This is in response to a prompt regarding Ethan masturbating to memories of swinging around the Burj. It was a very strange prompt and I couldn't resist.

Warnings: Masturbation

The city was different than he remembered. Sure, the skyline rose and fell, glimmering in the slowly sinking sunlight just as it had before. The buildings shot up from the pavement, making miniatures of people and trees, rising up to the sky, gently swaying in the wind. There was something about the city, more than the masculine high rises that gave him shivers. He began to suspect that it was he who was different this time. He no longer felt trapped inside the hotel, rather he felt his heart race just stepping into the room and seeing the tops of buildings from his window.

He moved to the window, his palm reaching out to the glass, half expecting to meet nothing but air. He could feel the way the wind ripped through his hair as he let go of that line and flew. For a brief second, he was falling down, with no expectation of survival. That rush was back. His mind began replaying every second and a coil of heat grew in his lower extremities. He felt himself tighten just thinking about the experience. He licked his lips and felt his other hand trail down his side to undo the button on his pants.

This was crazy. He was hard already, just remembering the moment. The way his muscles strained from gripping the line as he swung around the Burj.

His fingers slipped down into his pants and past the elastic of his boxers.

His gloved hands had just begun to slip and his heart was trying to burst out of his chest, trying to leap on its own to safety. His lungs were tight and his breaths shallow.

Hand wrapped around himself, Ethan pressed up against the glass and moved. He groaned, breath coming out hot against the pane creating clouds of lust on the skyline. He stroked himself slowly at first, twisting up around the head, fingers constricting and pulsing. He kept gripping harder almost to the point of painful as he heard Brandt's voice ring out in his mind.

"You're not gonna make it!"

God! His muscles tensed and he felt his body remember moving through the air, trying to propel itself forward towards Brandt's voice, trying to make it to the ledge all while hoping that the feeling of falling never stopped. Nothing was better than this moment.-the fear, the danger, the uncertainty, the pure rush. His strokes grew faster and harder and his fingers tightened on the window, running down the pane. He felt He felt his body sink to his knees as he released himself.

He lay on the floor of the Burj, feeling the carpet against his back as he stared out at the city.