Haruhi and The Host Wars

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Chapter 4

When I finished unpacking I head down the hallway and bump into Honey and we both go tumbling down the stairs. We hit the ground with a soft thump…..Uh okay, Ow?

"I'm sorry Honey-sempai."

"I'm sorry too Haru-chan."

We stood there awkwardly for a few moments until Honey spoke up.

"So, where were you going Haru-chan?" he asked curiously.

"Um I was going to go look for you guys."

"Well I was coming to ask you if you wanted to come swimming with us. Do you?"

"Sure. I'd love too!"

"Great! See ya down at the beach Haru-chan!"

I smiled and turned around going back to my room. When I got there I dug through the wardrobe for one of my swimsuits. Time for them to find out, heheheh this will be funny. I grabbed the swimsuit I wanted and locked my bedroom door and quickly got undressed and took the wrap off. I slipped the swimsuit on. Boy were they going to flip out! It was a bikini that showed a little bit more than I thought it was going to. I did a 360 turn to see how it looked and decided I loved it. It was a black and white striped bikini. My dad had bought it for me. I threw on a wrap like thing to cover up.

"And off I go to show them that I am no longer little Miss. Flat-As-A-Cutting-Board." I murmur to myself as I leave my room.

As I walked outside I could see everyone sitting on the sand, apparently waiting for me. As I got closer the twins and Kyoya turned to look at me. They gawked when they saw that from my legs to my feet and up as far as they could see was bare. The wrap covered up everything after mid-thigh. Their eyes looked up higher and saw that my arms and shoulders were bare, except for two thin, string like, straps on each shoulder.

"Hey guys." I said smiling.

"Hey Haruhi." They responded in sync.

I sat down next to them.

"What are you guys doing?"

"Sitting." Mori replied.

I rolled my eyes. "I can see that. I meant why aren't you in the water?"

"We were waiting for you."

"Aw how sweet." I replied half sarcasm.

They all smiled. I pointed to the water gesturing to go out into the water. They all stood and looked at me. Most likely waiting for me to take off the wrap.

"Get on. Go out there. I'll be out there in a minute. I want this to be a surprise."

They all sighed, over dramatically in my opinion. But they got up and went away anyways. As soon as I was sure their backs were turned I quickly threw the wrap off and quickly walked towards the water. The guys still had their backs turned, perfect! I snuck up behind Kaoru and tackled him into the water. We both went down with a splash. We came up and started laughing. The others looked at us and started laughing.

"Haruhiiii! Why did you do that?" Kaoru whined as soon as he was done laughing.

"I'm sorry but I had to! It was hilarious!" I laughed.

He pouted but smiled. I looked around at the guys and smiled, I had really great friends. I believe Hikaru was actually the first to notice the thin-ness of the straps.

"Hey Haruhi. I wanna see your swimsuit. Can you show it to us?"

"Uh…Sure Hikaru. Let's go over to that rock over there." I said pointing to a big flat rock in a spot in the water.

Everyone nodded, quite eagerly if I may add. And we all swam over. I stood up and told them to turn around. They did so and I climbed up.

"Okay. You guys can look."

They all turned and their eyes widened quite hugely. They looked like they would fall out of their head pretty quick.

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