and slid my cell phone into my pocket and grabbed my three bags and left my room.

I opened the door and smiled at them. I opened it wider and told them to come in while I finished up. They took a seat around the table while a closed the door. Honey was the first to notice, when I whipped around it spun around giving itself away.

"Haru-chan! Your hair!" Honey shouted happily.

I smiled. The others turned to look thinking something bad had happened but all gasped in shock at it.

"M-My beautiful daughter is wearing a wig! It looks fabulous on you Haruhi!" Tamaki announced.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Okay so they are all lot more stupid then I thought.

"You guys, it's not a wig. It's real." I stated pulling on it to prove my point.

They all gasped.

"But how?" the twins asked.

"I've been wearing a wig for the past, um, five months is it? Yeah five months." I explained walking into the kitchen to read the note I left for dad.

"Oh, that makes sense." They all replied.

I shook my head at them and smiled. "Ready?"

"Yeah~ Let's go!" Honey cheered running for the door.

Mori followed him and grabbed my two largest bags. The twins got up and followed them out and I came out with Tamaki and Kyoya, grabbing my small carry-on and locking the door.

We all got seated. Hikaru, Kaoru, Kyoya, and Tamaki sat on one side. Honey, Mori, and I sat across from them. It was a quiet car ride. When we pulled into the airport, Mori got out first and grabbed my two bags and his own plus Honey's on top of that.

"Ano, Mori-sempai, I can take my bags. It's all right. You seem to have enough to carry." I said trying to get him to give me bags.

He shook his head and continued walking.

"Oh, uh, then thank you."

He nodded. And we all continued walking in. We were soon told our flight got delayed until nine, so we all had to sit in the uncomfortable airport chairs. Honey fell asleep around eight-thirty. And everyone else was still awake, but barely. Well okay I was perfectly awake. I was talking to one of the other passengers of our flight. He was actually really interesting.

"So, Haruhi… This will be your very first time to the Philippines'?" he asked in his smooth accent.

"Yeah. Is it your first time?"

"No, that is my home. I grew up there, but I come to visit my family here in Japan quite often."

I nodded and smiled. "That's very sweet of you, Ramiere (pronunciation: Ra-mirror)."

He smiled at me. "Thank you. You are a very kind young woman."

"Thank you very much!" I exclaimed.

"Are those men friends of yours?" he asked gesturing to the guys.

"Yeah…" I trailed off looking over to them.

All of them had fallen asleep.

"They are very lucky then." Ramiere told me.

I was confused at what he meant by that. "What do you mean?"

He looked at me. "They are lucky to be friends with such a nice, caring, and beautiful woman such as yourself. I would have to say that I would definitely be very, very lucky." He grabbed my hand and his lips ever so slightly brushed the top of my knuckles.

I'm pretty sure my face had tinted a light shade of red. Wait, I was blushing? That's very unusual. Ramiere must be very talented, because none of the hosts can even make me blush.

"Your way too kind, Ramiere, really." I stammered.

He shook his head, smiling.

"Attention to all passengers boarding the flight to the Philippines' your flight is ready to board. Please make your way to the loading dock, thank you." The announcer said.

I sighed and looked at the boys. None of them had even flinched. Well I better get them up….

I smiled to Ramiere. "Bye Ramiere. I see you later, I guess.".

"Good bye Haruhi. Kinawiwilihan ko pakikipag-usap sa iyo. Umaasa ako maaari naming makipag-usap muli agad (I enjoyed talking to you. I hope we can talk again soon)." Ramiere said some in his home language, Filipino. I recognized it but did not know what he said.

I went to go start waking up the guys. I tapped Kaoru on the shoulder and tapped Hikaru's leg with my foot. They both groaned and woke up.

"Time to go." I stated.

I woke up Mori by shaking his shoulder slightly. He nodded and lifted Honey onto his shoulders. I looked to see the twins had gotten Tamaki up. I walked cautiously over to Kyoya.

"Kyoya-sempai. We have to get on the flight." I said into his ear.

He moved and turned. I poked his back. He growled.

"Go away, Tamaki…" he muttered.


He shot up and glared around until he caught sight of me.

"What Haruhi?"

"We need to board the plane."

He sighed and got up. We all walked to the flight, where I could see Ramiere talking to a frustrated flight attendant. I ran ahead worried about what was going on.

"What's going on, Ramiere?" I asked.

"See she's right here! Now hold the flight." Ramiere said pointing to me.

The flight attendant huffed and stalked back onto the plane.

"What was that about?"

"The plane was about to take off but I told her that there was still more people coming."

"Thank you, Ramiere." I said hugging him.

He hugged me back. We released when I heard about three different throats being cleared. I looked back and saw the hosts.

"Hi guys. Let's board the plane!" I said running through the gate and onto the hallway thing. I took my seat and watched as the hosts and Ramiere boarded and took their seats.

"Hey you're in my seat." I heard a voice say.

I looked up and saw Kaoru smirking at me. I smiled at him and scooted over to the next seat. He sat down next me and we sat in silence. The flight attendant came around with pillows and blankets. Kaoru and I set ours up so it was like one huge blanket. I smiled at him and he smiled back. A little while later Kaoru had fallen back asleep. I looked out the window and I eventually fell asleep too.

I awoke to find warm breathing on the top of my head. I blinked and realized that I had my head rested on none other than Kaoru's shoulder. He was still asleep so I carefully removed my head and sat back up straight. I peeked out the window to find that we were above nothing but water and clouds.

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